Sunday, February 28, 2010

I posted this piece sometime last summer..but what with the full moon tonight, and some people around here, Who Shall Remain Nameless...acting like they have more than just a bee in their bonnet........

Well, it seems like this piece represents how my brain is trying to handle all this excess #%$@ that seems to be surrounding me at the moment.

I mean, all the little things I'm needing to do, have gotten done...some things that needed to get picked up at the store, made it from the store to the house...and some nice things happened in church this morning.............

It's just that, some people (Who STILL are nameless) have this problem each and every time there's afull moon ~ My mother used to have some saying for times like this, but for the life of me, at the moment, I can't remember them. So, lets just say, that even tho I wanted to work on the canvas that's sitting on the work table, it seems that my attention has been distracted this afternoon, but SOMEBODY who insists on tweaking my Last Good Nerve.

So, it's going to be a short post...and I'm going to go and get some little papers painted, so at least SOMETHING gets done today..

Unless said SOMEONE hauls off and runs the mouth at my direction again...

Oh, PUH-LEEZEE do not look at those stuiped grey hairs that are trying to pop out on the top of my head.........

an' I'll be thankin' ya later on that...........

But for now, I'm


Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Love For You...Forever" ~ 2010 ~ Spring Bay Studio

Here's a little thing I finished yesterday - it's been sitting over on the work table for the last week, but it seems that a teeny bit of finishing-up just couldn't get idea why. Guess it's 'cause I had this idea that if I drew in the last bit of ink that needed to be done...well, that would TOTALLY ruin the piece, and I'd be left to wallow in self pitty for the next 23,495 hours.

Or until tomorrow morning, when I'd realize that I have to get errands done in the next town over.

The errands, after all, can't be left to sit. Something like Not Having Milk in the house, can alter the interior attitude of the cabin beyound belief. I.E. ~ The other 2 who live here would make so much DAYUM noise, that it'd drive me out of my ever lovin' mind.

So - no place for self pity here ~ Thus, the last bit of stuff, or rather, touch up, has been done.

And why does it seem that something like that, just can't be done? ~ Is it like, the old days where the old-bag who taught Art in H.S., was lurking around your desk, ready to unload some horrid "critical thot" about your work?


But it's not the case of some old bat ~ It's just my brain doin' weird things to me..or rather telling me it's being CRITICAL. Thus the stalling on a part of the canvas, that's no larger than 1/4". For Real.

Had me frozen in place, I'm tellin' ya!

So now I have to go see what Sara Beth is making noise about - probably wants to beg for some thing on the stove..sausage? ~ ! ~ I think Not!! ~ She's about as likely to get some of that, as I am of running around the front yard, singing "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" from the stage show "Oklahoma" -

Man, that'd be really ugllllieeeee..........

So, with that, I'm

Gone ~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No photo today, as I'm seriously considering a nap - I've been put thru the wringer these last couple days - yesterday I waited for over an HOUR at my bank, for one ~ ! ~ ONE person who would do what I needed to have done. I felt nearly sick by the time I walked out of there. I made the announcement to Tom, that that is the first and last time that I ever EVAH do that again. We'll figure out something else..just not sitting & waiting, then having some nahhsty bank woman act all rude and condensending (sp) to me on top of it.

Somebody pleeze tell me why I should like Bankers...

Then today, I drove up to get gas in the Bus ~ got 1/2 a tank ($10!!! YYYIKES) an' then when I went to leave the store, another rude woman, nearly ran over me, trying to get out of the store faster than I was pushing my shopping cart. I thot she was going to turn around an' yell at me, 'cause I wasn't walking fast enuf for her. Plus, I was having trouble with deciding whether or not to get cash back from my bank card..took 3 minutes more of the Dear Precious Womans time...heaven help me.

An' I wont even tell you about how she looked when she realized I was the one getting into the VW Bus...ever feel icy/stabbing glares at you? ~ Uhmm..somebody pleeze check to see if I have blood coming out of my back, as I think the woman threw something in my general direction...

Yikes, again.

But I did get my satellite receiver fixed by some very nice tech guy - but at the same time, Sara Beth was having one of her really bad breathing went really ugly. The poor tech guy, I don't think he could have gotten out of here fast enuf. The sound the dog makes is just horrible, an' I don't think that was one of the things he was thinking he'd face today.

But Sara Beth pulled thru, this time. I'm so scared each time she has these fits. Very gut wrenching.

But I must go for now, and check on my laundry.

