Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's one of the little ornaments that I made - I know, I know - it's past christmas - but I wanted to also let you know that there will be a sale on all my stuff next week - I tried to get the sale going today, but it's just been one of those days that I won't go in to - Just let's say that it's been one where I would rather be on some nice warm beach and enjoying one of those little cute drinks, with the teeny little umbrella in them, and lots of crushed ice and all yummy..

Mainly because I've never had one of those type of drinks, and after a Shopping Trip from Hell today, I'd REALLY like a nice cool drink -

Any way - I do want to say Happy New Year toEveryone ~ ! ~ It's going to be a great new year, I can jus' about FEEL it - I had a less than wonderful '10, so it GOTTA get better!!! ~ And too, I've got a batch of new products that are nearly ready to put into my shop ~ !! ~ And have some Valentines things too ~ !! ~ Whoo - So I have been a busy little girl, and will hopefully get some things ready by monday to post here and let ya'll see what's been goin on in the studio ~

I have just a minute to get this posted, then it's into the kitchen to make sure I got all the things I need for tomorrow - our oldest invited us up to his condo in VA., so I'm bringin' goodies to make and odds and ends to mess up his kitchen with ~ !! ~ Tee Hee ~ !! ~ He can clean it all up, not me ~ Hoo!! ~ Hoo ! ~ !

Have a SAFE and wonderful New Years EVeryoNe~~~!!!~~~


Lady of
The Tulips

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 photo today ~ and I am sorry, 'cause I know I probably said I'd get some more pictures on here - but wayyy too many things have gone on, and it's all too boring to post, so I'll just say that we Did have a very Nice Christmas - we went up our oldest son's condo, an' our middle son gabriel & I made the pumpkin pie...oops..but we forgot to add the sugar to the mix..

Ok, so yeah, it tasted uhhmm...kinda good w/the spices all mixed in, but Not So Good without the sugar..tom just poured sugar over the top of his slice, and what leftover we brought home, noah poured maple syrup on his slice of pie. I just can't believe I didn't remember to add sugar..well, w/2 people yakkk-yaking in the kitchen, I mean Come On Now, how do you Remember something like...reading the Directions?? ~ Huh! ~ Maybe next time I'll pay better attention.......

Been making some new clutch purses - and in my shop I'll be doing some new stuff too - got lots of little embellishments all made, and last week before me & Tom went to the truck company dinner @ a steak house (they'd paid!!) I was at danny's condo, and made up some other embellishments for the clutch purses too - So hopefull they'll all get done before the end of the week -

Anyway, yes this is short, but noah is crashing things around in the kitchen, and it's starting to not sound so good, so I better go see what the $^&"$"( is going on....

I'm Gone -

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, December 17, 2010

Here's another ~ !! ~ Look at how sweet this lil' guy is ~ I mean, what could be more Christmas than a little gingerbread boy, all decked out with pale "icing" of pearly white?? ~ He has little dark glass beads for eyes, and 2 pearly white beads down his tummy - Yum ~ !! ~

And the best thing is if you decide to have him w/breakfast, he won't make you gain weight ~ !! ~ What's not to love about that??

Ok, so anyway...I'm in the middle of getting finishing touches on the last of my Christmas ornaments - nothing like waiting for the LAST minute - sheesh - I got wayy behind this year, but now that I'm older and wiser, I know to start these things about a month earlier - So, with that thot, I'm already underway w/things for Valentines Day ~ !! ~ And if my little brain is right, there should be some supplies down Ocean Hwy. that I can use for St. Patty's Day - Hey ~ There's nothing like planning ahead - And for my shop it's all about getting your product out there for the public to see and not to get behind - Competing with the Big Boys is a nightmare as it is, so why make it harder on myself ? - So, there ya go ~ !! ~

I'm so tickled with how noah decorated the house - I'm going to take some pictures of how he did up our little christmas tree - the little thing is only 3 feet tall, but he made it look like a million bucks - It almost made me cry, it came out so good ~ !! ~He's got this eye for things that just has always amazed me -makes the most of every inch of space that he's workin', I just sorta throw ornaments all over the place an' hope for the best ~ !! ~ Tom knows better than to even try - he is Not The Person to have to get near ornaments, Especially ones that a bull in a china shop...yup, that's him ~ !! ~ So he just sits back an' lets the things get done. Smart guy ~ !! ~

