Friday, May 02, 2008

"The State of The Union"

this is what has become of the studio -- there are more things in it than just meets the eye -- as it were..

I got thru the stack of ancient old and ugly bills, bank statements, old military forms from when The Husband was in the Navy -- stuff from up in the attic that i had no idea even got stored up there. we'd gotten a reservation for a rental truck the first of the week...and then the real estate agent sez, well...we can't do any thing yet cause of this, that and the other. i couldn't see straight for nearly half the day i was so angry. fortunately we didn't have to choke on the price of the truck and the cancellation of said truck -- we called the office in enuf time, so we didn't have to pay a fee. that would have been just too much, and that kind of money right now needs to go for groceries.

these bags and boxes are whatz left from throwing out old christmas ornaments -- some of the kind that my dad's girlfriend had given us some years ago...they were in really bad shape when we got them, but while trying to be nice, i didn't want to seem i took them. But at this point, I just want to get rid of junk that sits and collects dust bunnies and whatever else may be lurking in the attic. some of the stuff that's covering the dog's couch are what we thinned out just last winter, when we were told not to have any christmas decorating in the house while we were showing the house for sale. there were some really stuffed trash bags and now what we see is just the bare bones. 25 plus years and it nearly just fits on one couch. that's thinning out!!

And as you can see, The Dog is just happy she's out of the way of all the stuff -- she's acting like she knows somethings afoot, but she's just not too shure of what. Hey, her mother isn't too shure of just what's goin' on either...I'm finally getting the feeling of leavin' town -- it's been a lot of work, and we signed the papers for the closing yesterday. I came back home to a crew working all over our house -- new windows got installed. The poor crew had a nightmare of a time pulling out the old windows -- one guy was trying very, VERY hard not to crack the window in the front bathroom, and while he was tap, tap, TAP, TAPPING away, next thing you hear is "CRASH!!" -- the whole window fell in on the bathroom floor -- an' since I was just then walking down the hall past the bathroom, I very casually said, "Well, that's one way to get rid of the thing..."

His Boss sez, "Well...I don't really think he meant to do that.." Ha! another smart alleck like me! The rest of the day went pretty good after that! I'm happy as a cow in clover with the windows, and the new owners should be too -- I'm jus' sad I won't be able to enjoy them for too much longer...ah well..

Now I'm waiting for the final walk thru from the home appraiser -- no clue as to when he's gonna show up -- "Sometime today" sez my real estate agent...

My Nerves are Trying to Stick Around...

Lady of The Tulips -- who now has to make more phone calls and connect up all the loose ends before moving day next week -- Monday will be here before ya know it!!