Monday, January 19, 2009

OK -- I downloaded this picture 'cause it's the cover painting of one of my most favorite books, "The Adventures of Uncle Lubin" -- by W. Heath Robinson. This is how i used to feel when I'd babysit one of my neighbors kids...yeah..she was that big of a mess..If any of YOU have the chance to try an' find this book, then look for it -- the illustrator has just fantastic sketches thruout this publication, and I have had it for about 10 years. I used to just LAUGH when gabriel would look at it, then look at me like I'd lost my mind!! HA!!

The good news for the day, is that my TABLE IS ONE THE TRUCK AN" ON IT'S WAY HERE!! YAAA!!

I ordered a Sauder Craft table -- the length of it is over 33" -- nearly 3 times the size I've got to work with now -- I bought it thru Mister Art Website, an' am really looking forward to USING ALL THAT SPACE!! -- wow ~~ I won't know what to do!! The table also has doors that open out, and have some storage shelves an' spaces for the bottles, baskets and STUFF that I've got perched on my teeny table now. So, when I'm done for the day -- ZIP -- I close the door an' no more stuff ALL OVAH!! -- how cool IS THAT??!!

I'm battling this cold -- I'm too chicken to go look at the thermometer...I jus' know it's all of 60 in this room right now...noah brought in some wet firewood, so you KNOW??!!! what I'm sayin?? -- WET WOOD TO KEEP WARM WITH??!! what the....And we're to get 3" - 5" of snow tomorrow. Tom isn't sure what he's gonna do -- he may stay in Norf so he won't have to chance the roads..we SHALL SEE>>

Must go!! --

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ok -- You may be asking jus' what the *** am I posting this picture since it IS January an' all that...

Well -- the reason is that when I went outside this A.M. it was a
wonderful and balmy 17 degrees...Yes!! Right here along the coast for pete's sakes!! (an' no offense to pete, he may be just as cold and uncomfortable as everybody else... ) -- so it took me a good while to get warmed up in the house with 3 space heaters to just Defrost ME before I started bringing in firewood...

SO -- the thot of a cheerful little blooming Summer Plant seemed to be the FIX I needed >> An' I think everybody else is thinking SPRING NOW just as much as I am---

The funny thing is that when I started picking out some pieces of firewood -- they were FROZEN under the tarp that was keeping them, I don't know why they got water on them, or whatever made the moisture form on them >> WHATEVER >> but it sure felt weird to tap on a chuck of firewood an' realize it was FROZEN...good grief...

Must get some painting done on a canvas that's been Very Good and Patient with me -- I've got part of it done, an' now the fun layering of colors is Under Way!!

~~ EVerybody STAY WaRm ~~ It's going to be Spring Very Very soon...honest. But I'm still keeping my options open on a trip to the Florida Keys...HA~

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dreamboard for Gallery ---

I made this up the other day -- jus' after I got word that my work had been accepted for the exhibit downtown!!

Wow -- I just went into the colors and papers. I think that just the energy from the Dreamboard is enuf to feed off of for the next 6 months!! Wheee..

And the Good Newz for today is -- I went up to the big City, saw my Dr. and for the first time in a long time actually got GooD NewZ!! ~~ My blood pressure has dropped 20 points (WHOA!) and I haven't gained any weight..'course between LittLe Miss Muffett draggin' me down the dirt road, n' luggin' in that @#"^( ) firewood, there probably isn't much chance of gainin' weight these dayz! The Doc also added another med to corespond (oh hush, I know I butchered that spelling..) with what I'm taking now. He jus' said to keep up the good work..As if I'm gonna Not try to be healthy??!!

An' me & Tom switched my title of my Very Fine Automobile to his name..that way the car is finally legal in N.C. -- ok, ok -- I KNOW it was wayy past time to do that, but it was so bad, the way it didn't run right, so we couldn't get the right plate on the car. Now it' the process wasn't as bad as we'd been told !! Ohh -- All ThoSE horror storiEs...achhkkk..but it went very cool an' in Celebration, Tom took me down Ocean Highway to a spiffy Scrapbook Store to buy some papers!! WHHOO--IIEEEE!!! Yessir!! I am gettin' ready to start dancin' now thatI'm home!! YES!

So in the morning the Dynamic Duo are off to me & Miss Sara will man the woodstove..I'll mess with my canvases, an' we will just hang out an' think about SPRING--- our high temps tomorrow are to be in the low 20's....SAY WHAT??!!' tha's along the shore, where it'z usually warmer..ugh. An' DoUble YUCK...

Le's Hear a Cheer For Come On SPRING!!! -- even wiTh the Mosquitoes...well, 'till I get my first bite...HAA!!

Must go -- STAY WARM EVERONE -- this cold Will SoOn Pass...or we'll all go to the florida keys...!!

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"A Time for Sun Shine"
2009 ~~ Spring Bay Studio

Here's a little tidbit of what's been going on around the little studio these days ~~ AND -- Did you notice something DIFFERENT??!!

Yes!! ~~ I've changed the Look of Lady Tulip!! ~~ I just sat down and decided that the old layout was something dull, dull, and boring ~~ So with a little twist here and there, WELCOME!!, to the NEW LADY OF THE TULIPS!! Yes!!