An' I'm seriously thinkin' 'bout taking a nap!! ~

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I like this photo for 2 reasons..

First - it shows how much attention Sara Beth pays to things..I mean - she will hear something that most of us have no clue about - She is one of the most attentive dogs I've had the pleasure of owning.

Second - the sunny day made it so that you can see me standing at the door to the deck..with the reflection of my fairly new sweatshirt on - my "Outer Banks" one that I bought on sale last winter. It was quite the deal, so, hey, it's gonna get worn.

The other thing about today - is that Tom & I went up to the' got to the Dr. 1/2 Hr. early..naturally the place was closed, so we just sat around & waited in the car for the Dr. to show up - She did, an' toms cholestrol is way outta wack..don't know just why, as he's taking meds for it, but something's amiss between his 2 Dr.'s numbers.

So, it's on to something else for him to take in 3 weeks. But the good thing, is that we were able to spend some time in one of my most favorite thrift stores up 2 sweaters. (one was 55CENTS - an' a Newport News Catalog coat, pretty darn new ~ for $12.99

A good thrift store day, even if I don't mind saying so myself.

An' we hit the dollar store, too - soap for yummy fragrance ~ Lavender an' only $1.00 ~ The Gods of Low Cost were with us today.

But for now I gotta go ~ I didn't sleep well AT ALL last night ~ Maybe 3 hr's tops. So it's most definetly nap time - an make sure Sara Beth is ok out on the deck. She's been having breathing problems a little more intense the last couple days, so it's feeling pretty bad right now.

But lookie at that doggie smile! ~ Ahh..breaks my heart, it does.

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Harmony" ~ 2010 ~ Spring Bay Studio

Got some little elements added to this piece, since last week. It feel like it's done now, so I'm pretty happy with it. The one I posted yesterday still needs some things added to it, but that's going to have to wait till next week.

Tomorrow The Husband & I have to go up to the city ~ He has a Dr.'s appt., and I'm sure he's getting an ear full from her. He's been eating terribly, and is not even remotely trying to loose one pound. I pound, like that's hard to do? ONE?! ~

Well anyway...we go up there, and if I get a chance, I'm stopping at the thrift store to check out some shirts - possibly a new coat. Still have no idea of what happened to my excellent one. It's just disappeared, so that's all I can say ~ Just poof off the face of the earth. So hopefully there will be a great & excellend one in the thrift, for not too much $$ ~ That's what I'm hoping for.

I also have a canvas finished on the hutch ~ But I've got to let the last of some ink dry, so it doesn't get all smudged an' gloopy ~ Nothing worse than gloopy ink..Know what I mean? ~ ! ~ I mean, lets just say it - it's horrid.

Not much else goin' on here ~ Just that I'm finishing up with the curtains in the Bus - getting the tie backs fixed, then those are all done. Then I may get some pretty luxe pillows for the Bus ~ Found them in Dollar General, so you know they are just too hot to handle!! ~ $5.00, so the price is right ~ Well, at least the color is what if they fall to pieces in 6 months..I mean, their for the Bus, not for a Tea and Snack Cookies Luncheon at Noon...sheesh..come on! ~ So, they fit pretty well with the whole thing!

Must run!

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Sea" ~ 2010 ~ Spring Bay Studio

Here's one of the little canvases that got finished just the other day ~ Actually before the last snowfall hit. So, this was being worked on while I was bellyachin' about being cold and miserable..but now that it's all done, it makes me feel much warmer than the days I worked on it.

Being cold and miserable just isn't my style.

If ya know what I mean...

So, today I have another canvas that is drying over on the table - some teeny touches will be done in the morning, but for now I have to let the E-6000 set before I go and break loose any of the goodies I set on there. I have actually fallen in Love with that glue - it has made quite a difference with some of the little elements that I use in my work. I tried to use some other forms of glue, but within a day ~ o ~ 2, whatever I had glued on, decided that it was time to run away, and all the little beads, or shells, would haul off and fling themselves on the floor.

Not quite the way I had envisioned the piece turning out.

Nor did I anticipate stepping all over on said shells and beads the following morning, and issue-ing forth a tirade of words that will not be printed here.

Just take my word for it - it was not good.

So now, there are some other papers that have gotten my attention, and I'll get to those later ~ but for now I have to go check the woodstove - We actually have temps today close to normal - I think it's 'bout 45 or so, SO - that's close enuf to WARM for me - considering how chilly it has been.

And I won't go into the strong winds we've also been having the last couple dayz..too bad it's not time to fly a kite...OH ~ that'd be fun..but maybe later!

