Saturday, January 29, 2011

So, since the weather has been this side of horrid, what with far far too much snow and temps that refuse to come UP to 30 degrees, I decided to throw a picture on here of the Bus Festival we went to in Betsey last July..

Why yu Ask?? ~

BECAUSE..tha's why ~

No, serious lee...because it's just a touch warm today, and I'm not throwing in as much firewood into the woodstove this afternoon, so I'm starting to think of the coming season for camping, hangin' out w/fellow Bus People, and generally Doing Nothing but jus' havin' fun ~

Cold Weather has a tendancy to do that, don''cha know??

And I'm also blowing off a project that I've been battling with for the last 3 days, so to me, it's far far more fun to look at some great spots that we've spent time at, chillin', talkin' with folks ("Volks..") an' doing nothing. Beats work anyday..

But then ~ Work has to Get Done, so I'll probably HAVE to get back to my little table and get something accomplished, but for now I'll jus' sorta sit an' look at this fantastic location, and think about how I'm gonna start looking for supplies to get ready for the Camping Season that's just a matter of weeks away..Yikes ~!~ For Real - In march, is a get-together, so I better get myself in Gear..or something!

I'm Gone ~~

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well now..

Here's another one of the clutch purses that's been all gussied up an' lookin' fine - I had so much fun makin' this up the other day ~ I felt like all I needed was a pair of black low-heeled shoes, with polka dots, a 1950's style dress an' I'd be rarin' to go ~ !! ~

But that would not happen, no matter how hard I tried for that entire afternoon, so now I'm content to look at this little project, all finished and sweet for Valentines Day ~ And I have some others that I finished just on monday - all so nice lookin', I can hardly stand it ~ But I'll get those on here hopefully tomorrow ~

AS for now - I just had some shmo come to my door (I could hear him outside trying to talk to if noah would answer some stranger at our deck...) an' honest to goodness, he was selling Electrolux Vacuum cleaners...HUH?? I thot those things went the way of the '57 Edsel or somethin', know wht I mean?? But for real, I mean FOR REAL the guy was tryin' to sell me one..but I quickly put a damper in his mid-morning deal and told him the truth..We're so broke right now We can hardly afford to pay' that about 10 of the truck drivers Tom knows have given up their trucks and are lookin' for other work...That kind of put a damper on the guys sales pitch, so he walked away..

I mean...vacuum cleaners door to door.....

Well anyway, since I got distracted from my current projects, I decided that I'd spend the time wisely and let ya'll know of jus what's going on around here - Noah absolutely had to go back to the ER yesterday, instead of waiting for his Dr. appt with the foot dr. - he insisted that he was having "complications" from the little bit of stitches he had in his foot...don't ask how somebody could have complications ("I could like, have a blood clot and DIE!!"...) so ok..we went back to the ER, an' somebody took the stitches out, an' put on some butterfly stitches that will disolve on their own, so noah doesn't have to go to another Dr. - I don't know what the ER doc said to him, but he came out of the room all pissed off an' grumpy lookin' - all shakin' his head and mumblin' to himself...

No wonder I had a headache the size of Texas by the time I got home last night...good mercy...

So today I'm takin' my frustration out on my poor defenseless loom..well not entirely ALL of my frustration..just enuf of it to get the work done that I started yesterday before I absolutelypositivelymustgorightnow had to make a trip down Ocean Highway....Humm...wonder what else will happen before this week is out???

Got to zip back to my project ~ !! ~

I'm Gone............

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ok, so now here we are ~ !! ~ I had a horrendous experience jus' a minute ago - seems that if I hit the backspace key too many times, any picture I post on here will go far far away, an' heavens to betsy, you can just imagine how that makes me feel ~ !!! ~ I mean, here I do all this STUFF an' then I want it to go far far away?? I don' think so ~ !!!!!! ~

So here's another little purse that's all sweetness and light - full of fun and games and what ever else you want to do for Valentines Day - it has just the perfect color, and looks quite good in your hand, trust me. I think I've got about 3 other bags that are just about ready to have their final touches andthen I'll get those on here too - it's kinda hard to keep up with all the work, and then try & remember to post on here..some days by the time it's 7:30 at night, I'm already in bed!! Let alone trying to remember to get something on here that shows that for real and for true I AM doing work, and jus' about every day too ~

'Cept for yesterday - Well, I STARTED to work, an' noah was bizzy once again cutting down one of the trees on our property..he did get the tree down, an' he even knows how to make the thing land just right where he wants it to..tha's that engineering part of him that jus' makes me sick..I do you figure out the whole space,weight, MATH stuff??.. Well anyway - he got the big ol' tree cut down, an' started to cut the trunk into sections so that he could get those cut into the right size for the woodstove...when he had something of an accident..

