Thursday, November 04, 2010

>> Welll, see what happened iz <<....

I started to get a picture on here of one of my handbags, and then the phone rang..then that conversation ended, then the @^^*(_}!@ phone rang AGAIN...then I got thru w/THAT call..

And my entire line of concentration went out the door and got swept into the ditch along the dirt road, an' now I couldn't tell you what day it is to save my nosy....

BUT other than that - the GOOD news I do have to tell, is that some of the BRAND NEW things that are getting woven are just about ready to get some pretty cool embellishments on them - jus' think of stars, glitter, sparkle and something coming up tha's pretty significant...Tee Hee - tha's all the preview I'm gonna give you for now!!

I've got some pretty cool ribbons ~ ! ~ too, an' found some SPARKLE !!! paints - I am gettin' all worked up over what's gonna be happening around here in the next couple dayz - I haven't felt this good about the upcoming thing in Some Time - guess w/the economy being in the tank for the last 2 years, it's pretty hard to get excited about much of anything these days, but I am beginning to think that its all going to start to turn around, and I'm REALLY thinkin' that some of the things that I'm making can be one of those new and pretty groovy things that'll at least bring some smiles to some people's faces - Did I write that right? - Hmmm..maybe -

But the other groovy thing that happened is that one of my friends took me out to lunch the other day - how cool is THAT?? - We had some shrimp an' hushpuppies and I also had Brunswick Stew - the local seafood place was having a pretty good special so we dug in - boy oh boy, the local seafood is soooo much better than havin' something that's flown in from Wayyy off somewhere else - the shrimp was super sweet, and the hushpuppies were to just fall over for - YUM ~ !! ~ I am glad that I'm workin' on the loom today, 'cause w/all those calories that I inhaled the other day, I'm sure that a good day of exercise will be just the ticket to makin' sure none of those said calories will stick around for too much longer ~ !! ~

We had something of a horrid day yesterday - I still can't wrap my head around the whole thing, but suffice to say that I slept in this morning an hour and a half later tham I usually do - I'll write about the entire incident from the very beginning in a couple dayz or so - It's been an incredible roller coaster for me & Tom - but it's lookin' lilke the worst is over - at least that's what a lot of people involved w/the whole thing are tellin' us - so that's good news -

But I really have to get back to the loom - I've got one piece done this morning, and I have the warp about 1/2 way done for the second piece - I'm prayin' that I'll get 2 done today, then go to town w/ all the other things - Tee Hee - NO - I'm not gonna say NO MORE ~ !!! ~ Hee....Hee... You'll See ~ !! ~

I'm Gone --

Lady of The Tulips