Gotta run ~

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, it looks like, there won't be any picnic out on the back deck this afternoon...and it also doesn't look like the flowers I saw on sale at the Mart a couple weeks ago, will be planted out on the front walk..where it's just visible thru the studio' it ALSO doesn't look like some of the yard work will be finished when it's time to celebrate Presidents Day on Monday.

So much for well laid plans.

Actually, the back deck DOES look kinda funny - and believe it or not, under that little layer of snow, those flower pots really do have some pansy's in 'em - with FLOWERS on them!! ~ How they managed to sprout out flowers is totally out of my brain's thinking, but they did. Go figure.

And the deck was needing some work on it the snow came just in time to HIDE all that re-painting that I truly And For Real should have gotten done the other day when I was staining the wood in the Bus. So, now I have a LEGITIMATE excuse for that not getting done.

So There, all you who complain about things not being perfect!

And with that, I'm off to mess with the canvas behind me - I found some pretty nifty grungeboard things at Big Lots the other day ~ Whoo-Boy, on sale for $1.00 ~ The Husband wasn't impressed, 'till I told him the package usually sells for $4.50. He got all smiles then.

Will post some of the work on that probably Monday morning. Right now I gotta go lay down..been up thru the night with some kind of stomach virus. Blachk!! Hate bein' sick..wastes my time!


Lady of The Tulips

Friday, February 12, 2010

Here's a shot of the rear window of the Bus - I cleaned up that panel of wood, too, an' it looks 100% better than it did. was in some rough shape!

The curtains are done for the window on the right - an' the matching one on the left as well - I'm just waiting for Tom to get the right size drill bit for the sheet metal screws. Then I can measure the right height for the rods, and Voila! ~ Some soft color. I also added a basket and will include beads later today. I have to make sure the measurements are right before I go blasting out there.

The big checked cushion you see is for the area just in front of the back window - that's part of the bed. I'm going to go an' see what the local thrift store has - the woman who brings in all the fabrics..and linens said this morning that she had some coverlets and comforters brought in recently, an' they may be something like $10.00 (!!) ~ So I'm going to definetly check those out tomorrow. I'm glad the previous owner did the nice work on that "mattress" - it's made really well, and fortunately it's easy to move around inside the Bus. Makes for re-arranging things a LOT easier. Noah sat in the passenger seat an' watched as I moved that thing around yesterday. He just sorta sat & chuckled. He'd no idea what I was doing...just makin' sure that the area was dry & no leaks from the window!

Now I'm ready to tackle a new canvas over on the work's not quite set together in my head, but those type of projects are usually the ones that come together better than the ones that take me 5 days to mess around with. Why is that? Anybody got a clue?! ~ I sure dont!

But for now, I must dash away..

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wanted to share a little before and after here..the layout on my screen is off - kilter..but if you can see the old rough panneling in it's "before" status...then you can see the "After" where I did some magic work with some' a little elbow grease..

As my mother used to say ~ "Boy!" ~ When you heard her say this, then you knew you'd done something good! ~

An' even if I don' mind sayin' so - "Boy!" !! Is just about what I felt after I got done on just this one section of the interior of the bus! And to make it even more magical - we had a SUNNY DAY!!! ~ And with that sun, the inside of my little bus was all warm and it felt like a little cocoon inside..the "new" look of the wood, plus some other things that I got done too - that will be on "Show and Tell" tomorrow. Right now I'm pretty jazzed about the work on the wood.

I learned how to stain wood with just a light touch when we redid a lot of the bedrooms, and bathrooms of our house up in The City - Actually what gave me the idea, was from one of my neighbors -

She was 75 (!! YES!) years old, and re-finished her kitchen cabinets. They weren't in bad shape, but she wanted them a little darker, so that they'd coordinate a little better with some new appliances she bought on sale. She went to one of the Big Box Hardware stores, and one of the employees in the paint isle, told her about the different kinds of stain. She was sold. And went home promptly, stained away all the cabinets that she sanded (!! WHOA!) and whatta difference!

She asked me to come over an' see what she'd done ~ ! ~ I was totally blown away..not so much by how totally great the cabinets looked, but that combined with the fact of her age!!! ~ As far as she was concerned, she was "just another broad..", but she did the most amazing work around her house..her back porch was something that should have been in a!

But anyway - she had me convinced on stain, and I redid the bathroom cabinets in the master bathroom, and some other work in the "guest" bathroom. The people who bought the house, just whooped and hollered (well, not real loud, but they were pretty happy with the work) ~ an'said they just loved the work I did.

