Saturday, January 30, 2010

So, this is what's goin' on here along the shore - snow and sleet and rain...tha's why I took the pictures from INDOORS!! ~ an' am not going out IN the snow...

Naturally the dog wants to go out in it..

An' my tennis shoes have holes in 'em, an' part of the sole isn't glued on anymore...

Time for a vacation, tha's what it iz..........

Lady of The Tulips
~ Well, at least I got prepared for the weekend yesterday ~

>> See <<> And the one big thing that has happened, is that it has snowed - since last night - and right now we're having some spits and drips of sleet, rain and snow all mixed together, making it downright horrid for anybody trying to go anywhere on the roads <

Not, of course, that there are ANY people out on the roads ..but there may be one or two up on Ocean Highway, an' if there are, well, they are probably not having fun - there are very few snow plows here > since it is the coastline of the state along parts of here > an' so the odds of the highway getting "cleaned" off are slim. But I know there are people who probably think they can get to where they want to be. Hope they know it's gonna take them probably double the amount of time to do that.

And so it's sitting inside today - no going out for me - but noah is looking around the sheds and such, making sure that everything is ship shape. We heard some cars out earlier, but mostly trucks w/4-wheel drive. I watched one of the neighbor kids go zipping down our dirt road like a wild banshee a little bit ago - 'course, he does that on a regular basis, so it isn't really all that odd - but today he was having extra sliding power goin' on - the snow hadn't been touched, so he was making the most of it. I'm doubly glad I got some ART supplies yesterday while I had the chance -

Found some chipboard shapes - actually a nifty little box of shapes - with nice pastel colors - GREAT price - $1.50 - I MEAN - how can somebody pass THAT up!!?? An' I also found some letter stickers, an additional package of chipboard goodies (With glitter! ~ Whoa! ~ ) and a little thing of paper - plus some laundry liquid, but that wasn't as exciting as finding the ART supplies!! ~~ Well, maybe getting the laundry WASHED is pretty exciting, 'specially when all your clothes NEED to be washed, but thats another story...

So it's stay-inside-day an' play with the chipboard stuff - Look out the studio window an' watch the snow fall - an' be very, very glad that we have a pretty good woodstove to keep us warm. I'd hate to see an electric bill about now...the last one was high, well, for us - so those with all electic homes are really in a bind now -

Must go - the work table is callin' me!

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, January 28, 2010

>> Ok <<

So here's that close-up shot of one of those blasted frames I worked on the other week...the #^*(_+@@ ones that nearly drove me mad- ? - well, here's a better shot of what I did to "age" them. As far as I'm concerned, the effort to make them not look brand new and shiney is worth all the blood-letting of the fingers that went on.

But thats only my opinion. -- AS for other news - I've got a pretty spiffy canvas dry and all fini!! ~ It's got a lot more color than I thot I'd put on, but it was one of those pieces that seemed to keep saying it NEEDED more color! ~ So, as the saying goes, the more the merrier, right? - ! - So I'm pretty happy with it, and will share it tomorrow. Right now I've got to check on a canvas that got started yesterday - I didn't get too much work done on it, 'cause Tom was home early, and once he's here, it's pretty much bedlam for the next couple hours - between he & Noah, they seem to feed off of each other, and no matter if they think one project in the house is enuf, well, the more they get going into 2 - o - 3, well, that's even better.

So the poor canvas sat on the work table, all forlorn and sad..waiting for me to add some neat elements that I dug out of the storage spots around the' I've got a new bottle of paint that just SCREAMS to be today I can get those things at least started..or continued? - or whatever stage in the work (s) the thing is IN .. right?


An' with that, I've got to go check the woodstove..put some good oak in awhile ago, but it may not be burning as good as I need it to. ~~ An' too, I need to check the Weather report - the last I heard, we're supossed to be getting some snow tomorrow -o - tomorrow night. And first thing saturday, early, Tom & I gotta go up to the City so he can get chewed out by his Dr. - not eating right..not taking his meds like he should...all those things that I SAY but he ignores..

But we need to make sure we can get TO the Dr. appt. thru any bad weather that's I gotta check all that out -

Never a dull moment here...

An' now Little Miss Muffett is making noise in the kitchen...OH - tha's why - Noah's fixin' waffles, and naturally the dog wants one. !! How silly of ME not to realize that! ~ Man, some times....

