Sunday, October 02, 2011

Don't know if this is as clear as I'd hoped, but I was washing dishes in the kitchen the other day, an' as usual, we were having rain...

But by this time of evening, oh, somewhere around 6:30, we started to have some very light sprinkles..and when I went to put some paper towels in the recycling bag..look what I saw out the laundry room window??!!

A rainbow!!! ~

This particular one isnt as bright as one the week earlier..but like a toad, I didn't grab my camera in time to get the earlier one, but I made darn sure an' tootin' that I got this one in my sights ~

It lasted for quite awhile ~ The interesting thing is that the right hand side of it leads into the old farm at the end of the road down from our place..and the rainbow has the appearance of landing in the soybean field...

maybe when the harvest happens, the farmer will find a pot of gold..wouldn't that be wonderful for him?! ~

Have some stuff goin' in the process of getting an announcement ready ~ It isn't there yet, but will be in a little while.

Got to run ~ Must make a last minute trip to the grocery store......grrr..

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

>> Sorry for no picture today <<

I seem to having a day from hell with all things computer and pictures..there are days where I can't seem to figure things out that have to do with technical items, and it gives me so much stress!! ~ Adding insult to injury, if I happen to get a chance to have some techie person try to explain the situation to me, they talk way WAY above my head, making me feel as ignorant and stupid as can be! ~ Which, naturally adds to the stress level, and makes me more upset than I was originally! ~

But, I'm so very very close to presenting some of my new work ~ If all goes well tomorrow, I'll be showing some of my new items, and having them available on my site @Artfire ~!!~ I'm so excited, I can hardly wait ~ But I have to do some last minute things here before I drive up Ocean Highway to get the paintings taken care of ~ These little details seem to be adding up, but since there has been so much work done, I refuse to eliminate any details that have to be done ~ There are pieces and parts that I don't want left out, and this may be my undoing!! ~

However, the littlest details make all the difference in a painting, and if they are left out, then the entire piece becomes lacking in many ways ~ I so enjoy the creation of something that has little things that make the piece sparkle, shine and become totally different than what any other person is creating ~ That's the joy of being an artist ~ Oh, and when I'm able to step back and look at the completion..sometimes I simply can't say a thing ~ Just give praises to Him who has given me this unbelievable ability to make something ~ How astounding! it all seem to me! ~

So, that's where this little girl is this afternoon ~ Odds and ends...pieces and oh my, it doesn't seem to end! ~

But there will be more later!! ~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here's a picture of one of my mermaids from I think last year..I jus' can't remember if it was fall or just when it was that she came around...

I have to say that she was very cheerful, but she's sitting in the hutch at the moment, and she just really can't decide if she wants to come out and play or not...

I'm having difficulty deciding if she should have some changes made..maybe a new frame, maybe some new colors on the background, but there's just something that needs a bit of a touch up..wish I could decide what it is!! ~

There are some projects that seem to be laying around everywhere in the studio..and now, I'm embarrased to say, they even are starting to head into my bedroom..and yes, they've taken over one of my chairs..and there are one if not 2 that are sitting on my bed...I have, I think, what a lot of artists and craftpeople have...the "disease" of "I'm Almost Finished"...

And there the project sits...yes, it is nearly finished..but it's not complete...there are parts where some paint needs to go..there are portions where some papers needs to be attached..perhaps some beads..

It's a disease that seems to creep into ones life, when everything seems to be swimming along nicely..after all, there IS work being done..

It's just that.......

It's not COMPLETED!! ~

And that's what I'm facing this afternoon..all these things, just staring at me, and I must say, I am EVER so glad that there are no sounds coming from them, like in cartoons, where boxes and inanimate objects have the ability to TELL YOU just what's what...I'd be deaf from all the screaming to GET THIS DONE...

I feel like a heel...

But not so much so, because yes sir and yes ma'am...

I have another project in the works on the work table...

Oh bother..

Must go and Get Something Accomplished! `

Lady of The Tulips

Sunday, September 18, 2011

>> Well, it's not totally what I wanted when I started out earlier this morning, but this lady has somewhat changed the look of the blog here <<

I had tried to download a nice header to coordinate with this, but that didn't seem to want to happen, and then I started developing a tremendous headache, then the hubs ran his mouth at me about "can't you "just" do something??"....

So right now I'm contemplating why in the world I don't drink, but then the memory of those horrendous hangovers come flooding back, and I just shall decide that I'll go with taking some aspirin instead, and hope that something will come along giving me great insight as how to do something with my header...

In the meantime, I'm working like a crazy person, painting like there was no tomorrow, and trying not to throw paint all over the studio ` I've tried very hard not to get the walls covered, and so far (but it is early in the day..) I'm succeeding in that - In 10 minutes this may be history and there could very well be shades of blue near the front window..

I jus' don' know......

But I need to go find that aspirin...get some glue onto some fabric, an' hopefully catch something decent on tv...or jus' read a book...Ah Ha..tha's it - a book will be much more enjoyable! ~

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, September 15, 2011

>> I do want to say, that the post below, has the wonderful letter from the Brave Girls Club..if I can set the link I will be every so happy <<

They are the most wonderful women, and give the best-est advice to people everywhere ~ I was so very fortunate to have a friend suggest reading their letters and I have been so so happy that I have a daily email from them ~ A true breath of fresh air! ~

But back to the work table I go ~!~ More will be discussed later, but I seem to be on a roll this week, so while the Mojo is Floooooooowin', I gotta go with it!!! ~

Lady of The Tulips

>> Here's a little something that has made me jus' about the happiest I've been all week <<


This is one of the emails that I receive each and every day ~ This letter happens to be for today, Sept. 15, 2001 ~~

I can't begin to tell you how these beautiful women have made me feel that each and every brush stroke, each and every strand of weaving, and each and every bead that I add to a strand, all of them make me who I am, and that yes, one day, all of this work will be something that will be enjoyed by others ~

I am getting past negative, getting past the "Your not like us!!", I'm getting past the daily onslaught of people being rude, ugly, and trying to show me that their form of existence is whatI need to follow ~

What I believe more than ever, is that this is my life! ~This is what I am doing, and this is what I will be doing until the Lord tells me to do something else ~

And it is enough not only for today, but it is enough for the future as well.

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lauri Perry when I had my stroke 4 years ago, we had no health ins. ~ Within less than 30 days, that hosp. was all over me like flies on you know what ~ Before I even set up some kind of payment arrangement, they were threatening to take our house away in lieu of payment...I am so sick of these people who think it's funny to make fun of those of us who don't have a lot of money to pay for things ~

This is in response to the debate last evening ~ The audience applauding when the comment came up about letting a person die who had no health insurance...

Friday, September 09, 2011

>> 'k, so no picture's been that kind of morning already, an' my poor brain feels mushy. Yee gadzzzzz <<

I will now say, that on the art front, this here is what I'm planning on doing ~

I've had my Weaving site working for just about a year, but to date, there has been little to nothing going on with it ~ I wove, wove and wove some more projects, got them all photographed, popped them on the site...

And have sold one piece since last fall.

This is not what I had in mind when I set out to make some fun funky and all together groovy handbags ~ If I stop and think about the hours of work, all the details and bits and pieces that have gone into each and every one..well, I get tears in my eyes, and certainly want to either start up recreational drug use, or start drinking again...

Neither one a positive outcome for just trying to make some items to sell..

So, once I get the "ok" from the powers that be where my weavings are being sold, I'm changing out the shop, and putting in prints of paintings and mixed media pieces that I've been doing for the last few months ~ There are quite a few available, all of them different from the other, and each and every one is full of color, life and fun ~ I've tried to make sure that they are something that will enhance a room, and make the viewer feel that they can be in the place where the artwork is placed..being in the center of where the situation is, where the artwork is showing itself to be ~ A place other than the stress filled place where most of us find ourselves each and every day ~

I'll price them accordingly ~ Nothing too over the top, and certainly not for super duper cheap ~ That is something I made the mistake of doing a couple years ago..spend hours and hours on work, took them to a shop, and for nearly 10 pieces of art, I made a whopping $45.00....