Easy Peazzy ~ All together I think it took less than an hour - plus I sanded the back door and also hung up the new curtain that I made a couple days ago. That photo will be on here tomorrow.

But the work is fun - well..ok, it seems kinda messy - but when the results come out this good ...what's not to love about a $4.49 can of stain, a little elbow grease, an' some time in a cosy Bus??!!

Boy Howdy!! ~~

It more than makes up for what happened yesterday afternoon, an' then something else that happened this morning...both filled with Ugly Vibes and Too Much Greed....

But tha's another story.

For now I'm pretty happy with the Bus - And some other pictures will show ya what else has been goin' on - Too Fun! -

But now I gotta go - Noah's makin' dinner..he even came out to see the Bus & nodded his head ~ !! ~ the ultimate for him ~ ! ~ that means he likes what he saw! ~ An' since he know's I'm kinda' still kinda loopy from the fumes of the stain ("Use adequate ventilation..." ~ Ooopsss...) he's kinda taken on the dinner...Italian Sausage & Spaghetti...YUM ~ An' so not what my Dr. would recommend for dinner ! ~ HA!! ~

But for now..

I'm Gone................

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

W.I.P. ~ Spring Bay Studio

Here's what's been goin' on over on the little work table..inbetween the work on the Bus and takin' care of Sara Beth ~

Actually every day is a day of taking care of Sara Beth ~ In way too many ways, that dog acts just like a 2-year old, and it get's me worn out, those dayz where she acts like she's getti' ready to pitch a fit..or throw herself on the floor in an absolute temper tantrum..

An' she's a DOG, for cryin' out loud...

So - in with her actin' THAT WAY - an' messin' with my Bus things, this little canvas is tryin' really really hard to get finished. I'm not sure what to do with a couple of elements that I have sitting behind me, but they will probably get on the canvas..little things that to date haven't gotten a home they can call their own.

So maybe this canvas will be their new home..

Jus' can't decide.

But onto other news - We had the most STRANGE snow shower this morning...the sky got all creepy black and the wind picked up...the sky looked like it was ready for something like in the movie "The Crawling Eye", an' it very nearly made me want to go hide in the center of the a tornado was comin' or somethin'...

Then it snowed like a wild animal cut loose from the gates of Hell...just blew all over the place, slammed on the rooftops, the hood of The Very Fine Automobile got covered with about 1/8 " of the stuff...

Then it all stopped.

An' the sun came out, and all the snow melted.

Go Figure.

But it looked so very frightening for those 3 minutes..made me wonder if there was going to be some kind of loud voice booming out of the sky or something.

But that did NOT happen, I'm very glad to say. But now we have very very strong winds..tom called earlier and said that the wind is blowing the trucks all around like their tinker toys..the cranes at the Ports can't work 'cause the wind's too strong..

An' a friend called to say her car was beginning to shake, rattle and roll all over the highway. And it sounds outside like it's only getting stronger, this wind that seems to come up from out of nowhere.

So it looks like any painting I was going to get done in the Bus will have to wait till tomorrow. Aint no way I'm goin' outside an feel like I'm out on the open ocean is a rough gale.

Yes, I'm chicken. An' proud to say so!!

But for now, I gotta check some stuff in the dining' make sure the fire is still goin' whoo-hoo in the woodstove. Hate when it goes out an' it's as cold outside as it is...yuck.

I'm gone...................

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jus' a quick post, as I'm gettin' ready to get some papers cut over on the work table - found some flowers that will be the finishing touch for a canvas that has been bothering me for the last couple dayz ~ Soo close to being done, but there was just something that needed to be added ~ An' it dawned on me that I have some flowers that I've never used, that would be just right to include.

When it gets all put together then it'll make much more sense.

As for now, the rain clouds are beginning to come in from the north, and the wind has been shifting from North, to North-East - it looks weird to see the smoke from the woodstove going west, instead of going east like it normally does. That means with the wind shifting, that the storm is also going to bring some colder temps, and that's not a good thing to discover. I'm just hoping that it's only going to more, and I MEAN no more of that Other Stuff...humph...

The funny thing that happened just awhile ago? ~ ! ~ I'd popped into the bathroom to grab some tissue for my nose, and in just that little minute, The Dog, AKA Little Miss Muffett AKA Sara Beth..parked herself only 1 1/2 " away from the that when I opened said door, there was this DOG - all 95+ pounds of DOG right in my way - I literally nearly tripped over her...that would have been soo uglyyy..then I'd of landed on my bed, head first, and bringing her with me with my foot all tangled up around her belly.

