Wednesday, September 28, 2011

>> Sorry for no picture today <<

I seem to having a day from hell with all things computer and pictures..there are days where I can't seem to figure things out that have to do with technical items, and it gives me so much stress!! ~ Adding insult to injury, if I happen to get a chance to have some techie person try to explain the situation to me, they talk way WAY above my head, making me feel as ignorant and stupid as can be! ~ Which, naturally adds to the stress level, and makes me more upset than I was originally! ~

But, I'm so very very close to presenting some of my new work ~ If all goes well tomorrow, I'll be showing some of my new items, and having them available on my site @Artfire ~!!~ I'm so excited, I can hardly wait ~ But I have to do some last minute things here before I drive up Ocean Highway to get the paintings taken care of ~ These little details seem to be adding up, but since there has been so much work done, I refuse to eliminate any details that have to be done ~ There are pieces and parts that I don't want left out, and this may be my undoing!! ~

However, the littlest details make all the difference in a painting, and if they are left out, then the entire piece becomes lacking in many ways ~ I so enjoy the creation of something that has little things that make the piece sparkle, shine and become totally different than what any other person is creating ~ That's the joy of being an artist ~ Oh, and when I'm able to step back and look at the completion..sometimes I simply can't say a thing ~ Just give praises to Him who has given me this unbelievable ability to make something ~ How astounding! it all seem to me! ~

So, that's where this little girl is this afternoon ~ Odds and ends...pieces and oh my, it doesn't seem to end! ~

But there will be more later!! ~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here's a picture of one of my mermaids from I think last year..I jus' can't remember if it was fall or just when it was that she came around...

I have to say that she was very cheerful, but she's sitting in the hutch at the moment, and she just really can't decide if she wants to come out and play or not...

I'm having difficulty deciding if she should have some changes made..maybe a new frame, maybe some new colors on the background, but there's just something that needs a bit of a touch up..wish I could decide what it is!! ~

There are some projects that seem to be laying around everywhere in the studio..and now, I'm embarrased to say, they even are starting to head into my bedroom..and yes, they've taken over one of my chairs..and there are one if not 2 that are sitting on my bed...I have, I think, what a lot of artists and craftpeople have...the "disease" of "I'm Almost Finished"...

And there the project sits...yes, it is nearly finished..but it's not complete...there are parts where some paint needs to go..there are portions where some papers needs to be attached..perhaps some beads..

It's a disease that seems to creep into ones life, when everything seems to be swimming along nicely..after all, there IS work being done..

It's just that.......

It's not COMPLETED!! ~

And that's what I'm facing this afternoon..all these things, just staring at me, and I must say, I am EVER so glad that there are no sounds coming from them, like in cartoons, where boxes and inanimate objects have the ability to TELL YOU just what's what...I'd be deaf from all the screaming to GET THIS DONE...

I feel like a heel...

But not so much so, because yes sir and yes ma'am...

I have another project in the works on the work table...

Oh bother..

Must go and Get Something Accomplished! `

Lady of The Tulips

Sunday, September 18, 2011

>> Well, it's not totally what I wanted when I started out earlier this morning, but this lady has somewhat changed the look of the blog here <<

I had tried to download a nice header to coordinate with this, but that didn't seem to want to happen, and then I started developing a tremendous headache, then the hubs ran his mouth at me about "can't you "just" do something??"....

So right now I'm contemplating why in the world I don't drink, but then the memory of those horrendous hangovers come flooding back, and I just shall decide that I'll go with taking some aspirin instead, and hope that something will come along giving me great insight as how to do something with my header...

In the meantime, I'm working like a crazy person, painting like there was no tomorrow, and trying not to throw paint all over the studio ` I've tried very hard not to get the walls covered, and so far (but it is early in the day..) I'm succeeding in that - In 10 minutes this may be history and there could very well be shades of blue near the front window..

I jus' don' know......

But I need to go find that aspirin...get some glue onto some fabric, an' hopefully catch something decent on tv...or jus' read a book...Ah Ha..tha's it - a book will be much more enjoyable! ~

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, September 15, 2011

>> I do want to say, that the post below, has the wonderful letter from the Brave Girls Club..if I can set the link I will be every so happy <<

They are the most wonderful women, and give the best-est advice to people everywhere ~ I was so very fortunate to have a friend suggest reading their letters and I have been so so happy that I have a daily email from them ~ A true breath of fresh air! ~

But back to the work table I go ~!~ More will be discussed later, but I seem to be on a roll this week, so while the Mojo is Floooooooowin', I gotta go with it!!! ~

Lady of The Tulips

>> Here's a little something that has made me jus' about the happiest I've been all week <<


This is one of the emails that I receive each and every day ~ This letter happens to be for today, Sept. 15, 2001 ~~

I can't begin to tell you how these beautiful women have made me feel that each and every brush stroke, each and every strand of weaving, and each and every bead that I add to a strand, all of them make me who I am, and that yes, one day, all of this work will be something that will be enjoyed by others ~

I am getting past negative, getting past the "Your not like us!!", I'm getting past the daily onslaught of people being rude, ugly, and trying to show me that their form of existence is whatI need to follow ~

What I believe more than ever, is that this is my life! ~This is what I am doing, and this is what I will be doing until the Lord tells me to do something else ~

And it is enough not only for today, but it is enough for the future as well.