I've gotten smart since then, and decided that those people who want to get something for nothing will have to look elsewhere! ~

So, as I wait for the prints to get ready to be previewed at the printing shop, and get my orders for packing and shipping supplies, I'm looking so forward to people enjoying a little bit of Beach Life..a little bit of Romance, and a little bit of in-between pieces of original art that will bring joy to any room ~

Thats my news from here near the shore ~ I've got some work that needs to get going over on the work table, and of course, some pieces of fabric, papers, embellishments and assorted odds and ends (No!, not tom, tho he certainly is an odd one, tha's for sure...) All waiting for their place to be ~

In the meantime I'm thankin' our lucky stars that the hurricane that was suppossed to smack into us, well, that's what the weather people were hinting at last week...well, that thing has gone out to the Atlantic, and good riddence to it! ~ I don't think I could handle any more storms right now..too much going on.

And a good note to end on ~ I was so very sad and felt heartbroken after Irene, because I hadn't seen the family of bluebirds that live in the treetops of our property ~ They always feed right in the front of the little cabin, and they can always be heard tweeting and chirping happily between all of them...but I hadn't seen them since the storm, and I feared that they got displaced at best, but my heart felt that they were killed in the rain and wind...

WELL! ~ this morning I finally saw them, flying between the pine and hardwoods along the dirt road once again..Oh, it made me feel so incredibly glad!! ~ They are such a joy to watch, and the sound of their silvery little song is just breathtaking ~ I am so relieved that my tiniest of neighbors are now save and sound, and are gracing out trees once again ~ Miracles continue to happen!! ~

I am so blessed ~

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, September 02, 2011

WELL...Jus' wanted to show off my brand spankin' new Banner! ~ There was a super nice lady @Artfire who helped me out with this ~ I could not for the life of me, figure out how to get the font set into the banner the right way so it'd show up in my shop without getting covered up by my picture...I was literally in TEARS trying, trying, trytrytrytyring to get it to work...but she somehow, an' believe me, I've NO idea how, but she somehow got it to work!! ~ GHAWD!! ~ I nearly jumped up & down ~ Maureen is a wonder, tha's all I know!! ~

But onto other things...I may have some really good news to share in jus' a little bit ~!!~ I don't want to pop up an' blurt it all right now 'till I"m positive that it's a goin' on thing ~ I've worked really reallyreally REALLY hard on some stuff, shed tears, felt like I was having a heart attack an' numerous other things, but it looks like there may be some news on the ART front from here!!! ~ I should know in a day or 4..not sure, but it's EXCITING!! ~

Donchya love being kept on pins and needles...??!! ~ tee hee...

An' it's a holiday weekend here in the States..."LABOR DAY", I'm thinkin' of NOT doin' any labor on the labor day weekend, but then, if I don't do SOMETHING, then how the @"$+ does anything get done? ~ Humm..??!! ~

Answer me THAT would ya??! ~

'k, so I probably have had too much coffee today, but I did get a lot done so far, so I guess that I need to go back over to the work table & DO something constructive..

Wishing Everybody a Safe & Wonderful Weekend!! ~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

>> Here is what became known at the Bus Festival, as the "Tiki Bar" <<

A great idea put together by the fellow on the right ~ He'd bought the nice pink umbrella, all sharp in color, fluffy with whatever it is that it's made out' got a small cooler, a portable table, placed with rocks etc. on the bottom underwater to hold it in' Voila!! ~ A tiki bar was born...uhmm, or made up...or, well, you know..

The shot I got of the "Bar Owner" and the fellow on the left, who put together the entire Bus Festival, was too good to pass up ~ Both looking like they were having "Serious Discussions"...the irony being, what kind of Serious Discussion(s) could ANYBODY have during a Bus Festival?? ~

Thus the picture of two minds doin' Lawdy knows what...

It did make for some interesting questions between the Hubs & me..he said it almost looked scary, with those two jus' standing in the water..looking like there was something afloat...but not the "Bar" itself...

Jus' another one of those crazy moments in the dayz we were up on the river..

AND ~~ I am happy to say that we survived the Hurricane with very little damage to the house ~ 2 shingles on the roof were slightly damaged from one or 2 very large limbs that came crashing down on the house, and bounced onto the ground ~ One hit the very edge of the rain gutter, but considering that particular part is something in the range of $3.50, that doesn't really count as an "Expense" toward repairs..and as the gentleman at the local hardware store said, "It jus' isn' worth it to say anything to the Ins. company anyway..." Isn't that the truth!! ~ So noah got a tube of whats called Roofing Tar, and will make the small repairs today ~ The yard is still loaded with a lot of small branches, and one or two broken limbs, but all are very minimal to the few that were really quite large, and actually scared me when I saw just how big they were...I went to lift one up, thinking I would jus' casually move it off the steps of the deck...Ha!! ~ Who was I kidding?? ! ~ So, noah got that moved, plus some others, and that's where we are today ~ So very very blessed to have such minimal things happen ~!~

We heard from different sources that we had somewhere around 90 mph winds, and that sounds just about right ~ When the hurricane made it's turn to go off further in the Atlantic, then of course the winds did the most "damage" to our place as earlier...during the night at some point in time, (the electricity was out..) I was laying awake suddenly, don't know why...but as I layed awake, I suddenly heard this wind just picking up more and more and more...while I layed in bed thinking, "Well, now, why is the wind starting to get stronger again?..this doesn't make sense.." , I then heard the wind hit the back side of the house with a huge WHOMP!!! ~ WHOA!! ~ I layed in bed thinking, "Well, now, that wasn't exactly what I had in mind to hear today..", when Tom very quietly said to me..."What was that?"...I very politely told him, "I think we jus' had us a tornado, dear..." ~

He didn't have much to say after that...But, again, blessings abound! ~ No damage from that, so we are nearly dancing in the street!! ~

'K, maybe not in the street, but at least we're pretty darn glad!! ~

And I've got some paintings that are done, 4 to be exact! ~ An' 2 in the Almost Finished But For Teeny Bits to Add stage....ugh...those little tidbits that drive me to distraction!! ~ But they've made all the difference in the world!! ~ YAY!! ~

Other news will be coming later this week I believe..something that I've been trying to do for forEVAH!! ~ Ohh...I'm trying not to get too excited, but it Will be pretty cool!! ~ Yup! ~

But for now I need to finish some paper,

I'm Gone.........

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, August 25, 2011

>> I MEAN<<

How cool is this Bus??!! ~~I had to get a picture of it when we were at the Festival last month (GHAWD! A month already??!!) ~ the people were just down the way from us, and were more thn happy to let me get a shot of this - I don't know what type it is - there are so many variations of the Bus, an' I don't know all of 'em - but this one is so very unique, it was just screaming out for a picture!! ~

And on a brighter note - I called a local printer, and to my much and great relief, I can get prints made from a batch of my original paintings/mixed media pieces, and they "clean" up any bad mistakes I made in taking the photos!! ~ I was sooo relieved when I talked to the shop person, you have NO idea!! ~ So, now all I have to do is make a few adjustments to some paintings I have and get them onto a SP card, and then take them in nextweek ~ I will also be trying to get some into a file and be able to download them here and get some other touches cleaned up so they can be seen by one and all!! ~

It's been a lot of work, and I'm trying to learn how to get some tweaking done to get rid of little boo-boo's when I use my son's camera ~ Oh! ~ Yes, our oldest loaned me his much much newer camera, and sloooowly I'm learning how to use it, download pictures onto a "zip" card, an' get them ready to make into prints ~ I'm tired from lots and lots of work with the thing, but I'm a tad better than I was over the weekend..I was SO frustrated with the' tom is absolutely NO HELP!! ~ I was crying and crying, trying to figure out how to make the pictures RIGHT!! ~ to no avail, and finally in a fit of crying and anger, I told tom, "Well, then just go ahead an' get a big ol' trash bag out, I'll just throw it all away, an' go back to cleaning toilets again...all these rich people need a girl to do that kind of work, they can be rude all they want, after all, I'm jus' a cleaning girl!!!".....

Tom just layed on the couch & never said a word..encouragement for my art would have been nice, but its not been around for a long, long time, so THAT aint gonna happen!! ~'s all up to ME!! ~ An' I'm pluggin' away, learning bit by bit..'course it's gonna cost a lot more to get the prints made than I'd hoped, but that's how it goes ~

I will show some of my WIPtoo!! ~ They are fun, an' bright, and I hope one and all will enjoy them! ~ I've tried to get some different things done, so there is a bit more color and texture ~ Oh, it's been so much fun! ~

But for now I gotta go an' get yet another painting going! ~

Lady of The Tulips ~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

>> Sorry for no picture today <<

I'm somewhat shaken by the events of the last couple dayz, and my brain couldn't figure out what I wanted to download on here...sheesh.......