I'm Gone

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SO ~ After much searching, a few phone calls, and various and sundry other things that nearly made me go off my rocker...

I finally got The Bus > As you can see from the photos, it has the original paint job (Tho I'm not too fond of the "Racing" stripe on the side, but tha's another story...) - and there is a teeny bit of rust > but there's so little of it, that I have to stand and look all over the thing to find it.

We made the trip on Saturday morning - I thot the city where the bus was was a little closer to where we live..

So much for thinkin' >

4 hours later, we got to the location, and had a great time talkin' with the owner of the shop, a couple of his friends, and his granddaughter...all together a fine day. The sun was shining, we got the paper work signed (after locating a notary for the Legal Bit of it all...) and even tho it doesn't have a license plate on it (oops..sorta not legal, but that's just one of those things...) Tom drove it back up here, an' that thing just purred right along like it was ready for the trip all alogng.

We didn't get back here till after 7 p.m., but it was so worth it!! ~~ It's all clean inside, has a nice stereo and a bed in the back...the rear seat folds down to a king size bed. There are curtain rods for the windows, 1 is missing, so I'll have to replace that - I've almost decided on the fabric for all the windows, and found some reproduction fabric - Oilcloth - with a print on it from the 30's - How very cool is that? And it's a print with orange flowers...

I mean..

What else could I buy?

So, we have to wait for the insurance papers to get here, then we take all the Legal Papers to the State Office (Tho not the same one where I got my drivers license..that'd be too easy, know what I mean?) - and the title gets changed to toms name - he just doesn't know it yet, but it's getting changed to ME after that...So There!!

So, tha's my new Ride..

Pretty high tech..

As if...

But I gotta go get some gas in toms car, 'cause he ran his car home on E..clever boy..

I'm gone...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, January 22, 2010

~~ Ok, so it took me over a year to recuperate (Or hush about that spelling...jeesh...) from the shock last year when I failed my drivers license test ~~ I MEAN, it just about made me fall on the floor and stay there till who KNOWS the fact that the woman giving the test most certainly had to be related somehow to something evil and horrid ~ Who knows what, but she was Definetly Evil ~

So, since then, well, actually the last couple weeks, I've been really really reading the brochure on said TEST - doing my best to Memorize Important Things in the manual for All-Things-Driving for the state. I kept picking up the book, going over and over all the little things that would seem to be on the test.

And then today I finally got myself down to the Test Office ~ Let me TELL you...

I felt sick to my stomach...

My hands were shaking like a leaf...

I was Trying Very Hard not to do something stuiped, like throw up in the parking lot..

And then I finally made it in the door of the Office.

And naturally, there was a line of people ahead of me, waiting to do the exact same thing..and none of them looking too happy about the Whole Thing.

I tell you right now, if I'd been any more NERVOUS, I'd just turned around and walked out that #%"*_ door.

BUT ~ There is a Big Reason that I knew I HAD TO take that $%"^$ test today..

>> SEE << What's happened is that our middle son wants-so-very-badly to have my Butt-Ugly 1994 Sable Station Wagon, that it's almost INSANE how bad ~ I mean, like enuf that he sent me 3 text messages last week about it.

So, we came up with an agreement on the wagon - he buys, PAYS for it, an' then we'll all be happy.

'Cept one thing ~ When he gets my Butt-Ugly wagon, then that leaves me with NO vehicle.

At All.

That's not what should happen ~ ~ Right>?<

So, I've been looking, and looking and LOOKING online at locations close to where I live, that are selling some Good, Running and in Decent Shape - Volks. Vans - o - Busses.

At first I wanted a full on camper model - with the spiffy little sink, table, stove, and fridge..but then after I started to compare prices with those on sale that had all those bells and whistles ~ WELL ~ seems that the prices were Way Up There..but those busses were in Good Shape...

So -

I finally find a good running bus - 73 - called the owner about it, grilled him for something like 10 minutes on the phone - i.e. - How 'bout THis on the bus? - And when he told me that all the biggy mechanical things had either been replaced, or had had completely NEW parts (Like the engine..sorta something important..) then I said ~ WHOA!! ~

And told the guy that me & Tom would be down there tomorrow to really and for REAL check out the van - it's got the bed and storage in it, but not the sink, stove or fridge. Those I can install later if I want...but still...the thot of lighting a STOVE inside of a vehicle...well...


Sorta scares me.

SO ~ Back to the Drivers Office for all things LEGAL to drive a vehicle...