And - now that the day is WARMER...yesterday we had a bout 1 1/2 " of snow, so naturally everything in the county was shut down...unbelievable - I took pictures of Betsey in the snow...poor little Bus..she didn't look at ALL happy...but today the Bus is defrosted, and is looking sharp as ever ~ !! ~ We may have the $$ to buy a heater for her..hopefully next week - got one we're thinkin' about..but it's always having the Money...ugh...drives me up a wall ~ !! ~

Gotta run & get some more weaving done - Noah's outside an' I think he's considering me driving in the slush oh joy...nothin' like a vehicle w/out any heat...Anybody know what to do with Hypothermia???..jus kidin' ...!!

I'm Gone ~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

With a sweet cobalt blue ribbon, and coordinating blue christmas trees, this little ornament is just too too sweet ~ !! ~ I had more fun making this little piece, I was suprised that it had so much color to it when it was finished ~ I guess the old saying, time flies when your having fun, really did come true for me ~ !! ~

I've also got some other pieces that'll get posted on here later on - tomorrow most likely, as right now I'm in the middle of working out a couple other ornaments, plus a new (!!) clutch purse, so my day looks to be pretty productive ~ !! ~

Even with the COLD - and I MEAN cold we're having - the windchill is somewhere in the mid-teens, and the wind itself is somewhere around 35 mph - I'd considered going to the dollar store, but the Bus must have been sending me those "OH NO YOU DON'T" vibes, 'cause once I really took a look out the window and saw the trees blowing all which-way, that made me change my mind - and with tom's incident with the big ol' deer last week, I'm not in the mood to have to talk with the car ins. company again - But it REALLY is winter-feeling outside right now - I've got the woodstove going into overtime it seems, but I had to finally face facts and close off some of the rooms just so I could concentrate some of the heat in to the studio - I won't be weaving today, so that room is closed off - the windows may leak or something, 'cause it feels like a deep freeze in there - we've got Anderson windows in there, so there really good, but I think there may not be enuf calk around them - Noah's gonna have to take a look at 'em when it warms up a little -

Speaking of noah, he seems to be more cheerful these days - we had a little incident a couple months ago, and to make a long story short, he spent 30 days' now his attitude seems to be better - time will tell if the whole thing was worth all the horrid nightmare - too long to talk about, but let's just say that I survived, he survived, an' that's that -

But for now I gotta go take some pictures and post some other stuff in my studio - And check on the fire in the woodstove - BRRRRR!!!!...

I'm Gone -

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ah Ha ~ !! ~ Her's another of the fun little Christmas ornaments - All full of color and look so nice when they are hung up - I tried out a couple of them to see how they would look - Not so bad..well, actually they look really good ~ !! ~ And I made them ~ !!! ~

So what else is new?? ~ I got some more thread and yarn at that "Wall" store the other day - ugh - here it was, later in the afternoon, and the place was beginning to get that "OH NO!!" kind of feel around it - What's up with people?? Listen, this may come as something of a suprise, but folks, ___Mart is open 24 hours a day ~ !! ~ AND - they have one of the most huge-ee-ola distribution processes on the PLANET - 'k?? - so, le's not go into Panic Overload now - whatever you want, you can call the 800 number - for real - on their website, an' it can be delivered to the store - ?? - yes..

But THAT'S where I come it - see, you don't have to walk up and down isles looking at weird things that you flat out KNOW you will never do one blasted thing with - No,NO - do NOT but that horrid looking greenish-looking-sparkling-sorta-sweater thing for your grandmother...for real, an' I mean FOR does look downright' your granny may be getting on in years, but do you think SHE would WEAR that???

So..rather than going thru all of THAT - look - right HERE (well, actually over there...) right on this page, you can see my little ornament, and if your REALLY good, you can go to my shop and buy this ~ !! ~

And NOT have to walk by another one of those horrid greenish-looking-sparkling-sorta-sweater thingie one more TIME ~ !! ~ Shwoo ~ jus' think of how good that's going to make you feel ? -- and the super plus - you don't have to feel guilty, knowing that you are supporting a AMERICAN made, RIGHT HERE artist...and not having some poor 10 year old making 30 Cents a day making 43,502 items to be shipped where EVAH -

So..that's where I am today - And I think just a little while ago I discovered some sparkle paint in my hair..yee gads ~ !! ~ But that's the fun of this time of year - the paint goes everywhere around the studio..glitter appears all over the place, and when you buy one of my goodies, I am not in some far-far away country..tho some of my old friends think where I live in too far far out in the woods to suit them..But that's their problem ~ !! ~

So celebrate the Holidays - Buy American - And remember me !! -

'k, so now I gotta run & see what some of this banging/rattling/odd sounds are just down the hall..sheesh...........