First we have that charming hurricane out in the atlantic..looking to bear down on us..sometime during the weekend..probably a Cat. 3 or so - winds over 110..YeeHaww!! ...

Then we had some of the ruuumbling of the earthquake yesterday that was centered in Mineral Va. - it felt like the kind of shake that somebody does when their trying to gently wake you up...something I'd not felt like since living in Calif. all those years ago ~ Very strange, yet so familiar. Till I realized "We're not in Cali. anymore!!" ~

So now, after having one of those horrible ph. calls w our mtg company..all rudeness and ugliee..always lookin' out for the bankers, rich folks and investers, never thinking THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THESE HOUSES YOU SELFISH JERkS!!!

Sorry..I really Do Not Like Them ~

I a still literally shaking from the phone call - I can no longer deal with the ugly way they are - always rude - trained to be rude ?? ~ WHY ~

So I'm attempting to get some art ART!! ~ Done ~ It's such a terrible thing when all I want to do and have a strong desire to do is my art - to continue painting, getting things done on a canvas that looks nice, gives a feeling of comfort..yet all these other things, and people filled with evil and hatred jus' bearing down on me...I am left drained and wishing for it all to go away ~

When I get this other painting finished I will post it - yeah yeah..I keep saying that, but the camera of mine is 1/2 dead..and the one I borrowed is not as "EASY!" as the manufacturer sez it is...ahh the learning curve of a new thing..never a snap to do! ~

But I will persevere!!! ~

Must got for now~!~

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Look! ~ One of my buddy's out on the river, floatin' away an' havin' a good time! ~

Now that I'm older & wiser, I will get something like this for a float, or maybe try to find an inner tube..I was being extra cheap this year, an' bought 2 floats @ one of those dollar stores..tom used it an' went merrily floating off down I tried to use the thing, an' accidently slid my fingernail into one of the groves on the float, an immediately sprung a leak & started to sink!!! ~

Spending a little more next time...

I do have to say that at least today the weather is absolutely wonderful ~ A lot like it was in this wonderful picture ~ Not too overly hot where one wants to just stay in the water and never come' not too humid today either! ~ Oh, it is such a relief when there isn't that haze of humidity over the trees, an' lurking over the Sound...ugh. And I am so glad that the temps are somewhere in the mid 80's..where they will probably stay for at least a little while longer...shwooooooooooooo

I have more projects over on the work table..I had so wanted gabriel to come down here an' help me out w/taking pictures and doing some work on my blog for me...but alas, he has something else to do, and it just hasn't happened yet. I want to share the pictures, but I don't have the right attachment for the camera that was loaned to me from our oldest dan - he has a much better camera than mine, and it seems to be a little larger, so I have my fingers crossed that the pictures I take w/that camera will be better. I need better today! ~

I still have some lingering problems that are off on the horizon, but so far the bad news from them hasn't hit yet...I know their out there, but for now it's quiet, so I'm thankful for that. As long as some of the people I know will just leave me alone with their negative beings, then it will be much easier for me to deal with other things that I'm attempting to negotiate ~ I have so much that's in the works for my self and my Art ~ I just want that to be the highlight of everyday and not the negative people and their negative energy bearing down on me ~

Must check on a painting that I have nearly done - it's really something different than others ~ Oh, its Beach related, but that's about as far as that goes ~ Kinda retro..kinda surfy..kinda all of that combined. Tee Hee.............

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, August 15, 2011

>> Sorry for no picture today..I'll try and make it better with a little bit of color for the print, will that be ok? <<

I just had one of those afternoons where it doesn't seem like there will ever be good news - all these corporations demanding something from me that does not exist...too much bad, always bad news to me, and I'm just wanting something good - is it wrong these days to want something good? ~ I'm beginning to think it is ~

I once belonged to an organization, where people there would tell me that to want something was indeed wrong - that "was being selfish!!" ~ I was to only consider things that were necessary, not some things that would be fun - nice - different. The people were absolutely evil, and had an amazing ability to absolutely deflate me at every opportunity. I withstood it for just so long, and when I made my leave of them, it was as if the sky opened out and truly a ray of light emerged over me ~ I honestly felt the sky smiling at that point, and I have chosen since then to be very aware of people who sap the very living depth of ones soul, the very core of a person..those are the kinds of people I avoid.

Yet, it seems that corporate america goes out of their way to make sure that they do crush the spirit of a person ~ I just had 2 telephone calls that were this way ~ It stunned me with the first, and by the second, I was and still am, completely deflated ~ I feel as if there was a huge boulder pushed on top of me..and the people giving me the bad news, telling me that I was wrong in not being able to do what they wanted me to do...this was the crushing - and it didn't stop 'till I hung up on the people.

I am very sorry this is not a positive post...but this is how it has been for me these last couple weeks - it's as if the time away is now looking like it never was...

But now I have to leave..interuptions...I am once again wrong in what I do...lord knows I'm exhausted........

Lady of The Tulips

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Early morning at the campground...

This was taken just after the sun came up over the opposite side of the river where we camped w/the Bus Festival ~ This was what greeted me every morning - a soft and floaty fog over the water that hung all whispy and thin - so amazing to sit and watch with a cup of coffee - the movement of air over the fog, moving it to one direction, then another ~

I am so sad that we weren't able to stay up there - here it is just one hard thing after another, and I'm having a difficult time keeping my head above it all ~ Too many things that are dragging me down, and I feel as if the crush is just around the corner ~ I have some real fears and some very scary and upcoming events that are just a ways away, that are tearing me apart ~ I can't do anything about any of it, and the sad thing is, that some people who had said they were "friends" have absolutely turned their back on me ~ Leaving me to shoulder far too many things alone ~ Oh, the hubs is "here", and so is noah, but neither of them can do anything to stop the train wreck is that is just around the corner ~ I am so overwhelmed and burdened, and I have no relief in sight ~

I am trying to continue painting, and hoping for more miracles to happen ~ But for now I am nearly incapable to painting one brush stroke ~ That's how bad it is for me - I hate to shoulder all this weight by myself, but hubs has never been one to take on any thot of jumping in and trying to do more than he can - indifference is something that he completely feel toward anything that he doesn't want to face ` So it leaves all the ugliness on me to handle - take care of - do something about ~ And do it with a smile on my face, and a bounce in my step ~

Right now I am nearly crawling, the pain and heaviness is so much for me -

I must leave, for now - and I will hope that this image will be something that I'll be able to think of in the coming days ~

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Hubs was busy doin' something when this picture was taken..we were walking back to our campsite @ High Country Bus Festival...we'd gotten a ride w/the owner on his little golf cart to visit friends at a section called "Primitive" - it was a bit of a walk, and the shade under all the wonderful trees was fabulous...

But I still have no idea what hubs was doing here..'capt that he got (you can just make out the roll) an incredibly large roll of trash bags..I've no idea how many are on the roll..but by the looks of it, we'll have trash bags for the duration...

What caught my eye was this wonderful cab-style (it has a specific name, but at the moment I can't remember..)'s older than ours, and the guy who had it was all camped out with enuf things for what looked like a summer - worths of camping ~ Can you see the neat old cooler? was something I saw right away, an' was going to ask about where he found it, but by that time hubs was on his way down the dirt road, and I literally didn't want to get left in the dust.

It was so amazing to see what different styles, colors, and ways that owners have their vw busses done - bright colors, muted colors, some with custom paint that made me literally stop in my tracks (but was also sadly when my camera batteries - so fun, and everyone so eager to talk about what they have - and share! ~ Oh, how everybody wanted to share things - food, drinks, an'yup, even trash bags! ~
No!, you go ahead an' take 'em! ~ You never know when you'll need some extras! ~ I always take a lot of 'em with me!"

But now that particular week plus is all over, and the grind of daily life hits - too many sad things have happened since I got back, and it seems overwhelming to me - I keep going knowing that God has something at the end of all this for me, so that is what drives me - I am excited to say that this weekend me & Gabriel will finally get together and rework my blog..add pictures, possibly some pictures..oh!, so many ideas an' I'm looking forward to all the's going to be a long day, but well worth it when it's all set up ~ Relief too, as some things that I want to debut will be ready ~ Oh!, just wait & see what's new! ~

But that's in a few days, and right now I have to get some fabric stabilized for cutting out, and some ribbons unearthed from their storage box..never a dull moment in the studio~

I'm Gone....