So I go in, praying all the time that I'd pass this series of tests...

Got my eye exam passed (Do You Know Your Traffic Signs?!)

Then I was instructed to go over and take the written test...complete with spiffy new computer screen (New and different than when I first took the test...gulp...) and a pair of headphones to listen to the questions while you also read them on the screen.


Well - to make an altogether LONG story short...

I PASSED MY TEST!! ~~ Oh Happy Day!! ~~ You have no idea how happy I was when the computer said You;ve Passed!! ~~ Whatta Relief!! ~~

So now - with the License in my Pocket Book, I can go down to see the bus tomorrow, and if it is TRULY what the owner sez it is (He runs a vw shop that has a 5 star satisfaction rating...) then that bus is MINE BOY - O - BOY!! And I'll get to drive it home, 'cause now I gotta real NC drivers license.

I feel like I just won the lottery or somethin' - an' now I'm so worn out from all of that for the day, I'm seriously thinkin' 'bout takin' a nap before dinner tonight!!

But Holy Toledo ~ I finally got my test passed..

And if your sayin' to yourself, so WHAT - WELL - because the last time (before I failed the test last year) that I took a written driving test..was in...(ready for this?)


For Real.

And the last driving test, was when I originally got my drivers license in (ready for this - again?)


For Real.

So tha's why I nearly danced outta the Drivers License Office this drippy-rainy-gloomy weather...

'Cause DAYUM ~ Tha's been a Long Time between Tests!!!

An' with that...

I'm Gone ~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Shore" - 2010 - Spring Bay Studio

Here's one of the pieces that got finished while I was trying very hard not to freeze to pieces the other week - I wanted to be someplace else; the warmer the better. But since that wasn't something that could be accomplished without drastic measures ~ like robbing a bank to come up with the $$ to GO someplace warm..well, then I decided that I'd make up a little piece that SEEMED like it was located someplace warm instead. Whoo - EEE...

Much better than robbing a bank..

Or finding some old codger to be my sugar daddy...

Neither one a very good idea...

And now I'm in the process of getting this piece and a couple others down to a gallery/shop on Ocean Highway. The place actually has a street address, but it's still down Ocean Highway ~ I have to wait for a certain time to call, as the bizzy lunch hour is nearly on them, and too, the person who is going to give me a ride isn't home, so I'm waiting for 2 things at once.

And here I said I'd not try to do 2 things at once..That lasted something like 2.124 minutes >>>

But I'm optimistic on these selling, so I'm keeping my self open for Positive ~~ That's the goal for the New Year I think. Now that it's nearly 3 weeks into the new year. Hey. better late than never! And too, because the place is in a pretty busy location, that may be a good thing as well - lots of foot traffic, lots of business, so that WILL mean people to buy my work.


That's the way to look at selling Art in this lousy economy.

I mean, there are people with money ~ They just are keeping a low profile these days. It doesn't pay for them to go around flaunting their cash in people's faces, so they just sorta go about their business - buying this, that, and the other thing. And my Belief is that one "Thing" that they can buy is my Art ~ Easy as can be.

Don't you think?

An' with that, I've gotta go - some other stuff has been sitting on the work table - it's driving my last good nerve to just about the end. I'm fighting with some lettering - I don't have the smarts to figure out how to get some letters from my computer printed, no - that would be too easy. So, I'm working out my own lettering, and that's going ok - it's just that I'm trying to get the shading around said letters Just Right that's driving me nutz...The right shading, and color. Should be a piece of cake.

Or a slice of pie.

Either way it shouldn't be making my nerve in the back of my neck feel like somebody's pinching it to make me drop to the ground and be quiet.

But there ya go....

I'm gone -

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Surf" ~ 2010 ~ Spring Bay Studio ~
It seems that when a person actually reads directions that come with assorted items ~ i.e., in this case my behooves said individual to Follow The Directions ~

Well, what I did, was follow the directions that are printed quite nicely in the finely printed booklet that came with my camera, and lo & behold, here is a better picture of one of the recent pieces I worked on ~~

This was one of the canvases that I'd thot about for a couple of days ~ Oddly enuf it was during the recent COLD spell that covered the entire U.S. ~ or so it seemed. For me, it just seems a little off-kilter to be working on Summer Themed ~ Beach Themed items, when the outside temperature is hovering around 30 Degrees (For here, that kind of high temp. for the day is lingering on HORRID & NAHHSTY ~ ) and inside the house, the wind seems to be blowing in thru every 1.2345 inch of space between the windows and walls of the cabin. BUT ~ HOWEVER ~