I'm Gone -

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, December 09, 2010

What better way to say Christmas is here, than with a sweet little gingerbread boy ~ ?? !! ~ I sat at my loom and put together this wonderful little guy, and even If I don't mind saying so, he did turn out awfully cute, didn't he?? I sat and thot of how much fun it is to do weaving, and by the time I got him all done, the time just seemed to whip past -

I've got some other pieces to show too - all cheery and very fun - I think personally that they just have to be in everybody's home for the holiday - ! - And they are so full of joy, I can't stand it!! I've had so much fun putting color and beads and collecting up my yarns for these little pieces that it almost doesn't feel like work at all ~ !! ~

Tom's work is slowing down - again - and we're trying not to get scared about it - the truck co. manager at his particular terminal is one of the most difficult people to work with, and it looks like some of the contracts they've had in the past are leaving - a bad reflection of management, but the drivers can't do anything about it - just try and live with less and less' what a horrid time of year to be losing work ~ !!!! ~ I'm trying not to get discouraged by it, but it's really hard - tom just keeps on keepin' on, and really, that's all one can do under the circumstances ~~

I have to run - tom's already done for the day & is one his way home - it's been a rough week for the poor guy - a deer slammed into the right front end of his honda car @2:30 a.m. monday, then 2 days of short work..he's somehow keeping cheerful thru all this, but don't ask me how ~ !!! ~ an' to add insult to injury, when he was coming home yesterday afternoon, he sees THE SAME DUMB DEER eating along the side of the road, none the worse for wear after messin' up toms car ~ ! ~ Can you believe that??!! He was about speechless when he saw the thing ...dumb thing...

'k - gotta zip away ~~~~~

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

ok..OK ~ !! ~ I know it's been nearly a month since I was on here, but I've been weaving away 'till the cows come home..or at least 'till the cows meander over to the feeding trough next to the highway..which is usually what I see them doing down the way. Funny lil' things ~ !! ~

Anyway, since it IS December I thot I'd share some of the Christmas ornaments that I've been working on for these last couple weeks. I got some patterns worked out, and started goin' crazy with yarn, ribbons, beads an' whatever else was within close distance to my grubby little hand - if it sat for longer than a day, it was fair game ~ ! ~ I had all these beads for Evah, an' now they jus' look so sweet on the little tree ~ !! ~ I wanted to see if the yarn would hold up well to a bit of stretching and other abuse...well, maybe that's too strong a word, but I did mess with the yarn, an' by the looks of it, it seems to work well under a bit of pulling. Yay ~ ! ~

I think I'll try an' share one or two of these a week 'till the Big Day - I have some more in the works, an' today I'll be messin' with some paints and some more glue. I've fallen in love all over again with my glue gun, let me tell you ~ ! ~ It has given me new appreciation for all things sticky ~ 'course I hate to think what it's made of, but hey, if it can make up something like this, then I'm gonna turn the other cheek...or at least look in the other direction when it comes to finding out the ingredients for glue...and say Whoo - Hoo For All Things That Glue ~ ! ~ least it doesn't smell bad enuf to make the wallpaper fall off the walls !!!

The truck company tom drives for has been slowing down..again. The owner threatened all kinds of #^&&"+ to the cutting pay..releasing drivers...but they've heard all this so many times before that most of the drivers just sorta slept thru the "Important" meeting, an' ignored the hot - air the guy was fillin' the room up with. But it may pick up by the end of the month...problem is that during this time of year, a lot of companies don't do as much in production, so it's gonna be interesting to see what Really Happens. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a decent end to the year!

Must get going - gotta get the warp set up on my loom, an' then I gotta get to the store 'cause we're all out of odds and ends..jus' food, no problem...!!

I'm Gone>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Lady of The Tulips