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, August 08, 2011

I discovered this wonderful piece of art one morning while we were camping at the Bus Festival..I was so taken by the absolute perfection of it, I immediately went & grabbed my camera so I wouldn't loose the work..

It was fairly early in the morning..maybe 7 or so..I've no idea why I woke up so early, but after I got my bearings a little, watched some of the whispy fog float over the river and feel a wonderful soft breeze go across my face, this piece of nature at her best was what greeted me ~

It was so peaceful - the beauty of the web..the stillness of the morning, and the cool of the day ~ I wanted that moment to last till forever..I know it wouldn't so I did the next best thing I knew, and took a picture of the web...

Then this morning, tom had the opportunity to stay home a little longer than usual, so we were sitting on the couch, looking out the front room window, and my eyes caught a similar web strung from our wind chime down to the railing of the front porch...this was even larger than the one in this picture, so I was amazed that spiders can create such breathtaking things ~ Then I thot, well if the web of the porch is THAT big are the items that this spider is trying to catch??

' that started to freak me out, so I decided it was best at that point to just get a cup of coffee, give the hubs a quick hug before we went up Ocean Highway to the big city, and start the day...

The heat is definetly ON, and the humidity is stiffling ~ I went to get what groceries I could afford for the week ($15.00...) then came back home and layed out to get cooled off in my breeze, just a tickling whisper of air coming in the window...why is it that when you absolutely need some wind, not just a tease of a wind, I mean a wind thru the window to cool you off?? ~

It's never there...

I'm optimistic the weather will finally break this week...maybe midweek the weather people say, but they've been known to flap far too much hot air about a lot of I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Onward to work over on the table...and hopefully some cooler breezes! ~

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, August 06, 2011

So, what happened waz...after talking with the intake coordinator, and waiting to see what would happen w/Noah...

We were suddenly suprised to find out that he was being discharged from the hosp. within less than 5 days of being admitted...Everything that I'd gone thru was completely thrown out the window, and then he was back in the house, and nothing has changed..

What Tom & I then decided to do, was something the intake coordinator had told me to do from the very beginning - take some time away, get a breath of fresh air, and just try and do some relaxing - where there had been very little to none what so ever.

The picture is from the New River, where once again, we went to camp for, longer this year, 6 days all together...with a lot of other Bus enthusiasts, and did what was much needed...


Well, there were some moments of playing around in the water..laughing with new friends, visiting with other friends we hadn't seen in some time (always a treat), and doing as little as possible ~ It was heavenly ~ And lifted quite a deal of heavy weight from me and the stress level that had felt overwhelming for some time. I was thrilled to discover that we could camp directly above the water (tho this picture is taken from another portion of the campground, called "Primite" sites ~) and have our little shade set up, and were able to get the most wonderful view of not only the rest of the campground in either direction, but of the shoreline directly across from where we had set up ~

Exactly what the Dr. ordered...well not literally, but somewhat close.

It was fun, restful, and always a treat when seeing a small creature along the opposite shore, maybe a turtle, a sweet little otter, who was quite busy doing whatever she/he was up to...seeing quick fast little darting fish..maybe trout?, maybe smallmouth bass..just flashes of color, a swift flick of a fin, and then disappearing into the deeper water.

It was such a let-down to have to come back home - nothing has changed here, there is still the sudden and viscious loud screaming - shouting/cussing/slamming of objects inside the house and outside in the shed. I find myself thinking of the calm sound of the water splashing over the rocks of the New River..seeing high high up in the sky, some large hawk, or maybe an turkey vulture...and I so terribly want to go back, immediately, and grab something of a moment of that quietness.

But it won't be until possibly next year - unless we discover another Bus camp-out within the next couple months, before the weather turns cold once again.

I'm longing for the quietness..the peaceful moments of rest that the depths of my soul are in need of...just waiting for another part of that which would envelope me in the comfort of softness.

I will strive for it till the next time away..........

Lady of The Tulips ~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

>> Well, I am sorry to say that I don't have it together enuf today to post a picture <<

I have gone thru some extremely difficult things this week, and I'm hoping that by the end of today that some good news will finally come 'round ~

Noah finally had a quite terrible manic episode on tuesday ~ So much so, that I had to go across the street, and make a ph. call to the sheriffs dept. from a neighbors house ~ He'd been trying to call a girl/lady (not sure of the persons age..) that he claims he knew from some years ago - but her father showed up here monday afternoon, demanding to talk w/noah...saying no, no, mistaken identity..

Then noah tried to call her tuesday am. ~ All hell literally broke loose, the father calling and threatening me w/ harm..threatening noah...on and on...

Shaking so very very badly, I called the state mental health dept. ~ went thru all that happened, and then had to call the local magistrate's office ~ Started to explain the situation to him, but noah grabbed the ph., and began to absolutely come unglued.

Long long story short ~ I had to file a petition w/the magistrate to have noah sent to a hosp., for treatment ~ One of the sheriffs that came to our place escorted noah to the local hosp., and with some last paperwork w/a local office o/the mental health board, I got thru the initial round of paperwork.

Yesterday noah finally got sent to an inbound facility ~ I've no idea of how long he's to be in the place, but I am beginnng to feel realived that he is finally being taken care of ~ I'd been trying to get him to a facility for some months, but it never happened ~ An absolute crises had to come around in order for something to be done ~

The magistrate informed me, while he was filling the paperwork for the hospitalization, well, in his words, "And we'll take care of the _____ County business" ~ meaning, the father that repeatedly threatened me & noah w/harm...I don't want to go into more detail of it, because I haven't heard back from the magistrates office, so I don't know what or if there is anything else I can say ~

I'm not sleeping well ~ Still terribly afraid of this yokel, and his friends showing up at my door - unannounced and evil ~ "I'll bring a group of my friends down there, an' we'll make sure to take care of this business..." ~ Gee, he sounds like such a nice friendly guy! ~ Maybe I should invite him &his friends to join me in sunday school this weekend..? ...

Uhmm...probably not....

So, I am trying to finish/re-paint one of the frames I worked so hard on a couple years ago...aged it and made it look all didn't sell, so hopefully with one of my new works in it, it will move this time....

That's about it from here ~ I'm going to have another glass of ice coffee, and attack the frame over at the work table..the only comforting thing for me right now, is to continue my's just all about the work and art for me now - I can't seem to focus on much of anything else these days, so I just keep going in the direction that the Father is telling me to head toward. And listening to that brings me such comfort at this incredibly difficult time..

I must be going ~

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Deep Moon Man" ~ 2011 - C. Spring Bay Studio ~

Tom isn't thrilled with this particular piece, 'cause he sez it's too dark..I thot it has the depth that I wanted surrounding the moon, and the face looks old and craggy enuf to make you want to look at the moon this week, as it becomes full ~ There are all the nooks and crannys that I always find facinating when looking up, wondering always what it is that makes the moon such an incredibly moving force for us small people ~

I got part of those feelings on this canvas - not all, but some of those ~ I wanted to see where the texture would take me ~ See whether or not there could be an additional layer ~ There always is room for added things, this is true ~ But I couldn't feel my way into that layer, so I went into the color of the piece instead ~ It feels like it's at the place where it needs to be, so I'm leaving it for now at least ~

I had so much time spent with the layers - putting bits and pieces into the background, feeling where it all should be appled - kind of like when I have conversations with some people I know - there is always so much that you feel that needs to be added, but the layers that get in the way keep you from saying things that should be included - sometimes that becomes a problem, other times it's for the best - and that's what makes some relationships so difficult ~ I have one person that is so extreme for me - some days so light that it makes me feel positive that it's a good time for both of us - then there are other days that feel as if the weight of the world has decended on this person, and there is no way out of the darkness that surrounds them ~ I have such difficulty with communication at that point, that I nearly choke ~

Ah ...well, today is another day, and we shall see where the hours go - I have several projects in the works - tiny parts here and there of what will be some paintings - some mixed media things - all a jumble thru the studio...