All while the temps were irritating Sara Beth and Her Dog-ness, I kept having the Beach Boys playing in my head ~ Oh, I know ~ Some people would say that hearing that kind of music in the back of your mind is bordering on a visit to the nearby Mental Health Clinic, those haters of old Surf Music ~ But the music remained, none-the-less, and while I was humming "I wish they all could be California Girls..", I dug around in my little stash of surf-related papers, found the surfboards, got the flower papers trimed, an' Tah-Dah!! "Surf" came to Be!! And that's whats been happening over on the little table...

And now, there are some BETTER photos of those viscious frames that I sanded away for my very life last week...they've so irritated me, that I won't post the close-up of one of them till later on ~ Maybe tomorrow, if my nerves can stand to look at the things...the old saying, "You Get What You Pay For", certainly rings true, and NOW that I'm older and wiser, I KNOW not to buy something just because it's on sale...even under the best of circumstances...unless I know the product ahead of time..used it before..all of that. Those FRAMES were something I'd never seen, let alone considered before, so that should have set off all kinds of Bells & Whistles...

But thats ENUF on those -

What I DO want to say, is that yesterday was a Lazy-After-Church-kinda day - did absolutely nothing..sat on the couch, looked at some catalogs..dreamed of making some curtains in some fabulous Indian Prints..till it dawned on me, that there is nowhere in the cabin for anything of that kind, BUT ANYWAY - it was a lot of fun to look. I now have a project over on the work able - nearly done ~ Now it's time for a touch here & there of paint...some beads..Zipp-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, an' then it'll be fini!! ~~

And a picture will be forthcoming..but not today. Right now I gotta for REAL make sure that Noah is really digging up the new garden bed where I've been asking it to be dug - le's see - uhhmm..since we moved down here? ~ Yup. Not too long...

It's just been a slight suggestion..know what I mean? ~ Kinda like asking The Husband to pick up the laundry an' put said laundry IN the washing machine...not all over the bathroom floor..

No ~ Don' get me goin' ...

I'm gone........

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, January 16, 2010

~ Ok, so your saying to yourself ~ Welll, where's this photo business that's supossed to show the detail on this stinkin' frame this person who blogs is yaking about?? ~~

And once again, I will hop right up and say, well, there IS detail on the frame - it's just that said individual who blogs here is so bad at taking pictures, that when viewed, the picture can't be clear enuf to TELL that there is indeed some clever little details on said frame...

So tha's why the picture that's supossed to be a Close-Up really sucks, 'cause it's all blurry an' all...maybe if you like, turn it around or something, it'll look better. I've got no clue..

And so I'm back to no picture today..I can't find my spiffy book that tells how to fix the camera' 'course, Noah goes into his "Not talking on anything" mode, so there's no telling how many months it's gonna be before he sez, "You need the book for fixin' anything with the camera?" --

Listen, I EARN all these grey hairs, trust me.

An' don' get me goin' on The Husband ~ who decided to get up at 3:45 a.m. this morning (it is SATURDAY after alll.....) an' start bashing around in the dining room, kitchen and where ever else he could make noise...rattled the woodstove so bad, I thot he'd started some kind of remodeling project.

Fat chance there..

So I AM glad to say, tho, that there are some new projects that are nearly ready to get pictures taken of them...if I can just get my hands on that #@%% book for the camera..

Ok ~ So, I'm going to go get some' no, I have NOT been awake since The Husband got outta bed...HE may be up an' movin' around somewhere (he's on on the street with noah, doing something; an' personally that scares the livin' tar outta me..) but I did go back to' now am headed over to cut up some paper for a Beach project..

Jus' wait 'till ya see this one!!

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ok ~ So I've tried once again to show some of the aging that I've done on these frames..the one picture of the frames shown side by side, should (or at least it's supossed to..) show the new-shiney frame on the right..and the aged frame on the left. The picture of the single frame is the one where I'v distressed it, and gotten it looking other than shiney and bright and new.

At least I'm hoping that it's showing up...I'm having problems with the camera again - I think Noah did something with the set up on it - he likes to do that w/out telling me - and so I'm back to trying to get pictures to come out right.

And so it goes..

