Sunday, October 02, 2011

Don't know if this is as clear as I'd hoped, but I was washing dishes in the kitchen the other day, an' as usual, we were having rain...

But by this time of evening, oh, somewhere around 6:30, we started to have some very light sprinkles..and when I went to put some paper towels in the recycling bag..look what I saw out the laundry room window??!!

A rainbow!!! ~

This particular one isnt as bright as one the week earlier..but like a toad, I didn't grab my camera in time to get the earlier one, but I made darn sure an' tootin' that I got this one in my sights ~

It lasted for quite awhile ~ The interesting thing is that the right hand side of it leads into the old farm at the end of the road down from our place..and the rainbow has the appearance of landing in the soybean field...

maybe when the harvest happens, the farmer will find a pot of gold..wouldn't that be wonderful for him?! ~

Have some stuff goin' in the process of getting an announcement ready ~ It isn't there yet, but will be in a little while.

Got to run ~ Must make a last minute trip to the grocery store......grrr..

Lady of The Tulips