But the back door has slammed once again, so I know that I need to see what kind of fresh hell is waiting in the front room..
Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, July 09, 2011

"Gazing" ~ Spring Bay Studio ~ c.2011 ~

Here's a little something that I finished not too long ago ~ It's one of the pieces that I have come to realize are in a set of "Star" or Solar pieces that I'm working on ~ At the time, it didn't seem like I was creating a series, but it seems that I am - or have - or however you'd like to say that ~

I'm disappointed that the picture is so washed out - the blue is actually a lot darker than it appears in this shot - but at least you can get an idea of what I've got going on ~

The next couple are completely different ~ Yet the "same" ~ All having to do with Stars, Moon, Sun ~ I've no idea what came into my head, or why these have suddenly materialized ~ One that I finished the other weekend, left Tom with a most astonished look on his face ~ I was afraid that he'd start telling me something horrid - not like noah yelling at me and telling me that what I was doing was evil -

Fortunately tom was very suprised, but in a good way - he really liked what I painted, and said it had a lot of movement and shape and any number of things going on with it ~ I'd never heard him say something like this about any of my work before, so that made me feel like I'm going into another direction ~ And growth is such a good thing ~So I felt far past relieved ~ Something like a cloud lifted off of me, and I began to feel that perhaps this is what I've been working toward all this time, but didn't or wasn't quite aware of it ~

And now I've got some other paintings that are in the works, and naturally these too will be posted here ~

And with all this ~ Our one son had talked to me about changing my blog - maybe making the blog and some of my art, and some of my weavings, and music into an all inclusive piece online ~ I told him I'd contemplate it ~ It's going to take some time for me to process all of it ~ To decide just how far I want to take this new work and the new outlook of mine ~ Into the next phase of my artistic self ~ It's scary and exciting at the same time - but perhaps it's what is needed to continue to grow as an artist ~

My! ~ The wrens are suddenly just making the most noise out on the front porch!! ~ Maybe they are encouraging me in this new path I seem to heading toward! ~ Wouldn't that be exciting! ~ They are, the wrens that is ~ Once again eyeing my flower that's been out on the front porch for the last couple summers...eyeing it as in they want to build their nest in it again ~ Well, there isn't much I can do about stopping them - even when I over-water the plant and soak their nest, they somehow just sit inside of it - look out at me, and not make a peep ~ I guess maybe the cool water under them must cool them off? ~ who knows - but they are so funny, and so busy ~ I'd like to have them for neighbors again ~

Must go - the dynamic duo is coming back to the cabin in a bit, so I need to get going - they don't like it if my "self" is doing something on the computer...pooh...they just rattle my nerves, that's what they do! ~

I'm Gone ~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So, yes, this is a photo from last year, but the azaleas look so cheery in this picture, that I wanted to share them again -

I just got some more bad news from the secretary o/HOA here..she's now decided that we owe more $$ for our assessments than she or the other board members told us - the day I was told of our ID theft, one of the board members swore up & down that that particular payment would be waived, an' that I could just go on after that...

I knew better than to believe her - after all she'd lied to me before, an' Voila!! ~ Once again we're gettin' the stab in the heart - I came home shaking - I'm so upset - I told this mean woman that Tom had finally gotten a bonus for the 1st time since 2008, but here it was going to pay for our stuiped assessment..her quote..

"I don't care about that!! ~ We have this payment to take care of!! ~And you still owe us extra money!!!"

Yup - fell apart when I got home & am still crying...these people are so out of touch with us working class people, it is just terrible - pompous, mean, arrogant and viscious -

Thats the best I can say about them - and I can't just not pay, 'cause legally they can literally take our house away from us - It's just the worse thing I've gone thru, and it won't be over for some time to come.

I was going to try & get a new project going - well, I have the base coat on a canvas, but I wanted to get part of the 2nd layer on...

Not now - I'm still shaking like a leaf - and these horrid people don't care -

Not one



I'm going to go an sit by one of the windows where there's a breeze..this one window in the studio doesn't cool the room down at all - so the 70% humidity & 84 degree heat isn't helping things either.

I just know I will lean on Him who protects me - just shudder to think what these people will reap when it comes around back on them...........

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, June 25, 2011

> < 'k...I know that sometime's I may not feel like the sharpest marble in the bunch..well, actually I usually feel that way ~

But after I took a look at this picture today, I realized that sometimes it takes something like this to make me realize that I am just a vessel that seriously needs to be filled with something other than what I think is my smart brain..

I mean, LOOK AT THIS!! ~

I had thot that by saving a little bit of money, and waiting for a couple of days, I would "save" some cash, use something other than what the manufacturer calls for - to use in a dishwasher, an' then, oh yeah buddy, I'd be all cool and wonderful, an' be saving a "whole" lot of money..

Yee gadz....I think it's being called out on being a little bit self centered.."I" was being the smart one, instead of listening to that voice that is much wiser than I am, and the "I" said, "Oh, ho! ~ I KNOW what I'm doing..." - uhhhhmmmmm...

So here's the jist of my selfishness, I "knew" what to do, and instead of just making a load of dishes nice and clean, an' then putting them away, and going back to my work in the studio, I (and that's the important thing here..) decided to get in my own blasted way, and with "my" knowledge, I went ahead and did something that IS NOT what your suposed to do...

I used regular liquid dish soap, and threw a bunch of it into the dispenser of the dishwasher, an' figured that nothing would happen, but my super-wonderful brain told me, Well! - look, these will turn out wonderful, an' look how you'll save money, an' be just the best little housewife since June Cleaver...

God has these clever ways of letting us know that we're getting in our own darn way - Instead of saving money, I had to wash (by hand) almost all of the dishes that were in the dishwasher, then dry them all by hand, and then use another cleaner to clean up the mess I made all over the kitchen floor...Uhh..where's the savings in THAT? ~ You may ask? ~

Tee hee..instead of walking to the less expensive "dollar" store that is RIGHT next door to the grocery store, I thot I'd be uber cool an' make it all work for me..

Get it ~ !~ Me? ~ Well, I kept feeling this voice saying"HEY!! What are YOU doing??" ! ~ But I was so much in my own way, I didn't take the 35 seconds to listen...

And after an absolutely horrific week, I am once again listening - and I mean, Really listening to the voice away from me, and Paying Attention to It ~

I could have saved almost $3.00 on a bottle of dishwasher liquid...but instead of humbling myself off of my high horse, and going someplace else (where some dolt told me wasn't just good enuf for her to shop, - i.e., therefore not good for me to go either...) I choose instead to be proud...

And look where it got me...

So, these days, I've been working on a whole lot of Art that is not at all like what I've been doing in the past - lots of colors that I never EVAH thot of using before..and the result is unlike anything I'd ever thot would come out -

In other words -

I've gotten MYself out of the way, and actually LISTENED to what God is telling me to do... other words, I've gotten out of my own darn way! ~

And it feels so much better ~!~

I am happy to say that there are some pieces that I'll put on here in the upcoming days, that I think are far different than what I've done - and I really want to see what the pieces look like to you - Tell me what you think - and then I will see if they are what God has been slapping me upside the head to SAY HEY!!! ~ DO THIS! ...I think both of the answers will be purdy darn close to the same thing ~

That's all I gotta say for now - I'm getting one of my old frames refinished this weekend..well, actually I'd thot (here we go again...) that it'd just be quick-yahoo! finished in like, a day or something...But now that I'm totally into it, it's looking like it's going to be all weekend..

Details - Details make all the difference in the world ~

So, I gotta go see if the breeze is coming into the bedroom, so I can make sure all the windows are open for the nice night - the weather people say it's gonna be cooler...le's just see about that! ~

Tha's all -

I'm gone.................

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

' there isn't a picture today - I was trying to get one on here, but I only have a zip of a minute to post something today, an' noah's gonna come in here an' shoo me off of no time to try & find the picture I have - but can't find to post here!! ~ Ahh, so irritating!