But today I'm glad to say that all that is OVAH ~ and done with. I'm just hoping that the shop where I want to take them will say yes after all of this. I'm trying to get a ride over there tomorrow - Keep my in prayer, as this is another leap of faith for me. I'm feeling like it's where I need to have some more of my work, and it's been at me for some time. Positive is what I'm looking for here!!

Sara Beth is doing somewhat better today ~ The other day she was having a really bad time w/her breathing..some times when her doggie-self gets all worked up, the tumors in her lung make it difficult to breathe..and right when she wants to jump up, bounce around and play with mommy, then she has to quick-fast lay down and try to regain her normal breathing. It absolutely breaks my heart to hear it..and when I sit down on the floor with her, and try to get her to calm down (It freaks her out, and sometimes she makes it worse by getting up and semi-running down the hall, or into another rooom) ~ oh, the sound of the air going in her lung...ugghh...She keeps her happy spirit tho, so that's good. An' when she gets back to a normal breathing pattern, then she just gives me this look of such happiness.

Don't tell me that Dogs can't talk..they do, and that's all there is to it...

So, as I said (Or at least I think I said) earlier, I've got another canvas done- it's over on the antique hutch, and THIS time I'm going to make sure that it's frame is one that WILL NOT take me for EVAH to sand and re-paint - re-purpose..My fingers would go into revolt other-wise..

Must go see what noah & Sara are doing out in the dining room..noah is making waffles, and it sounds like sara is doing her BEST to make sure that he sees her (I mean, after all, how can one NOT see a 95 pound dog? ~ Be that as it may...) and she really, REALLY wants a waffle.

Fat chance -

I'm gone

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

-- So there isn't a photo after all this morning --

Instead I'm working on some teeny little details on the last frame I bought over the weekend. I thot I'd be done by now, but there just seem to be some things that are getting under my last good nerve, so I thot it'd be best to get them taken care of. That way once the whole group of frames is done, all the canvases are set up and ready to go, then I'll feel better. Not to say I don't feel good, No-No, I feel fine. I'm just stressing over the final look of my stuiped frames. Does that make sense?

And to top it off, I also have to call my bank to find out about whether or not I can get some kind of loan so I can buy another car. The middle son wants my Very Fine Automobile so bad it makes me crazy - so now I have to see what there is for sale and whether or not it's something affordable. Stress being on AFFORDABLE..not like something that's going to take 5 years and make some shumck in outer mongolia rich from me making payments to his company..ok, so don't get me goin' on bankers...

Annyway - I have spied a couple vehicles I'm really, and I do mean REALLY interested in...but I'll wait to tell what those are later..I jus' wanna make sure that the $$ will be in reach before I get my hopes up..

And I'm also so ready to start another canvas..I'm just about OVAH working on these frames. Next time I'll make sure the material is easier to alter...or that I use some different sanding paper, whichever!

Gota run - An' learn to spell by the looks of it..

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

>>Just want to say I'm sorry for the post with the pictures of the frames in it <<

The light that noah put in the studio gives everything a really odd ball shade of something...and add to it the camera moved..Operator Error...sheesh...Can't blame it on the of these dayz I'll get it right..

So with that I'm off to finish the other frame that's one the work' this time when I snap a picture of the thing, I'm Optimistic that it's gonna turn out better...

Lady of The Tulips

Here's hoping that these picture's will show what I've done with the new frames that I went thru H*** and back to find the other day..the one frame that's all spanking white and clean is how these were bought.

The other frame (It should show up...) shows where I've aged the wood to make it look like the other antique frames I've been discovering in thrift stores, and junk shops. I almost went with the un-aged frame look, but then I realized that those would stick out like a sore thumb..all shiney looking and new. While all the other frames that I've used are old, kinda beat up, and don't look anything like the new ones.

So, on with the reworking of the frame...took longer yesterday than I thot it would, but the results will outweigh the work done. I was also hoping that I could get the finished pieces to the shop a little earlier than it looks like I'll actually get them there...seems like the time just goes by faster than I anticipate, and Boom, there goes a whole day. Blast. So, looks like more toward the end of the week before the work gets to where it needs to be.

I also - No, actually Noah discovered an envelope of cut pieces of paper that I'd bought something like 4 years ago ~ ! ~ an' I'd stuck the envelope beside my small shelf unit that holds my stamps..he was cleaning out the small area in the desk, found the envelope, handed it to me, with a grunt that sounded something like, "Ithinkthisisyours" Don't quote me on that, but it's pretty close to what I heard...

