Wednesday, April 29, 2009

>> I know I've mentioned it before, but I am nearly at the point where I absolutely loathe, hate and dispise our little local phone company <<

I wrote and SAVED an entire post yesterday..and suddenly the internet connection went DEAD. I mean, right when I went to make sure the post had been saved, it all went away. And yet another phone call to the little phone company...and 45 minutes later, they are still telling me that the reason my internet connection is bad, is because I'm using a phone line to hook up to the computer that's "too long" -- and it prohibits the connection from working properly.

I've never EVAH heard of such garbage in my ENTIRE LIFE -- but that's the only answer I get. Not that, well, the COMPANY may have, NO!! -- And it's the same story with everybody around here...not just me. And HEAVEN FORBID if you question THEIR "Experts" -- All He** breaks loose, and it just goes to hell in a handbasket.

What I WAZ trying to say yesterday, was that noah & I are 98% finished with the kitchen -- the wallpaper was alot harder to take down than we anticipated, but the change with the pale blue now on the walls is AMAZING -- If the creek don't rise and the cow don't get out, I'll get a shot of the NEW & Improved kitchen tomorrow. We got some of the old holes filled in -- well, noah did the putty work and sanding...I've cleaned up more dust from putty and paint than I thot I'd do -- But it's so wonderful NOT to look at old ..An I MEAN old wallpaper from the early..yup..EARLY 80's up on those walls. Wow.

Now we've started on the front bathroom..and discovered that under THAT shells/sealife a world of ADVOCADO GREEN..I MEAN -- we always thot the tub/shower color was horrid...

HA!! --

The ENTIRE place was ALL the same color..walls...tub surround...the trim under a couple thin coats of white...yup -- all the HORRID GREEN. When noah looked under the thin coat of paper, and discovered that the color was also on the shower hooks and pole...
"OH NOOO!!! "

Poor Guy...After I heard an horrendous CRASSHHH --- he literally tore the old shower curtain, pole and hardware off and threw it all on the floor.

Right while I waz on the phone w/the crappy phone company.

" you need to go see what's going on?"

"No -- tha's just my son tearing a 30 year old bathroom to smither-eens.."

"Well..if your doing construction, then certainly that's why your internet connection isn't working properly.."

Honest, by THAT time, I just hauled off and opened a beer.

Seemed like the thing to do by that point...

So we're on the way to a MUCH fresher with clean walls, a mellow blue embracing the walls, and some antique hardware that the previous owners had installed next to some hardware that looked like they paid $2.95 a piece for.

For Real...

But I gotta run and LAWDY -- le's hope THIS post makes it...

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, April 23, 2009

~~ I think somewhere along the line, I've mentioned that the wallpaper in our little cabin has been an ongoing issue for me...Not like "Well, SHE has issues.." -- no, no. ~~

This is more along the lines, of -- the wallpaper has had far FAR better days, and it just flat out needs to come down. Simple as that. Not to mention that the previous owners were heavy smokers, and we all know that all that smoke has to go SOMEWHERE..namely along the walls, ceiling, etc. etc. -- SO -- that being blabbered...I finally got started on the old wallpaper in the kitchen this morning. I'd figured, that since the section under the top cabinets would be the "Easiest" to get to, and probably the fastest to take down, there I went, boy-o-boy, right at it.

Yes Sir, and Yes Ma'am.

And there I was, nearly 2 &1/2 hours later, still trying to take off all the old paper behind the color paper..all the STUFF with the NAHHSTY glue..all those little bits and pieces that never EVAH want to go away..far, far away..

I gave up 3/4 of the way to the last of the wall space. The old glue wasn't always the same glue from one section to another. It seems that the previous owners used some OTHER type of glues (PLURAL!!) here and there, just like it seemed it was the "right" thing to do.

My hands feel like Tom backed over them with his tractor trailer...

The glue is being discovered here and there in my hair...