Fortunately it wasn't as bad as it could have been..he hit the top of his foot with the axe while he was getting ready to cut a section of the was more of a glancing blow, but it was enuf that I had to make a trip down Ocean Highway to the next little town down the the ER and wait while they stitched him up - he was very very fortunate, an' didn't do more damage than he did - he does have to go and see a foot specialist, as he partially knicked one of the tendons in his foot - I don't even know how you can do that & not have something SERIOUS, but that's what happened - We are sighing a huge sigh of' will take it from there -

I have some work that I'm trying to figure out for my, I know what I want to do, but after yesterday I'm feelin' pretty drained, so I'm jus' sorta piddlin' around the house instead - cleaning, putting oil of lemon on all my antique furniture..doin' small things while my muse decides to do whatever it is that it wants to do - jus' takin' a breather I guess ~ !! ~

So I need to go rescue my laundry 'fore noah does something with never know with that guy...

I'm Gone.............

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, January 17, 2011's a little touch of the holiday that's coming up ~ I had more fun making this little clutch purse ~ All sweetness and light ~ I usually don't DO pink, but this is getting to be pretty fun ~ And doesn't this LOOK fun?? ~ It would luck so perfect with a sweet t-shirt, some fabulous heels..a great pair of skinny jeans...Yeah baby ~ Tha's what I'm talkin' about ~~ !! ~~ It is available in my little shop, an' I think you best make up your mind to get this right away before it gets gone before you get a chance ~ !! ~

I've got a project just, and I mean JUST finished on the loom - like less than 5 minutes ago, I have a fun little Valentines Day clutch - really going to be fun to decorate it too - I found some great sequins that I forgot I'd bought sometime wayyy back in the day - Got zero idea of what I was going to do w/them, but the weaving is just cryin' out for some - at least some of them..oohh boy, it'll be so cool ~ !! ~

Been doin' odds and ends here - tried to get some supplies over the weekend, but that fell all to hell in a handbasket - Tom had other ideas, an' instead of me gettin' the things I NEED right away, we instead, went & rescued The Very Fine Automobile...remember that vehicle?? Well..tom & our middle son had come w/this "Agreement" - our son would pay for the car/station wagon, an' pay towards the extra Ins. on it - Sooooooooooo what happened waz..nothing. No job/less job/ sorta/kinda gettin' paid BLAHBLAHBLAH..then the car dies on the way to a show he had to do..long story short, it was parked on the street up in Va., an' if we didn't get it- it'd be towed off an' THEN we'd have to pay all KINDS of money to get the thing out of a yard..fines..ugh..

So instead of me havin' fun & groovy times in the craft store...we drove around an' I eventually followed Tom home- he drove The Very Fine Automobile & I followed in his other car..NOT what I'd wanted to do on a now 4 projects can't get final touches on 'em, cause I don't have the supplies to work with...

I'm not a happy little artist at the moment...

But - I am gettin' ready to get my warp on the loom, an' start another project - this is going to be totally different from what I've been doing these last couple months.Nope - I'm not goin' to'll just have to' see..

An' with that...

I'm Gone.............

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, January 10, 2011

So here's a shot of the Bus..she wasn't impressed at all, not one little bit...when this picture was taken ~ This was the first "snowstorm" that hit our little neck of the woods a couple weeks before the BIG storm of Christmas..

I wanted to post this, 'cause the Weather People (and they know who they are...) are saying we're going to have "some kind of weather"..and it could be snow..could be ice..could be SOMETHING..but no actual word of just what that Something will be..

So I'm staying indoors, after running all OVAH - well, 'k, not really ALL over, but I did make 2 trips in betsey to the "convience center" - or what used to be called the dump..we don't have trash pick-up here - we haul it to the big ol' giant square boxes, an' some poor guy who probably hates his job, gets to pick up said giant ol' square box an' take it somewhere else..

Anyway - we made 2 trips, hauling off old leaves, stale trash..all those things that drive noah off the deep end. But at least it's not gettin' so bad that the trash cans are having little fumes coming out from around them..and now the little furry critters in the yard will have to look for some other spot to stay warm this winter, 'cause some of the yard waste has been taken away..THEN..after all that, we "had" to go to the hardware store, 'cause noah HAD to have a brand new jackknife...not just any one kind, oh no, it had to be Just Right. Fortunately the nice old guy in the hardware store has finally gotten to like noah (only took 2 years...) an' so he found just the Right' $9.00 later, noah's happy, I'm Really Happy, 'cause now I'm not out in the cold, and bundled up like there's no tomorrow..