I'm just about dancing, 'cause the envelope has some really horrible prints/papers in it..Who knows what I was thinking at the time, but then once I took a look, and then looked at some ribbon I gathered up at the Art store the other day..WHOA!..they balance each other out, and the piece that I'd been rambling thru in my head just got some added embellishments for it. Yay! Now to make it all work together ~ this should be interesting to say the least!!

But for now, I've got a frame sitting over on the work table telling me "HEY YOU!!" so I guessI best get it sanded and repainted..time's a wastin' - as the saying goes!!

I'm Gone...

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, January 11, 2010

~~ Well, I thot I'd pop on here jus' for a minute, to say that it is so blasted cold this morning, that the inside of the cabin was just a shade over 50 ~~

Tom & Noah left early this morning, and neither one of them built a fire, so by the time I crawled out of bed, it was coooold...and I was not a Happy Mommy. SARA-Dog just looked at me, begged for 3 doggie biscuits, and layed back down on the living room carpet. I went outside, partially filled the old metal bucket with kindling wood, and came back in the dining room and built a nice bigfire.

YAY!! ~~ Warm in 'bout 30 minutes, and my fingers were even feeling normal!! ~~ Now it's up in the upper 60's back here in the studio, so I'm not using my little portable heater..the heat from the woodstove is keeping things nice & toasty. I like that I totally went into the whole FIREWOOD thang, and have kept that stove cookin' all day...shwooooo..if there is one thing that is just NOT,it's being cold INSIDE your house/cabin.

Well, at least for ME it is...

And for NEWS ~~ I did make it up to the city with tom...the trip was a neverending nightmare..traffic was weird from the get-go, even down here..don't know if it was something like lingering effects from the Blue Moon or WHAT..but by the time we made it to the art store, we were both in pretty grumpy' to make matters worse, I couldn't find the right size for one of the frames I needed. I've got 3 canvases finished that are 9" X 12"' we searched for for-EVAH for the right size frame..up one isle, and down another..searching, searching..

I walked over to the Framing Center, but the guy behind the counter was too busy with some lady who couldn't decide over 2 edges for her print...I nearly grabbed one of the frame samples, and screamed "TAKE THIS ONE
< DAYYUUMM-IT !!" But I refrained from doing so...I just kept lookinganglookingandlooking...

Finally the guy behind the counter helped out Miss Clueless (Told you I was in a bad mood...) and helped me out...well, sort of. We did find 1 frame I needed, "But the rest are on order and should get here this next week..."

LAWDY..I started thinking about where the closest bar could have been...

An' it's been HOW MANY YEARS since I've been in a bar???

So, we got the 3 I did need & found, then we drove clear across the town on over into Virginia Beach...searched and searched some MORE and finally found the size I needed. So we bought a couple extra JUST IN CASE..

Next time I'll figure out something else, but for now, let's just say that I missed church yesterday morning, as the stress-headache-seaching-for-hours gave me the Migraine-From-Hell when I woke up in the morning. So no church for me...


Finally after much aspirin, some rest and more rest, I got to feeling better..

An' today I'm re-purposing the frames I bought..their just too clean and WHITE for my tastes, an' they are slowly coming around to where they need to be. I'm in a much better mood today (after the cabin got warm!!) an' feel like it's all gonna be ok now.

I'll find out what day I can take my pieces into the little gallery/shop probably tomorrow..I'm trying not to get excited - but am still pretty excited about the possibility of it chances to SELL my work is always a multi-layered many obstacles to face - jump over - deal with...sheesh...wish it were a lot more easy..

No shoes, tho - by the time we were done with finding the frames and nearly being involved in a 5 car pile up, we were so exhausted, we just made a bee-line back down here..I've never felt so exhausted in like, for EVAH!! ~~ I told tom, it's a good thing my Dr. appt. isn't for a few more's gonna take me all that time to recuperate..

So I'm off to finish my's fun, but a lot of work..I'll post pics tomorrow..I hope..

I'm gone..

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, January 08, 2010

"Love The Beach" ~ 2010 Spring Bay Studio

This one DID get done ~ ALL done just this week. The fish I sketched out about 3 weeks ago, while I was pouting over the fact that it was a nice, sunny afternoon, and all I wanted to do was watch a baseball game on tv...