And I still have one portion of one wall left to take down.

Is this a good time to start reconsidering a Gin & Juice afternoon??

Ok -- maybe not the gin and juice, but it is time for me to take a BREAK and not attack the walls in the kitchen. I did, however, get some primer on the cleaned up walls, and those poor walls just absorbed that paint like there was no tomorrow. I MEAN -- I've never seen primer taken up in the wall that fast EVAH -- And that kind of scares me, because I'm wondering just what kind of drywall these walls have. After all the noise about some cruddy Chinese Wallboard that's been discovered emiting noxious fumes in homes, that's about the LAST THING I need to discover in this house.

So, as the saying goes, Tomorrow is another day, and the lower section will be finished.

The Good News is, that we now have PEPPERS!! -- Oh boy, can we hear it for some nice, green peppers?!! -- The plants have decided that now's the time for them to sprout, and along with the tomatoes, it's starting to look like we'll have a garden this summer. I've got some other seeds of green beans ready to plant, too, so things are finally looking up in the GARDEN (!!) department. Noah went ahead and planted some corn this morning in the larger garden plot he'd been composting. I'm not 100% sold on that being the best idea...that is, planting the corn slap out in the middle of the garden...not with our little Bambi friends. We haven't seen the "Gang" lately..well, not for a bout a week. But their there.

Just waiting.

Eyeing the garden with their hooves tapping impatiently on the ground.

Waiting for the sprouts to come they can EAT THEM.

>> Now, the reason I say this, is because all my little marigolds finally sprouted..and then when I went to check on them to give them a little sprinkle..


all the sprouts were gone. Eaten.

THIS MEANS WAR!! -- as Bugs Bunny once said..

Actually it just means I'm pissed off, and don't know just which way to go against those dumb (and they truly are very ignorant beasts..) animals. So I'll ponder on it for a spell..

And go attack my kitchen in the mean time.

I'll get back to you later on...

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

>> Well << This was very interesting...I'd gotten something added here yesterday, and it looked all spiffy and wonderful..

And then my internet connection decided to haul off and go kapoot...I mean, there was NOTHING -- no little lights telling me it was little box that said All IsWell

Just a note that said You Internet Connection is not operating --


That certainly made me feel like a million dollarz

--- But here is what I'd wanted to write -- 1) -- sorry 'bout the blurry bit with my pictures yesterday. The camera is acting really really bad, and had a message that said "Memory is no longer available..." ~~ Yup ~ Add that with the other message from my internet company, and I REALLY felt like finding someplace to run away to..

SO ~~ All that being said..Here is the receipt for the pie that I'd written about the other day. I'm making one for dinner tonight..I'd thot about it yesterday, BUT ~~ We ended up having some really ugly weather and by the time everything settled down, I wasn't exactly in the mood to make a pie. So today is bright, sunny, and warm. Perfect day for this pie ~~

** Light and Fruity Pie **

>> 1 3 oz. pkg. jello

>> 2/3 c. boiling water

>> 2 c. ice cubes

>> 3 1/2 c. ~ or ~ 8 oz. Cool Whip or other non-dairy whipped topping, thawed

>> Fruit (opt.)

~~ Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Add ice cubes and stir until gelatin thickens. Remove any unmelted ice. With wire whip, blend in topping. Whip until smooth. Fold in fruit. Chill if necessary until mixture mounds. Spoon into pie crust. Chill at least 3 hours.

Note -- for the pie crust, I usually get frozen pie shells, and bake one to just nicely brown, then once it's cooled, make the filling.

This pie NEVER makes it to the next day, tho I've tried for years to make the guys try to not have 3rds...ha!

So, with that, my stomach is now growling, so I guess I best go eat some lunch...And decide what to have for go along with the pie..!!