Well, there will be just not going to have Me out in the cold/snow/ice/sleet/ STUFF drivin' around in betsey..An' no, I'm not sure why noah had to have a new knife...carving something I think, is what it's for. Just don't quote me on that ~

Gettin' ready to get another clutch purse into my little shop - it's really cute, even if I don't mind sayin' so me-self - all pink and hearts, and pink and sweet...for those who Like Sweet, it's all about it, let me tell ya! And today, I've even gotten a little more ahead, and made up some tidbits/embellishments for my St. Patricks Day purses too - I'm trying to find where I very very carefully set some patterns of 4-leaf clovers. Yup - I did it again - I put them away realllly carefully so I'd know where I have them, so at This Exact Point in Time, I'd be all about findin' them, an' tellin' myself, "Well now, aren't you jus' ever so lucky an' smart and'.." AND NOW for the life of me, an' anybody else, I can't for jack-$#@%@ find that stuiped pattern..

No ~ Wait...

I'll find the Dayum thing when I'm gettin' ready to make up embellishments for 4th of joke, I can jus' feel it...

Sucks to try an' be organized..........

So - I'm off - well, you ALREADY knew THAT..

I MEAN - I'm off to get some work done on the little table, an' sew up another Valentines Day purse..then it's time to start dinner...GHAWD, no wonder I'm hungry - look!! it's 4:21 in the afternoon.. 4 20 people, I'm NOT talkin' about THAT time of 4:20...silly silly...

I'm Gone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

So...there we were minding our own business on Christmas evening...driving home, an' out of the blue, Tom sez, "You know, I think it's trying to snow..." ~

Me being me, said very quietly, "You need to shut up..."

But, as much as I hate to say, the cluck was RIGHT - even tho all we saw on the way home were teeny little drops, across the other side of Ocean highway, our middle son was driving not 10 miles away, and it WAS COMIN" DOWN..he said it was really goin' - but he had to be somewhere, so like a smart guy, jus' kept goin', and thank the stars and moon, he made it to his destination ~

We woke up kinda early on the 26th, an' something told me that it jus' seemed too quiet even the little snow birds weren't makin' any noise, an' there are a couple that will let you know it's time for Good Morning, and How ARE YOU!!! ~ So...

I took a look out the window, an' part of this storm is what I saw - no, I mean, the other window faced due south, an' there wasn't a good spot I wanted to take a picture of..TILL I walked out in the kitchen, an' after finding out that everything in town & the COUNTY was shut down, I took a gander out the kitchen window...

An' there sat poor little Betsey Bus...getting HAMMERED by a Big Ol' Snowstorm ~ !!! ~ I mean, Look at HER ~ !!!! ~

Ok, so these vehicles are made in Germany, and yes, it does snow there..but for HERE??? - It just is so unusual..'specially this early in the winter..

And when the total numbers came in - 8" + for our area...16" up by where Dan's condo is in VA., an' the numbers 'course got worse in Jersey & New York...

But tom had no work the following monday..everything was shut down at the port, and his driver manager even called him on his cell phone, an' honest to goodness, I could hear the guy yelling, "NO DRIVERS OUT ON THE ROAD TOMORROW!!! REPEAT !!! NO DRIVERS ON THE ROAD TOMORROW!!!"..
'k, somebody would WANT to go out in a storm like this?? -

So that day w/out work messed up our finances, but it's ok - now it's all melted, the sun has been warm: toasty in fact, an' the temps rebounded to nearly 50 degrees -

So naturally it's supossed to snow tonight an' again on thursday' tom's been driving nearly every night this week - this should be interesting ~ !! ~

But I've been doin' my best to keep weaving - working out some new purses, an' have some other new things in the works - Got some seasonal items ready to set up in the shop, and also have some other goodies that I'll post on here later this week, or early next week -

so it's been bizzy and bizz-ee-errr than a blue tick hound runnin' after a deer..shwwoo!! An' right now I gotta run 'cause some stuff is dry out in the dining room (I've been workin' by the fire to stay warmer than workin' back here in the studio..) so I gotta run like a bunny ~ !! ~

I'm Gone ~ ! ~

Lady of The Tulips