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lauri Perry when I had my stroke 4 years ago, we had no health ins. ~ Within less than 30 days, that hosp. was all over me like flies on you know what ~ Before I even set up some kind of payment arrangement, they were threatening to take our house away in lieu of payment...I am so sick of these people who think it's funny to make fun of those of us who don't have a lot of money to pay for things ~

This is in response to the debate last evening ~ The audience applauding when the comment came up about letting a person die who had no health insurance...

Friday, September 09, 2011

>> 'k, so no picture's been that kind of morning already, an' my poor brain feels mushy. Yee gadzzzzz <<

I will now say, that on the art front, this here is what I'm planning on doing ~

I've had my Weaving site working for just about a year, but to date, there has been little to nothing going on with it ~ I wove, wove and wove some more projects, got them all photographed, popped them on the site...

And have sold one piece since last fall.

This is not what I had in mind when I set out to make some fun funky and all together groovy handbags ~ If I stop and think about the hours of work, all the details and bits and pieces that have gone into each and every one..well, I get tears in my eyes, and certainly want to either start up recreational drug use, or start drinking again...

Neither one a positive outcome for just trying to make some items to sell..

So, once I get the "ok" from the powers that be where my weavings are being sold, I'm changing out the shop, and putting in prints of paintings and mixed media pieces that I've been doing for the last few months ~ There are quite a few available, all of them different from the other, and each and every one is full of color, life and fun ~ I've tried to make sure that they are something that will enhance a room, and make the viewer feel that they can be in the place where the artwork is placed..being in the center of where the situation is, where the artwork is showing itself to be ~ A place other than the stress filled place where most of us find ourselves each and every day ~

I'll price them accordingly ~ Nothing too over the top, and certainly not for super duper cheap ~ That is something I made the mistake of doing a couple years ago..spend hours and hours on work, took them to a shop, and for nearly 10 pieces of art, I made a whopping $45.00....

I've gotten smart since then, and decided that those people who want to get something for nothing will have to look elsewhere! ~

So, as I wait for the prints to get ready to be previewed at the printing shop, and get my orders for packing and shipping supplies, I'm looking so forward to people enjoying a little bit of Beach Life..a little bit of Romance, and a little bit of in-between pieces of original art that will bring joy to any room ~

Thats my news from here near the shore ~ I've got some work that needs to get going over on the work table, and of course, some pieces of fabric, papers, embellishments and assorted odds and ends (No!, not tom, tho he certainly is an odd one, tha's for sure...) All waiting for their place to be ~

In the meantime I'm thankin' our lucky stars that the hurricane that was suppossed to smack into us, well, that's what the weather people were hinting at last week...well, that thing has gone out to the Atlantic, and good riddence to it! ~ I don't think I could handle any more storms right now..too much going on.

And a good note to end on ~ I was so very sad and felt heartbroken after Irene, because I hadn't seen the family of bluebirds that live in the treetops of our property ~ They always feed right in the front of the little cabin, and they can always be heard tweeting and chirping happily between all of them...but I hadn't seen them since the storm, and I feared that they got displaced at best, but my heart felt that they were killed in the rain and wind...

WELL! ~ this morning I finally saw them, flying between the pine and hardwoods along the dirt road once again..Oh, it made me feel so incredibly glad!! ~ They are such a joy to watch, and the sound of their silvery little song is just breathtaking ~ I am so relieved that my tiniest of neighbors are now save and sound, and are gracing out trees once again ~ Miracles continue to happen!! ~

I am so blessed ~

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, September 02, 2011

WELL...Jus' wanted to show off my brand spankin' new Banner! ~ There was a super nice lady @Artfire who helped me out with this ~ I could not for the life of me, figure out how to get the font set into the banner the right way so it'd show up in my shop without getting covered up by my picture...I was literally in TEARS trying, trying, trytrytrytyring to get it to work...but she somehow, an' believe me, I've NO idea how, but she somehow got it to work!! ~ GHAWD!! ~ I nearly jumped up & down ~ Maureen is a wonder, tha's all I know!! ~

But onto other things...I may have some really good news to share in jus' a little bit ~!!~ I don't want to pop up an' blurt it all right now 'till I"m positive that it's a goin' on thing ~ I've worked really reallyreally REALLY hard on some stuff, shed tears, felt like I was having a heart attack an' numerous other things, but it looks like there may be some news on the ART front from here!!! ~ I should know in a day or 4..not sure, but it's EXCITING!! ~

Donchya love being kept on pins and needles...??!! ~ tee hee...

An' it's a holiday weekend here in the States..."LABOR DAY", I'm thinkin' of NOT doin' any labor on the labor day weekend, but then, if I don't do SOMETHING, then how the @"$+ does anything get done? ~ Humm..??!! ~

Answer me THAT would ya??! ~

'k, so I probably have had too much coffee today, but I did get a lot done so far, so I guess that I need to go back over to the work table & DO something constructive..

Wishing Everybody a Safe & Wonderful Weekend!! ~

Lady of The Tulips