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, April 20, 2009

Well now -- here's a little "Before and After" -- and probably explains why I feel tired still today..all these books, odds and ends nearly did me in, but I Fought On and finally got everything in a place where it A) - either is within reach to read, research, or jus' look at.. -or - B) - Has been shuffled into a paper bag to be donated to the Salvation Army, CHKD Thrift Store (a nonprofit that gives aid to children with life-threatening diseases at a large childrens hosp. in Norfolk, Va.) or just flat out thrown out the window to be taken to the land fill.

Some of my books are naturally going to the thrift store...lots of people like to read old copies of what had one time been a best seller, but Lots of the books just don't interest me anymore. And, too, there are all of the Poltical Science books that I used at Univ. of Connecticut...all those dry, dull, boring essays on Nuclear Use and Disarmement...why Government Procurement Doesn't Mean Aide...I tried to casually hand over one of those books to Danny when he was here a couple weeks ago. Actually I thot I was being Very Clever.

"Hey, Danny! -- Wanna couple a' books?!!"
"Sure, whatta ya got?"
And I casually picked up a tomb of 650 pages -- all about Goverment (SP) Spending...Arms Treaties and National Security..

"WHAT IS THIS??!!" -- he yells, laughing at the same time...

"You SAID you would take one of my books..."

"OH GAWD!! __ Youhad to READ this??!!"


So -- now the floor is Back to Normal, or as close to being cleared of junk as I can get it this morning...the books look pretty good on their little shelves again..and noah has decided to use another desk/hutch for his books and odds and goodies, instead of MY bookcase...

And I haven't even gotten to the painting of NEW things on my work table...

But all thats for another day...The Dog is sitting out in the hallway..she was pestering me a little bit ago. She can tell by how light it is outside, whether or not it's "Time" for her to go out on her little morning walk. HA! -- I say Little...with her, it's basically dragging mother halfway down our little dirt road, till it meets the pavement, then down and around another block...and back up the dirt road. She Wears Herself Out dragging me all over the place. But ya know what>>it makes her tired enuf at the end, that she won't bother me about going outside again till wayyy later in the afternoon..HA!! Works like a charm...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, April 17, 2009

~~ "Changing Currents" ~~ 2009 Spring Bay Studio

Here's a couple shots of the finished piece I'd downloaded the other day. It has all of it's final coats of paint, and some small additions here and there. I'm pretty glad with the way it turned out.

There are some little sketches that I've got on my sketch pad, but they aren't quite ready to show yet. Right now I'm getting some of them covered with ink, so they aren't ready to make their little debut to the world. Hopefully tomorrow. And speaking (no..make that writing...ha!) -- of tomorrow, I've got to decide on what to fix for the monthly Pot-Luck Dinner for the property owners association. There is always such good food!! -- Yum!! -- I'm debating between making a fruit pie..with fruit cocktail and jello -- really easy to make, probably the LAST thing I should be eating, as it also has a complete container of whipped cream added to it...Blast -- just don' tell the Doctor!! HA!! -- tha's it!! -- anyway ..where waz I?? -- Oh! -- what else to make for the dinner...hmm..maybe just a little salad will do the trick..much less calories, and considering that Tom HAS to loose weight, probably the better choice..or maybe just say Fo'get aboutit...Have the pie!!

I've also got to check on my order of some should be picked up from the factory today and sent on it's merry little way HERE -- but the post office hasn't said when it'll be picked up, so I have to WAIT...I hate waiting...But it should be here in a couple days. And I'm also waiting for some bumper stickers I ordered the other week...they've been on backorder from Gypsy Rose..they are so popular that they'd run out of 'em -- some nifty Grateful Dead Stickers. Tom sez it's time to replace the old one's that've faded on the Very Fine Automobile...makes sense to me!! So that's a couple things to be workin' getting some painting done in the kitchen!!