This was something I'd wanted to do for a while, but finally got around to it today -- Plus with some new works coming along, I wanted to add to those colors with a bit more splash here. ~~

Tomorrow I have to go see my Dr. -- for a check-up and I gather he'll no doubt stab around on my person to make sure everything is in the working order it Should Be!! -- I'm dreading it a little bit -- lets face it, going to the Dr. is NOT one of the most fun, thrilling and exciting things most people look forward to!! I've been a pretty good little girl, and haven't had too many sweets ~~ haven't had too many beers (But Heaven knows it's been quite the temptation to just down a bunch on some days...) and have been very good about watching what I eat. That being said, he'll probably haul off and make me take some other kind of if that's something I REALLY want to do...sigh...

Well -- this is all for Now -- Drop a comment & let me know what YOU think of the NEW Lady Of The Tulips -- WHEEEEEE>>>>>>>>>>>

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well -- for a CHANGE my camera is working (!!) and so I grabbed that moment and took some shotz of a couple of new frames I've recently painted. I got super lucky and got these on sale at one of the large discount stores...paid what I think was a little more than I should, but tha's how it goes.

I've also got a canvas done, but that didn't get in with this series of pictures...tomorrow. I KNOW I keep saying "Tomorrow", an' then nothing appears on this blog, but my memory is jus' not what it should be, so Pleeze forgive me for not always popping things on here like I should. And too, the camera is acting so flakey, I don' wanna take too many chances with it!

Now for some other news -- My 4 (!!) pieces that I took over to the gallery are all hanging nicely for the "Mixed Media" show Downtown. Tom parked the car smack dab in front of the gallery on Sunday, so I got to pop in for a couple minutes. Talked and met some nice people, got to look at some fabulous works, and even grabbed 2 cookies!! Jus' don' let my Dr. know I ate 2 cookies!! The day was a little chilly, but inside the Gallery it was nice and warm. I've got a Dream Board for my canvases, so it too will be here tomorrow!!

Tom & I went over to the Outer Banks on Saturday -- we took a different route than we did when we drove over with Noah -- it was a LOT longer drive, but it took us thru some very wild and beautiful woods, swamps, lakes and Sounds. We'd never been on those series of roads before, so it was Quite the ADVENTURE!! WHOOIIEEE >>>> we got a tad nervous when we saw the big sign on the side of the road, warning BEWARE OF BEARS.. ~~ SAY WHAT??!! Then just so we'd be on our toes, there was ANOTHER sign, but this one said, "RED WOLD CROSSING" -- talk about being in Wild Kingdom!! Yee Gadz!! But the day was fun, we got to see a couple places that looked good for a quiet weekend away ~~ We'll check $$ on them this next week.

I didn't get my bicycle last friday -- Boo-Hoo!! ~~ but the reason is that Noah had to take his bicycle in the little car, to go apply for a job, so that cut out the buying of the used bike for me. Noah is supossed to find out a bout the job today, so he's optimistic!! And, too, I guess I'll just wait for another ad for a used bike --

OH!! ~~ And ~~ I ordered a great new work table for the studio ~~ 3 times bigger than the one I have now ~~ Plus it's solid wood, so it's made to stand up to WORK!! ~~ It will take a good week to come from the manufacturer, so I'm on pins and needles WAITING!! -- for it to get here. And right now, while the space is waiting for the table, I've got the wallpaper in the process of being GONE!! ~~ YES!! ~~ I've got 3 places to finish peeling it away, then the primer goes on -- I just can't move the big furniture away from the walls, so when the Dynamic Duo get home tonight, I'll get them to help. ACheery Yellow will go on the Walls -- no more smoke stained and smelly wallpaper!! YEAAA!!!

Must go check the stove - More pictures will be here tomorrow -- For Real!!

Lady of The Tulips **

Friday, January 09, 2009

>> My oh My!! <<

I've been gone for some time, now, an' I DO feel terrible about not Saying ANything!!

I've been painting like a goof ball, just trying to get some frames and canvases done. I left 2 pieces at the Gallery in town, the weekend before Christmas, and had Not heard a this week, uhmm..2 days ago, I called to find out what waz going on. Oh Wow!! The Good news is that the gallery accepted the pieces, which oddly enuf were just like the one the Jury Committee did Not like!! ??

So, whAT THE committee did, was accept the 2 pieces, for the current exhibit "Mixed Meida" -- so now I've got 4 pieces in the Gallery!! WOW!! I'm so excited!! And tomorrow, after I get a chance, I shall try an' make my little camera BEHAVE an' get some shots of my new Dream Board!! That's what I'm talkin' about!! I've got some canvases just finished, too, so it's been a very busy start to the New YEAR!! I'm just tired as can be, right now, so this is indeed going to be short!! Yikes!!

But the exciting news, also!!, is that my dear sweet Noah found me a used bicycle on Craigs List -- yippee!! -- for the fabulous price of $50.00!! The same day, I saw a new one -- a retro type Schwin, for $169.00!! OUCH!! So noah, being the Very Eagle Eye that he is, searched high and low, an' WHAM!! there ya go!! He & Tom are gonna pick up the bike tonight!! Wheee -- I can start some new exercise riding around the river!! Whooppiiieeee>>>>>>>>>>>

Tomorrow I'll tell about a new craft table I ordered!!
for now I gotta go and get some Stuff Done!!

Lady of The Tulips