Funny thing about WINTER TIME ~ no baseball on tv. 'Cept those re-runs of games that I certainly don't remember, and if I ask anybody in THIS house, then all I get are cold hard stares, as if there's a 3rd head growing on my person somewhere...

So anyway - where was I? ~ OH ~ yeah..the fact that it was really REALLY sunny, and I thot about how nice it would be to go over to the boat ramp, and go hang out on the dock, with a nice fishing pole, an' just do nothing but enjoy the day. Well, I mean, 'course, catching a fish would HELP, but that's another story. So, instead of being able to do what I WANTED to do, instead I sat down with the state Fishing Guide to some part of the state, don't remember' started sketching MY interpretation of the local fish.

These aren't in any way an exact copy of what's swimming around out THERE>>SEE?? -- This is just the way I think they should look..maybe with a little more color on 'em than in real life.

Sorta like when one of your friends tells you, "You could use a little color around the eyes, kinda perk 'em up a bit.."

Those kind of "friends" also tell you that it's past time to loose those 10 pounds too, but be that as it may...

I had fun with my fish ANYWAY (10 pounds or no...) an' so here it is.

Boy, that was a long drawn out explaination as to how I did this collage...

It's 'cause of our "Snow" ~ Actually the Lack There-Of...I was hoping for maybe 4 flakes..if they hit somewhere it sure wasn't here, 'cause there is nothing but some teeny little puddles on the' some moisture along the path in the yard where Noah walks to the shed...


Fat chance.

An' now that I grumbled about it,'s gonna haul off an' drop like 10 inches next week, an' I'll be left to explain THAT ONE...

Oh Well - tomorrow is going to be a busy day for this girl..gotta go with Tom to get his car inspected..get the tags paid for...go up to the City an' get some of those big sheets of poster board..I use the black sheets for my backing paper on the back of my collages once their put in their' I gotta buy 5 frames - hopefully they'll be on sale at the art store..PLUS - now I don' wanna get all excited, 'cause I've heard this one before..but Tom SEZ he's gonna take me to go buy some new tennis shoes..

He SEZ he's tired of lookin' at the old ones I'm trying to wear anymore...I've had 'em since '02..for real...the sole keeps flapping while I walk, an' it sounds like a muffled clap- clap -ing off in the distance...people kinda look aroun' like their trying to figure out what the sound' all I can do is keep walking an' try not to look like I'M THE ONE making the sound...

So new shoes it is. >>> We'll see...

So for now, it's over to the work table..gotts to see me papers..AND my new pak got here yesterday !! ~~ Whoo - Hoo!! ~~ Ordered the pak on monday, an yesterday here they were in the mail box! ~ Gotta love it!!

Lady of the Tulips

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ok, Ok..OK!! ~~ I know there are some of you who are wondering about my post yesterday..about how at the bottom of the canvas I've written my name and the date...the name is - well, my name..but the date is sorta-kinda-off-kilter-weird 'cause I've got it labeled as 2010 ~ Not 2009 like on the canvas...

~~ So here's the trick of it ~~ What I have a, that's not the right word..I've got this THANG about tweaking things just after I think their all finished. Yesterday's canvas happens to be one of those THANGS ~ I got it all finished..did the name-on-the-bottom-so-everybody-knows-it's-mine...

Then decided to add some more paint and a touch of other stuff after the first of the year...SO ~ That's why I've got the canvas posted as 2010, but the canvas is written as being done in 2009.


Any questions?! ~

Didn't think so.

So - with all that said and done..(no - actually WRITTEN and done..duhh...) I've got a couple other canvases that ARE done & written on with the RIGHT date being finished an' all that. They are lookin' pretty spiffy, even if I don' mind sayin' so myself. They aren't anything that would go out and change the world or anything..just some little things that speak of the fun of the beach...walkin' on the sandy shore..takin' in some Relaxation and time to breathe..

Tha' kinda thing..

But now I gotta run all quick like, 'cause my oldest is calling me about who knows what..never fails...get right in the middle of somethin', an' BAM! - phone rings...cell phone beeps... rest for the weary!!

Lady of the Tulips

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"Walkin' To The Beach" ~ 2010 ~ Spring Bay Studio

Here's one of the canvases that just got finished - I think the 2nd. of the month ~ I had some of these little flip-flops on some sheets of paper, and the inspiration to use 'em is kinda funny..