I sorta-screamed-yelled at the same time I started reeling over..but fortunately caught myself mid-fall ~ Said WHATAREYOUDOING??!! to sara, an' all she did, was get up, all happy cause now she most definetly had mothers Full' promptly ran into the kitchen...

She wanted something to eat.

Ha! ~ Silly Me! ~ How much of a dolt can I Be?! ~

So, she got her snack - actually her afternoon medicine pill included in a teeny bit of bread..(she loves the stuff..) an' that made her all happy.

I'm TELLIN' ya - never a dull moment here...

An' did I mention that the birds are already beginning their Spring Early Morning Singing all around in the woods? ~ Very Wonderful to hear...'cept the one wren who insists on perching RIGHT ON MY WINDOW LEDGE AT 6 A.M ...and singing VERY LOUDLY..

Ooohh all right with the Territorial Business!!!! Whatta noisy little bugger...sheeshh..!!

But for now I gotta check my papers just over There...

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, February 08, 2010

"BeAch Work ZoNe" ~ 2009 Spring Bay Studio

Here's one of the pieces that I finished last week - jus' before I got sanding on the interior of the Bus. This piece almost got carried away..guess 'cause while I was puttin' on some last minute odds and ends, it started to snow..SNOW for cryin' out loud..

An' that does have a tendancy to thwart any Beach-Layin'-In-Sun kinda vibe that could have been goin' on.

Whooda thought it'd just keep snowing...

But today it's actually SUNNY!! ~ An' I took advantage of it and made a quick dash to the store to get goodies before another storm comes in tomorrow. I'd wanted to also post this before I get some shots of the work finished on the curtains for the Bus -Whoo-Boy, it makes such a difference with just a little touch here and there.

I'm hoping too, that the spray I'm layin' down inside the Bus will dispel some of the old garage smell from the guy who owned the Bus before. Nothing wrong with a nice garage,where you get your automobile fixed so you can go cruisin' down the road..No, no. That's a whole other thing..havin' a good mechanic who keeps your car running, you Happy, and most of all, gets you to that local drive-in where they have sandwiches for $2.00 and a cola included for all of an extra $.99 -

But what I don't like, is when you get your car back from said mechanic, and the interior smells like they threw in all those odd smells from inside their garage, and left 'em inside of your car. That's the only thing that has left me with sort of a yuk feeling whenever I've gotten my car back after it's had a tune-up or whatever. An the bus is no exception.

I mean, the guy did a fabulous job on the thing - he really did rebuild a lot inside of it, and it just amazes me that I got it at all - I mean, sometimes owners of certain vehicles jus' get this attitude that unless they make $2500 extra on the sale of their car, well, you can just go find a cliff and jump. But the previous owner - fortunately - wasn't like that..great guy, had good reviews of his shop (which he's had for over 20 years) ~~ BUT ~~ the car has that old-shop-smell-of-dead-brake-fluid-and-other-assorted THANGS...

But that's what those Fabric Sprays are for - "SWEET SMELLING!!" or whatever they are. Worth every penny. An' I'm happy to say, said spray is starting to work on the interior of the Bus ~~

But was that what I was talkin' about? ~ ! ~

My word...I can't remember..

Well, tha's ok, 'cause I gotta get back to some finishing touches on fabric for the some beads strung and ready to hang too - Plus have some other fabric that may be used for extra pillows..

I mean, after ALL - one can't have a Bus an' not be COMFORTABLE in it, now, can they??!! ~~ Of course not!!

So it's off to mess with the sewing machine some more - an' I got some other things that I'll tell ya about later..But for now

I'm Gone...

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, February 04, 2010

~~ Well, so again, no photo ~~

Tha's 'cause I'm too lazy today to go and hunt down the camera, an' then climb in the closet an' dig out the collages that I've made this last week ~ I think that all the snow got to me, an' it's made my brain say that it's time for something a little different, but not different like SNOW !

Ok, now, I know there are some of you who live where it SNOWS all the time, an' your sayin' to yourself, "Whoa, whatta wimp!"

Well let me tell ya somethin' - along the shore here, there just isn't snow - an' when there is, things like businesses, schools and places all OVAH jus' flat shut down. An' don't open till, say April 15th..