Anyway- the progress on the Busses has ground to a halt - Well, they actually are goin' along just fine, but I don't have the extra $$ for gas to get up to town, an' then add in the cost for shipping the little box out in the mail ~ How stuiped is that? ~ We're so broke I can't even afford $25 right now! ~ Tom went a little off the deep end w/$$, an' now we're at zero in the checking - I know, I know, never air dirty laundry, but shit fire, here I am, workin' on 7 different projects, an' I can't even get $$ together to send out some pieces that are DONE!! ~ I keep trying to be upbeat about my art, but there have been nothing but roadblocks each and every step of the way for me to get things in a gallery - The work I have started doing, well, honestly, some one who I am close to (our son, actually) told me, "THAT WORK IS PAGAN!!! YOUR A PAGAN!!!"....'cause I've done a series of moons, stars an' a couple sun's...So, if he's all off about my work, I have a bad feeling that the local place isn't going to go out of their way to accept it either - They were very reluctant to take some of my beach items the first time I went in, so what's to say they accept some of these new pieces? ~ Its a very very conservative area, an' I'm not quite in their "mainstream" mode of work...

ok, I'm not going to show how really depressed I am right now - I've got some new work, but I can't do a thing with it - so I just will rework some old pieces that I never finished, an' see how I can adapt them to a gallery nearby - maybe they'll take some of my things again...they didn't even talk to me once I paid the membership dues last year - never heard a thing 'till it was time to renew my $$' I didn't even know about 4 shows that had happened/ -

Oh shit, noahs comin' in - gotta run away ~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I totally forgot I'd made this..gee..maybe a year or more ago - all on the 'puter, but it was so much fun !~

I have a couple projects in the works right now - my most-best-EVAH news, is that I've been asked to make up some of my Busses for a fundraiser -another woman who owns a Bus is doing a cross-country trip in her own VWBus, and is raising awareness on AI - auto-immune disease - her mother passed away from one form of this illness, MG, and wants to make people aware of the problems in diagnosing the illness, and then the correct medication for it ~ I am so thrilled to be doing this for her - If I can relocate the link, I'll be sure & post it on here -

So I am finished getting the loom threaded today, and will start weaving tomorrow morning - then the cutting, painting, glueing, all those little things that go into making the little Busses - not to mention the stranding of all the beads that are used to hang the Bus from the rear view mirror - Shwoo!! ~ I have my work cut out for me this week!! ~

I also have another painting in the nearly-finished stage as well - I am debating the center of the piece - haveall 96 1/2% done so far, but haveing a dickens of a time deciding the last bit of truly shouldn't be THIS difficult! ~

But other news - the HOA here is finally being "somewhat" decent over the recent theft of our $$ info. - the last of the court cases are being heard tomorrow and next week for the suspects - I'm not so sure that any of them will see the amount of time the president & board of directors are thinking these slobs will spend behind's more than likely they'll be in at the most one year...a somewhat decent lawyer can get them out probably sooner than that - and since there are some flimsy "witnesses" to the thing, it doesn't look like much more than that will happen - I am STILL battling with accounts of ours - most companies have been pretty understanding - one I fought with today for over an hour...I finally got someone to listen to me, and they said, "Oh!" - but there are still others that I"m not so sure about...Lord willing it's gonna come to an end pretty soon...

I have to get flyin' on some work now - The weather the last 3 days has been so wonderful - much much cooler and a nice gentle breeze has been drifting across the studio - I am in 7th humidity - no high heat blowing into my face...I nearly want to bottle it up & keep it for a cold cold day in winter. But alas...that is not to be...

I'm Gone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

WIP ~ Spring Bay Studio ~

This is another of the pieces that I have in the works - I got started with the lower part of the largest heart, and started cutting the fabric into pieces that I thot would look somewhat decent with the paint that I'd already applied to the canvas - I have a bit more to go with this, but at least you have an idea of what I'm working with ~

As for the "Fun & Games" we've had -

We were the victims of ID Theft ~ the culprits were caught pretty quickly, but the damage and insuing crap that we had to go thru and are still going thru is exhausting - I didnt even make it to church sunday morning - I am just so tired of battling w/banks, and especially the people who were lax in their "safety" of our checking information ~ Any idea of who it was? ~

The Homeowners Association where we live - We pay our assessments for the land & house for "Association dues for various projects.." blahblahblah...since we don't have the $$ to just hand over the full year's amount, we make monthly or weekly pytms - for us & the slow economy, it's all we can do for now-

The problem is there are 3 (!) people who "handle" the monies that get paid..and the one "gentleman" who's "In charge!",,,has repeatedly left my checks in the clubhouse (not like what you's a big ugly building that looks like it got bought' no bar/sandwich place - nothin' inside but a big empty storage thing..) office for as long as 3 weeks at a time - I'd always thot (silly me!) they'd be taken care of..well..

Long story short - the checks of ours & a few others were stolen..the guys got caught, but now it's time to clean-up our credit report, an' all that crap - the Board of Directors have treated me like CRAP ~ the man I talked about earlier actually screamed and yelled at me..(I took it for 10 seconds an' hung up..the conversation had been bad enuf before he started in on that) - then the other board members got even more rude..told me"We'll take your house!! ~ You better get that money in here!!!"

It's been horrible an' I'm nearly regretting moving here ~ Our bank has been great, tho slow to get our new # set up - but I'm getting things straight sllooooow but sure...

NOTE~ if you have one of these organizations, don't do like I've done - make sure they are a lot more organized in regards to how they handle your money - here it's just a lot of "Ho hum..don't care, we're wealthy & you arent!"...I am serious when I say, if you have to push like I did, it does all work out - just try to avoid the roller coaster like I rode on...

Now I'm trying to get back on track, an' fortunately Tom has had a couple weeks of work that are nearly 35 hours...still way way short from 3 years ago, but it's creepin' bit bybit back to where it was - My painting has been a God-send to me - let me release a lot of tension and anger- I've prayed for the people involved to just be dealt with as God sees fit - it's not for me to deal with ~

So, that's where I am this week - Keep me in prayers if you could - this has been a very rough learning experience - there's a Board of Directors meeting @Sat., so some of the people that haven't been told their checks were stolen, will undoubtedly show up & I'm thinkin', they aint gonna be happy ~!~ I haven't decided if I'm goin' or not - I just don't feel like listening to the cop-out answers any longer from these jerks...

Must go get some stuff one -

I'm Gone -

Lady of The Tulips

Sunday, June 05, 2011

~~ "Star" ~ Spring Bay Studio ~ 2011 ~
'k...K!!..I know its been something like for-evah since I've been here - but Life as we know it, comes bumbling it's way along into the face of everything we think we know - what we do, where we drive...then the next thing you know, it's wayy past time to sit and have a sweet little chat with a friend, and then you remember you left a dozen cookies baking in the oven, an' now look at the mess you've got ~

That's how it's been here for me lately - Some totally horrid things happened (when I get a chance to really breathe, I will post about all THAT...) but for now suffice to say that there have been days recently, that I stop & think, "Ya know, drinkin' like a fish way back in the day may not have been such a bad thing after', whoo, ya know, those hang-overs weren't half as bad as all this $"$^"*()"$ that's hittin' my face.." ~ I will expound on all that later this week, but for now......

I'm sorry for having been gone ~ I missed chattering away about the woods...the birds who have come back to stay for their summer whoopie-time - I was not so thrilled with the 13-year cicadaes (sp) that came out of the ground, and made an all 'round mess of things...I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to show you some of the flowers that popped up in the yard, but I didn't have the brains to grab my camera at the time...

I'm really glad you didn't have to hear some horrible things that were screamed at me - Glad you didn't have to hear and see some ugly things that were flung in my direction....

But for NOW - Here's a little bit of what my work has moved in to - I'm not doing all that much weaving - it isn't doing what I'd hoped for - and I'm considering other avenues at the moment - This canvas is an example of that - I'd been playing around with some assorted paints, fabrics, and then I realized how much I'd missed just painting - the flow of the acrylics on the canvas..the scent of the paint, and the fun letting-go motion of the different shading and blending brushes - I realized that I'd let it go for other types of creativity, and that I needed to change gears into something other than what I was doing - This piece is actually part of a series that I've started- I don't know where they came from in my head - Don't know how many there will be - And the amazing thing, is that while I've been praying about each and every one of these to say something, there has been so very much more that has happened within me while I've made these - Some things that came out of me that I never would have thot would materialize - but all in a very positive and good way - Tom is pleasantly suprised with this piece, and some of the other ones that have come about -

I'll share those in the week to come -

Right now I'm just trying to get some rest - take it easy this evening - I've been doing lots of reading and trying to stay focused on the work - the work of Art - and letting all of the negative that's wholloped me slide away - I'm looking forward to what that release is going to produce...