I was standing near the door to the laundry room, an' happened to glance down at the floor by the folding counter, an' saw my old pair of flip-flops laying next to some junk that noah hauled in the room. (Why the junk was there is totally beyond me, but follow me here...) ~ I'd thot the pair of flip-flops had gotten thrown away ~ That's how long it's been since I've seen 'em. So I was kinda suprised.

But at the same time that I'd thot, "Well, how funny iz That!", I ALSO got the old song stuck in my head by Jimmy Buffet - "..Blew out my flip-flop..stepped on a pop-top..." An' right about then I knew that whatever the next piece was that was going to come together over on the work table, well, it had to have some flip-flops on it. These were together in a sheet with some other goodies, but after I cut these out, I decided to use the other things on a canvas ~ Just not this particular one.

And as COLD as it's been here, I'd just about give my eye-teeth for bein' someplace WARM enuf to be wearing a pair of flip-flops jus' about now. Noah said he glanced at the thermometer for outside an' it read something balmy like 25' it wasn't that long's 11:33 now, but the temps aren't goin' any higher by the looks of it. I think all the little streams and creeks around here have a good batch of ice on ' telling how bad some of the docks over on the main river are lady said she was afraid to go walk out to her dock, 'cause she was afraid she'd slip an' fall on the ice..'course, I kept from sayin', "Well, you know they DO sell ice-melt stuff at the hardware store...", but she's one of those little old ladies who refuses to spend a DIME unless it's absolutelypositivelymusthavetospendanymoney kind of people.

So her dock will sit all alone and forlorn 'till the weather starts to warm up again..

Me, I've finally gotten tired of having my fingers cold here in the studio, and I broke down an' brought in a space heater that's been literally sitting in the master bedroom gathering dust. I use it, but just not that often, and not even have I used it this winter for more than 5 times. Dumb, I know, but it dawned on me, that since I'm in the studio more than the master bedroom, well, wouldn't it be SMARTER to have the heater in HERE than in that room?! ~ Duhhhh.....

So, now it's feeling a LOT better while I paint an' mess with my papers in the studio. I've also got another pak of papers on it's way from BlueMoonScrapbooking ~ Yet another collection from 7Gypsies. I've just about fallen totally all over myself with their papers. I also found out that they will have some new things coming out this month - I don't remember if it's going to coincide with the CHA show or not...but there is something new in the works. Yay. Now my brain is hatching all kinds of plans for the papers...just hope they get here before the weekend.

ALSO ~ !! ~ I got to talk with a little shop owner down Ocean Highway, in the little town of Edenton - she owns a coffee shop that also has a gallery inside. ~~ Yippiee~~ And she wants me to bring in some of my pieces for her to look at ~ I told her my price point, and she said it's one day next week I've got to get over there an' drop off 5 - o - 6 pieces. I'm optimistic for some SALES..the shop where I have the bulk of work just is as dead as a doornail (How were they ever alive??) ~ And the owner up in the City is hopeful things will start to turn around...I gotta do something in the meantime, so another gallery/shop is always a good idea.

Must be off ~ I've blathered on an' on enuf - 'sides, I got some paint drying over on the work table, so I best see that it's all turning out the way I want it to...

I'm Gone...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, January 01, 2010

>> Well, here we are in a Brand New Year!! <<

And it is a wonder sometime just how I got this far..but thank the Lord that I AM here, and it's the start of a new time for everybody...So with that, here's a BIG Happy New Year to All of you in Blog-Land!! ~~ May each and every one of you have all your dreams come true in the New Year!! ~~ And for all of you who are inclined toward doing ART ~~ WELL ~~ Here's hoping that all of the ART supplies that you wanted in '09 will magically appear in your home this year!! Yay!!

I have some new canvases that I'll post here either tomorrow or monday - I may have to go up to The City to get some things taken care of on Sunday after church, but there are some phone calls that have to get placed before I know for sure. That's another whole story, but for now I just want to say YAY for the New Year!! ~~ Didn't even hear anybody shooting off fireworks last night..we had sprinkles, then steady rain for the night and most of that definetly puts a damper on the Celebration with Fireworks. Sad for all those who spent an arm and a leg for those big ol' boxes of fireworks, an' then can't do anything with them...Ah well...

Must go and check out some things over on the other side of the studio..and wait patiently till it's time for a nice slice of Pecan Pie ~~ YUM!! ~~ Can't wait for THAT!! Did I say YUM yet??!!

Happy Happy New Year to You!!

Lady of The Tulips