Whoo -- hooo -- we picked out a very nice pale pale blue to replace the uuugggllieee wallpaper that smells bad an' is really faded. The elderly couple had put up some wonderful rose-patterened paper..very nicely embossed with shades of blue, pale pale yellow and cream. Very nice. BUT -- they set right slap next to it some icckkkiee martha stewart wallpaper that looks like it may have cost all of $4.99 a it's OUTTA HERE!! -- yup -- more taking down of smelly old wallpaper, but it's gonna be SO worth it!! -- the blue paint is just a perfect match to some of the pale blue's in the existing wallpaper, so it'll be a good compliment.

Humm -- I've kinda got my hands full for the next couple days!!

So with that, I've gotta run -- Oh -- an I'm also framing a couple pieces to take to a gallery down Ocean Highway...I'll let ya'll know what happenz with that!!


Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

>> are some shots of what suddenly happened here near the shore...

Noah decided to unpack the boxes of my books, and other tidbits..I was out on the front porch, helping him sand and clean up an old dresser of dad bought it for me when I was in high school, and all these years it's been used mostly by my middle son, Gabriel. Now it's getting a face lift, and Yours Truly helped sand away on the dirt, grime and lots and LOTZ of ink, glue, ETC., all over the drawers...

But that's not what these pictures are...these are the CONDITION of my poor studio...disarray..mess...HELP!! -- it's all right here...BUT -- I've also included a shot of the latest canvas I've worked out...See what I meant when I said the other day about the "Cracking" on the canvas??

I used a procuct that's INCREDIBLY cheap..slathered it all OVAH -- an' got the first couple coats of paint's still W.I.P. -- but I wanted to SHARE it with ya'll --- too much of a light green right now, but it's getting better all the time..

WHICH IS NOT TO SAY --- that the studio is getting better...

Soon --

We had a Very Nice Weekend --- altho friday night was Something To Forget...

We had to wake up to the sounds of the local fire department screaming down one of the little side streets...all 4 engines this time...apparently somebody has lost their house,b but we couldn't see from the main road who's house it was..or is... That was exciting enuf...but then, in the middle of all that, it started to rain..which turned into a thunderstorm..

Which got Little Miss Muffett all a-tither, and she naturally had to come into our bedroom, shaking and panting like The World Was Ending...

And proceeded to wedge herself between the bed and the wall facing the back yard...

And promptly got stuck...

Bad enuf she's a Big Lug at over 90 pounds..but add to it that she was wedged an' realized she WAS stuck..couldn't breathe good..and started she was DIEING..



I kept tossing and turning, hoping she'd STOP all this nonsense..

Then I looked at how she was laying against the wall..and promptly started lecturing her..."WILL YOUGETOUTOFTHERE!!!" she just layed there and started hackkkkinngggg again..

Tom finally had to get out of bed, MOVE THE ENTIRE BED, and pull the dog away from the wall..

Just because there were exactly 3 bolts of lightning that scared her...

A Night to NOT Remember...

Easter made up for it al, tho, and Danny came down to eat and Be Merry -- blackeye peas...ham...mashed potatoes...yummm..and a nice pie..Fruit...We dearly love these things..and Very Grateful we Have the chance to eat that much at all!!

So -- now I must leave an' try and figure out what to do with this poor room...sigh...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Untitled" -- 2009 Spring Bay Studio

>> Here's the latest little batch of fun I finished just yesterday <<

The fishie are something I put toGether the othEr day whiLe watchIng a BaSebAll gamE --one of The LaSt Spring TraiNing games from Florida..SOO naturAlly, looking at hOW nice it WaS doWn All soRtaa fermented in mE little Voila!! -- now If I CaN just get a namE for them, then it's all goNNa Be finE --

I've got a Canvas DryIng on The taBle right now -- it's got 3 coAts of PainT an' some goodies, so IT's gonna be A gooD DaY or So befoRe it's gonNa be dRy Enuf to meSS with...I'm lookinG forWard to GetTiNG it workED out...maybe just a LitTle mORe paInt..aN' a cOUple exTrA's..yess...then it's GoNna be good. I've got some SkEtcHes on the table Too -- HA!! -- thEre muCh different thAn somE of the StuFF I've been doIN -- so Do Let me KNow what ya ThiNk --