I'll let you know -

But for now ~~~~

I'm Gone -

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, March 31, 2011

> One of my recent sketches, that hopefully - will get placed onto one of the little cell phone bags that I have some yarn worked up for <

This was one of those afternoons, where I needed to feel like I had something accomplished for the day, but there was nothing left in the ol' Mojo inside o' me ~ I could NOT for the life of me come up with anything that seemed like it would come out the way I had it looking in my little head..

But then, this sort of grew out from another sketch that I'd made some time back ~ And even tho I love-loved that sketch and eventual painting, the DISASTER was, that when I put the final painting onto a weaving that got made up into a cell phone bag..

The bag ended up with a hole in it ~ !!! ~

I have no way - at least to my mind - of repairing the hole, and there isn't any way to fix the hole that doesn't look like something BAD has I'm stuck with a nice painting, don't get me wrong...but the Cell Ph. bag is a DISASTER~!~

And then this whole week has been one disaster after another..too many off the wall weirdness to talk about..including my handbag (that I use everyday) getting thrown out into the middle of a rainstorm, into the back part of the property..) ~ Yeah, it's BEEN that kind of week!!

But there are some nice little new goodies that have been made, and barring another disaster with the final touches of a cell phone bag here and there, on here there SHOULD be a couple of these sweet goodies all polished up an' lookin' good ~ !! ~

As long as the Universe doesn't throw another loop in my face ~ ! ~

Must go as I'm starting to hear some bADDDDD noises from the other part of the cabin ~

I'm Gone ~~~~~~~~~

LAdy of The TUlips ~

Friday, March 25, 2011 are a couple pictures of one of my little "vans" ~ They are so much fun, and they just make me smile everytime I look at them!!

I was kinda suprised when Tom told me he saw one (tho not this particular color) buzzin' along the highway not once, but Twice (!!) this last week ~ He was "racing" along in his truck, an' lo and behold, he sees a Blue Bus goin' down the road ~ He nearly went off the road when he saw it~!~ 'Course, it wasn't near here at all, but it was lookin' pretty sharp!!

And I have a couple new pieces that are in the works ~ Not "Vans", but something a little different ~ I'm really suprised how the initial piece has turned out, so I'm hoping that I can pull together the rest of what I want to do with it ~ It has a certain glimmer to it that really looks sharp! Just you wait and see !

Right now Noah is out in the kitchen rattling the pots and pans ~ I found a nifty bag of beans in the store this morning ~ It has a combination of types of beans in it ~ The bag doesn't say specifically that it's for soup, but Noah's sounding like that's what he's going to make with it ! It smells delicious!! ~ And for less than $2.00, who can beat it?? ~ A little onion, some spices, an' Boy Howdy, there ya go!! ~ I'm going to be chewing the table by the time the pot of goodies is done, but it'll be soo worth it!! ~

So The Hubs is comin' home for the weekend ~ We're havin' a rough time of it w/little work, an' some bills that we weren't expecting, so he's not spending so much $$ on gas, an' being a "Bachelor" with danny ~ They just sit and veg in front of the tv, watchin' Sports!! ~ Ugh, I hate to think of what their eating for "dinner" ~ Tom sez it's "Good Stuff", but look, he thinks a hot dog smothered in mustard counts as a "Good Meal", so Arhhhh...who knows what their eating!! Tha's ok, once he gets back in the Dr. office, I'll probably be able to hear her chewing' him out while I'm sitting out in the waiting room!! ~

Must get some work done ~ I'll post one of my newer projects here hopefully by's Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Lady of The Tulips ~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here's another of my fun little vans ~ I just love-love the color of this piece, and it turned out the way I wanted it to, so that's like getting 2 things for the price of one !

I've had the beads for some time, and I never could decide what to do with 'em, but once I started putting this piece together, everything just seemed to go together perfectly ~ My muse was in high gear, an' it seemed like a flash by the time everything was finished.

Tom jus' thinks these are the best Evah ~ An' comin' from him, that's sayin' somethin' ~ Noah, on the other hand, still is grumpin' all over the place about my work ~ He's insisting that what I'm doing, "Isn't work!! ~ Working at Wall Mart, or even at the office for here is work!!" much enthusiasm over what I do...oh well, as long as I'm gettin' things done, that's what matters to me! ~ An' I'd like to see HIM try an' get all those gazillion threads done right on the loom!! ~ Ha! ~ He'd be all about throwin' a fit if one of those things got into a knot!! ~ Ohh Boy, you'd hear him loud and clear!!

I'm going to do some other designs starting tomorrow ~ I have a couple rough sketches in my book, but nothing that I'm quite ready to lay out on the final paper ~ I have some ideas of how to finish them off too, but it may have to wait a week or so before that happens..I don't quite have the $$ to get the supplies I need..story of my life!! ~ But tha's ok, 'cause in the meantime I get to mess around with my sketch book an' plot out ideas an' whatever isn't good, well by golly, that sucker can go in the trash!! ~ So There!! ~ I'm thinkin' of a lot of things to make but I have to remember that I'm limited by how the final weaving turns out, and how to make the design work out on the woven "fabric" ~ Quite the challange!

So I'm waiting for the weather to do it's thing ~ We were warm today, around 65 or so, but it's gettin' ready to storm to beat the band, so I guess it's going to haul off and drop thru the basement tomorrow ~ Highs back in the 40's, so today was jus' a tease of spring!! ~ Blast!! ~ Oh well, there's next week..IF it is warm, then I'll start dancin' in the street..oh, no, check that ~ No Dancing Allowed in THIS "neighborhood" ~ Some yokel would call the Sheriff an' I'd get hauled off to the slammer!! ~ Tee Hee...!!

Must get goin' before it all breaks loose out there! ~Yikes!~

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, March 17, 2011's
what's been happening with the loom. the paintbrush. and the beads around the studio these dayz...

I've had so much fun making these little goodies up, I honestly started laughing out loud when I made up the first Bus..I mean, I could NOT believe that it was something that I made...I MEAN...

An' because it IS ST. PATTY'S DAY...naturally I had to post one of my GREEN busses...what Else could I do??

And there are others but those will be posted on a day this weekend..right now there are some other things that are calling my name over on the work table, but I JUST had to post these ~ !! ~

HAPPY HAPPY St. Patricks Day everyone ~ !! ~

Lady of The Tulips

Sooooooooo This is what happened to my little fairie friend ~ She got her own cell phone bag, and is much happier with her own home..tee hee.......

I have some other work, actually a number of pieces that I've finished in the last week or so, and I'll post those..maybe even put up 2 today, just so you can get an idea of why I've been gone so blasted long~~ I don't mean to go away an just disappear, but I get so wrapped up in all this stuff, that by the time it's dark outside ('specially now that it's daylight savings time..) I am sooo tired, that by 7 p.m, this little chickie is in bed and jus' about asleep ~ !! ~ I admit, I AM a lightweight ~ !! ~

But it is very time consuming to do weaving, then the painting and other things that go into one piece alone...and there are several that have been done since this sweet little girl was finished ~ So, I'm getting lotts of goodies made up, but boy-o-boy does it wear me out ~~

Tom is livin' most of the time up in VA., 'cause the price of gas down here is so thru the roof, that it wouldn't be worth it for him to try & drive back and forth everyday ~ Our prices are $3.79 now..up over .25 in less than 6 days, and probably by tomorrow it's gonna be higher ~ So Tom's stayin' at danny's condo, an' that way he only has a10 mile commute to the terminal..makes it less stressful on the driving for him, and if he has to go out of town for a trip w/the truck, he's not as tired at the end of the day, so that's a big help ~ It's sad that the economy is so screwed up, that we can't afford to live together now, but there is no end in sight with all this $#^"& so we'll just try to tuff it out and hope for the best ~ Some days it jus' makes me sick, but whattya gonna do?? ~

So I need to go over to the little work table & check on my recent painting ~ I'll post one of my other goodies in jus' a minute ~ !! ~ Weeeeeeeeeeee

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now the little fairy has some more oomph to her, and she's just about ready to go to her home...I've got it just about finished, so she'll be all comfy ~ We don't want to go into a nice place to "live" and not be comfortable, now, do we?? ~!~ Tee hee...