Ok, so I exagerated about April 15th - BUT - Things do close down, an' in my case, I think the total suprise of all that snow just made my brain want to shut down as well..As far as doing things that I normally do..when it's a little warmer, and the urge to go and hibernate isn't so strong.

>> SO << What that all means, is that maybe tomorrow I'll get the pictures on here of the latest works..right now I'm sorta-kinda-up to my ears and eyeballs in curtains..painting some goodies for the interior of The Bus, and getting some sanding done on the paneling of said Bus ~ It's a lot more than I bargained for, but at the same time, it's really been a lot of fun - Especially when the cost is close to ZERO for all of the goodies I'm puttin' together. The only fly in the ointment, is that once I got the old quilt/comforter out of the closet, I took a better look at the poor thing.

Seems when we moved down here, some of the pieces of furniture needed something to wrap around them, an' since we didn't think to rent or whatever, a couple of those big blanket things from the moving place, Tom & Noah did the next "best" thing, an' without my knowing it, they used the quilt for wrapping around something BIG ~ I've got no clue what they had, but that poor quilt looks like it lost the battle really, REALLY BADLY ~

I mean, like it probably threw up the white flag somewhere along Ocean Highway, but since it was in the back of
the moving van, there was no one to witness the act of giving up. So, now it's sitting in the bottom of the closet, once again, having struck me numb with the shock of seeing it all tore UP ~ (Or is that down??!) ~~ Either way, this actually gives me a GOOD REASON to go to the thrift store tomorrow, where they have a really good collection of quilts..most of them for LESS than $10.00 ~ !! ~ For Real. So, with that an' buuying the stain/poly that I need to finish the wood panneling, I'm just about ready to unveil the Bus -


But tha's all I gotta yak about for the moment..I've got to make another butterfly (I'll show that little bug later..) an' get some ageing done on some other things...

Seems like somewhere all of this will make sense. I know it will, but for now it seems kinda chaotic..or maybe it's just me an' the paint fumes..HA!!

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, February 01, 2010

~~ So, no photo today ~~

I think my brain is just too cold to try and figure out what I want to download here this morning - Tom came back before 10 a.m. from "work" = Nothing bad, 'cept that all the highways are nothing better than skating rinks right now - Seems that the Virginia Dept. of Transporation did NOT plow the interstates over the weekend..guess all the overtime for the workers would have caused too much strain on the states finances..

So when tom crept slllloooowwwwllly down Ocean Highway, thinking it'd get better once he got up into Va., well, he was way wrong. It was a mess, with ice, ice and more ice all over the roads..sidestreets were skating rinks, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't really get out of his own way once he tried to start up from a stoplight..he made it, but barely. His boss said phooey on the whole thing, and the 5 (!!) people that did show up, about ran over each other to get away from the truck terminal. Then it was fighting with the ice all over again on the way back down Ocean Highway.

Tom said that the problem wasn't any better on the interstate...the off ramps were great if you were into skiing down 'em at break neck speed..but not for safety and staying alive - No way would the truck company risk the chance that a truck would go out of control and do some horrible damage to far too many people. Why oh why nothing was done is so mind boggling, that I can't even begin to figure it out.

So I wont.

Instead I'll just say that I am now underway on transforming my Bus - I'd been racking my brain to find fabric that would be just right for the interior - the windows need something, but the more I looked, the more I couldn't decide what I wanted. Plus the COST ! ! ! Even with warehouse fabric, it'd be over $25 for 3' then I still would need something for the floor...

So, yesterday since church was cancelled (ice so bad it isn't even funny) I started digging around in the bottom of my' lo and behold..found an old sheet that I'd bought at a thrift store, actually part of a set for $4.98 - AAHHHHHEEEEE!!!! - Holy Toledo! ~ Just the right color, an' once I measured out the length and width I need, the amount was just right!! ~~ AAHHEEEEE ~~ I honestly did a happy dance!! And to make it even more amazing...I found some ribbon and beads for the tie backs - all from old old stashes of stuff from years of finding bargains at the craft stores...AND I also found an old table runner that just fits on the table in the bus (!!) AND -

Can it get any better??!!

You BET!! ~~

I realized that I never did get rid of the old quilt we'd had on our bed in the city all those years..and it's the right color to coordinate with the fabric for the windows and table runner...


I don't know whether to jump up and down, or just sit and smile...

Think I'll just smile..actually, I'll smile and work on beading the ribbon I unburied, an' go from there..

Gotta run - noah just got me totally sidetracked by rattling his glass of soda at make me get off the I don' remember what I was going to say..

Lady of The Tulips