TomoRRow The Husband & I are goiNg to the dR's office -- tom HAS to gEt his bLood PreSSure' my oTHer EaR is BothERing's BeEn weIrd for a couPle weekS, but I coulDn't bE thInKin' aboUt goiNg to the Dr. offIce, when theRe's been sUch liTTle work...a DaY off for ToM right now would BE BaD..since they'Ve haD so few Full 10 hoUR days -- maYbe 5 wEEks ouT of tHe pAst 4 moNtHs have been 40 FreigHt comINg from overSeAs...tha'S not GoOd. And no AnSwer in siGHt...blast...SOO -- what All tHat I wIll geT mY heAriNg checkED' pRoBabLy morE tElLing whAt aLL I'l be loaDed doWn with..wheee....

> Must go AndD check my CaNvaS -- it's supOsSed to bE dryIng with No cRacKs in it..WhEn it'S dowNLoAded, I'll shoW why thAt's iMpoRtant...<<

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

>>> Well <<< This is probably going to be a short post, 'cause I'm in the process of getting the camera to BEhAVE iTself an' get the last blob of paint on a canvas...then finish my blouse...then get some stitching done on another, my -- how do people jus' siT around And Do Nothing all day?

The weekend was quiet, so we had the chance to just sit on the deck an' have a nice salad on Sunday Afternoon -- Tom made it just so, with cheese on top, raisins, mushrooms, 2 different lettuce blends, it probably had too many calories in it, but since it was basically the biggest meal of the day, then it wasN't so Bad! -- I took the opportunity on Sunday Afternoon to throw seedZ all over the garden spots along the FrOnt of the HouSe -- marigolds that I've kept -- they got thickly PlaNtEd under some small trees..along with CoSmoS -- NasTurTiums...It was such a niCe DaY!! --

It made up for a WeIrd DiscoVery -- someone, I guess on SaTurday NiGht, came around our corNer too faSt, aNd droVe their Car into the Ditch that runZ alongsiDe the driVeway...HumPH!!..the NeRve!! -- big ol' tiremarks, all down in the mud. WHa' ThE??!! -- Dolt. It made ME somewhat UpSet, butThankful thAt we slept threw the whoLe thing. I also threw some sunflower seeds in a spoT neAr the kiTchen winDow -- finGers are CrosSEd that they'll come In -- that'll be cool!!

Tom had the BRAINSTORM -- of the year -- when we had to go An buy soMe stuFF at the stoRe -- alWays thingS at the HardWaRE store are fAr too overPriced, so he SeZ to me --"You still got that Gift Card from Christmas?" -- uhhh..."Yeah" --- POP!! -- so he chEcks the balance on it, an' lo & Behold, we had $50 !!! SCORE -- so, with that little tidbit happIlY in my pocket, off we went -- got some hardWAre for my old Dresser That NoAh is refinishing..went an' got a sandwich drink and snaCks at SubWay (YUM!!) got a VeRy Cool Sun/Star windcHiMe @ BigLots..then finally used our checking AccOunt to get foodies...Whatta Day!! We saved $20 on top of it using a different sToRE for our WeeKlyFood-stuff..I'd buDgEted for neArly $100 -- but WiTh sales An' coupons...$82 for theWEEK!! --

We weRenT quiTe danCing in The PArkIng lot, But we SuRE were close!! HA!!

So Now it's Waiting Time for the weAther to warM baCk up -- we had tornado watches & WaRninGs most oF the Day yesTerday -- I CouLd heAR the TornAdo SirEn off In Town, but whatever it WAz, it blew pAst us..SHWOO -- so now it's chilly (It'Z been In The 70's) -- an' tonIGht it's to be in the 30'S -- NNNOOOOO -- so the BaByplants in The BedRoom Window will NOTbe set outside till laTer in The WeEk...don' wan' 'em to GeT brown An' baddd...No!! Got 'maters seeded in poTS yesTerday..pepPers too!! - Yeeehhhaww - so h0peFully thoSe'll come up Soon! YES!!

Must go an' get WORK morE mesSin' aroun' !! It's a SuNNy day so I may Do SoME work outDoorS!! WEeE...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, April 03, 2009

Since my that CAMERA is acting up, I'm still working on getting it to behave..

In the meantime, here's a shot of a W.I.P. -- it's a little rough in this picture, but it's coming together nicely. I don't think all the texture I made along the right side and bottom show's up as well on here as I'd like -- but it IS there.. Next time I add some texture, I'll use a little something different. This was something of an experiment, so tha's why it's not quite as thickly painted as I'd like.

There are some more little friends waiting over on my table this morning..oopz...make that this afternoon -- Noah pulled a project on me earlier, that made me sneeze dust, make big and even BIGGER piles of trash..

I FINALLY cleaned out a dresser that's been in the house for about EVAH -- it'd stored some of my art stuff in Norf., an' got packed down here, but I still hadn't cleaned it out. I'd stored all kindz of JUNK -- some old cardstock that I ABSOLUTELY hated..but never got around to throwing out. I can't stand using some of the cardstock that's out there..makes my last good nerve go completely on EDGE..And there was also little bags of old stencil paintings that REALLY sucked...I mean REALLY -- looked like some of the work my kids did 20 years ago...for real..

AND -- I had bags of beads..bags and bags..WHAT THE??!! -- just sitting in a drawer -- I'm STILL confused as to why I plopped 'em all in there..I mean, I've got storage containers for just that purpose..storing beads. But NO -- I haul off an' stick 'em into all these old grocery bags. Somebody PLEEZE tell me WHY?? -- man -- so out all that went. Well-- the beads are where their supossed to be...some decent paper is stored in a file folder like it SHOULD' some old old $^"&$&*)_+ that I couldn't even figure out where it came from? -- In the TRASH -- tom's gonna bellyache about "What's all this junk in the trash pile?!" -- uhhmmm..ya think it's TRASH?? Honest -- we have these kind of conversations...

See why my hair is Not Quite the color it needs to be??

But anyway -- so now I'm over to my little work table..I've got to order some fabric for another blouse I've got in the closet...gotta nice batch of patterns not too long ago...99 CENTS each!! --- yeah buddy -- tha's what I'M talkin' about...I mean, I KNOW corporate america is hurting an' all...BUT -- DAYUM -- $14.95 for a PATTERN??!!

Not this Girl!! -- 99 CENTS -- tha's MY kinda price!!

So -- off I go -- an' need to see what Ms. Sara is up to...Noah just said -- "Dog In Flight!!" -- so the dog must've moved from one part of the front room floor to another...sigh...

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Aint that interesting!! --this computer is acting up again..freezing up...acting like it's ready for the junk pile over at the landfill..and then it just goes black..What Fun!!

ButI DID try to post a shot of the blouse I'm working on..I think it did get online somehow...but don' quote me on that. The picture probably is blurry again..noah's done something with the camera and I've got to dig out my little book that's stored away -- check out all the little "How To!!" pages and hopefully fix what ever it is that's ailing the thing. Never A Dull Moment Here!!

However..I am going to try and get a shot of the latest's still in the working-out stage, but it's soo close to being done!! --- So that'll be here tomorrow -- I've got a couple other sketches in the works too--so those can be ssssssseeeen later. I got some paint drying over on the table.and it looks ok!!

OH CRAP -- this thing is making odd noises again..I'm SKEERED that's it's gonna die on me again...

So I'll run now while this thing is still in one piece..Do computers actually explode if they get too old?? Do little pieces go flying in the air and impale themselves indiscriminately in the walls??

Just Checking..

Lady of The Tulips