Anyway ~ I've got some finished projects that I'll get into my shop first thing in the morning ~ They took a little longer than I thot they wouldn but they are done ~ I'm pretty happy, and they look good, well at least I think they look good ~ !! ~ And there are going to be a few more in the next 2 days too..Yes, I WILL post pics of them here, so you don't have to wonder jus' what in the tar it is that I'm doing ~

The Valentines Day stuff is all done ~ I didn' do one thing ~ Tom's up in Va., and I went to bed at something like 7:15...I worked really hard on the projects for the 2 days of the weekend, and by last night I was flat wore out ~ The thing that confuses me about Valentines day, is how much money people will spend on stuff, that by and large, gets thrown away today ~ !! ~ Our oldest had the evening to work at the old restraunt where he'd been a valet for a number of years ~ When they get short handed, they call him to come in, so that gives him a chance to make a little extra cash ~ And you better believe that he's all about havin' some extra $$ in the pocket ~ I was kinda suprised that he was goin' in, then it dawned on me>> Oh's Valentines Day ~ !! DUH>

Jus' cause I haven't gone anywhere for Valentines Day in nearly 10 years, it's not a problem...

But onto a brighter thang...I've got some paint that I played with a little bit this afternoon, and the effect it's making on a current project is just amazing ~ I didn't think it would work out the way it has, but when I post the picture on here, then you'll see what I'm talkin' about ~ Gee..the product does what it sez on the label...whodda thunk?? ~ Tee hee.......

Gotta run..I hear Noah walkin' up to the back door...sheesh, wonder what it is this time...

I'm Gone.........

Lady of The Tulips

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here's a very rough shot of a painting I've been working on ~ It's drying w/the final coat of matte medium as I'm writing this ~ The final piece will go on the outside of a bag that I'm getting done at the same time..why sit around and do only one thing at a time..know what I mean??

And ~ While both of those are doing their thing, I've also got 3 other bags that will hopefully, be put in my shop today ~ I've got some other new things too..but it's been one thing after another around here ~ I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right about now, but I wanted to get back to doing some of my painting, and I figured that combining the two - weaving and a little painting, would probably go together ok ~ I'll have to wait and see how it works out ~ Hope Hoping that it will be a good thing ~

I've been really busy with things around the house ~ Tom & I went to the thrift store last weekend, and even tho I'd been thinking of buying curtains to finally put in ourroom, the cost for them just about knocked me to the ground ! So I figured out that buying some sheets, cutting and hemming them, adding this and that around them, would make for some pretty cool sheets ! So while the paint finishes on my last bag over on the table, I'm going to lay out one of the queen size sheets that we bought ($2.99 ~ !! ~) and get it ready to sew up ~ I also found some curtain rods, "wrought iron" style, very nice..$10.00 ~ !! ~ at one of the dollar stores ~ 'course they aren't really thick metal, but the look is more of what I'm after than the actual "designer" type of curtain rod @Lowes, Home Depot or where-ever ~ And the price can't be beat ~ !! ~ I finished w/4 strands of beads, that I'm re-threading, and those will go inbetween the panels of each of the curtains, hung so that they are a little shorter or longer than the one to the left or right ~ Sounds weird, but when I get them done, I' m bound and determined to take pictures ~ !!! ~ When I was in the middle of some work last week or so, thebatteries of the camera went slam dead right between picture 3 & 4...oh, my nerves...!!!

But that's it for now ~ Off to do some sewing - cutting - threading- and probably grabbing anything that's sitting on the floor of the studio for longer than 3 minutes...tee hee...........

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Whoo Hoo ~~ Check this out ~ I had the most fun EVAH making this sweet little handbag..this really was something because all those Polka Dots ~ And add to it the weave of the red & white..there were times where I had to stop working because it felt like my eyes were going crossed ~ But it is a fun little clutch purse, so thats what counts ~

There are some new projects over on the work table, and there are some new threads on the loom - I wanted to take a short break and get something on here..mainly this sweet bag ~ And to say that I'm branching out, as it were, into some other designs, and hope to show those by the first of the week..Right now I'm typing like a mad mad (or lady, as the case may be..) because noah just came in the house from outside, and I know that if I take too long, he's going to do his bit of standing in the hallway and sighing reallyreally loud and starting to stomp his foot, all because he doesn't feel that its right that I'm taking my time on this computer He feels like its just is all his HIS and I should stop everything I'm doing and go find a real job that pays...his idea is something like wal Shit, so there ya go..

Sorry so short folks, but this is it for today ~ I shall try to do better tomorrow...Wheeeeeeee

I'm Gone ~

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, January 29, 2011

So, since the weather has been this side of horrid, what with far far too much snow and temps that refuse to come UP to 30 degrees, I decided to throw a picture on here of the Bus Festival we went to in Betsey last July..

Why yu Ask?? ~

BECAUSE..tha's why ~

No, serious lee...because it's just a touch warm today, and I'm not throwing in as much firewood into the woodstove this afternoon, so I'm starting to think of the coming season for camping, hangin' out w/fellow Bus People, and generally Doing Nothing but jus' havin' fun ~

Cold Weather has a tendancy to do that, don''cha know??

And I'm also blowing off a project that I've been battling with for the last 3 days, so to me, it's far far more fun to look at some great spots that we've spent time at, chillin', talkin' with folks ("Volks..") an' doing nothing. Beats work anyday..

But then ~ Work has to Get Done, so I'll probably HAVE to get back to my little table and get something accomplished, but for now I'll jus' sorta sit an' look at this fantastic location, and think about how I'm gonna start looking for supplies to get ready for the Camping Season that's just a matter of weeks away..Yikes ~!~ For Real - In march, is a get-together, so I better get myself in Gear..or something!

I'm Gone ~~

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well now..

Here's another one of the clutch purses that's been all gussied up an' lookin' fine - I had so much fun makin' this up the other day ~ I felt like all I needed was a pair of black low-heeled shoes, with polka dots, a 1950's style dress an' I'd be rarin' to go ~ !! ~

But that would not happen, no matter how hard I tried for that entire afternoon, so now I'm content to look at this little project, all finished and sweet for Valentines Day ~ And I have some others that I finished just on monday - all so nice lookin', I can hardly stand it ~ But I'll get those on here hopefully tomorrow ~

AS for now - I just had some shmo come to my door (I could hear him outside trying to talk to if noah would answer some stranger at our deck...) an' honest to goodness, he was selling Electrolux Vacuum cleaners...HUH?? I thot those things went the way of the '57 Edsel or somethin', know wht I mean?? But for real, I mean FOR REAL the guy was tryin' to sell me one..but I quickly put a damper in his mid-morning deal and told him the truth..We're so broke right now We can hardly afford to pay' that about 10 of the truck drivers Tom knows have given up their trucks and are lookin' for other work...That kind of put a damper on the guys sales pitch, so he walked away..

I mean...vacuum cleaners door to door.....

Well anyway, since I got distracted from my current projects, I decided that I'd spend the time wisely and let ya'll know of jus what's going on around here - Noah absolutely had to go back to the ER yesterday, instead of waiting for his Dr. appt with the foot dr. - he insisted that he was having "complications" from the little bit of stitches he had in his foot...don't ask how somebody could have complications ("I could like, have a blood clot and DIE!!"...) so ok..we went back to the ER, an' somebody took the stitches out, an' put on some butterfly stitches that will disolve on their own, so noah doesn't have to go to another Dr. - I don't know what the ER doc said to him, but he came out of the room all pissed off an' grumpy lookin' - all shakin' his head and mumblin' to himself...

No wonder I had a headache the size of Texas by the time I got home last night...good mercy...

So today I'm takin' my frustration out on my poor defenseless loom..well not entirely ALL of my frustration..just enuf of it to get the work done that I started yesterday before I absolutelypositivelymustgorightnow had to make a trip down Ocean Highway....Humm...wonder what else will happen before this week is out???

Got to zip back to my project ~ !! ~

I'm Gone............

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ok, so now here we are ~ !! ~ I had a horrendous experience jus' a minute ago - seems that if I hit the backspace key too many times, any picture I post on here will go far far away, an' heavens to betsy, you can just imagine how that makes me feel ~ !!! ~ I mean, here I do all this STUFF an' then I want it to go far far away?? I don' think so ~ !!!!!! ~

So here's another little purse that's all sweetness and light - full of fun and games and what ever else you want to do for Valentines Day - it has just the perfect color, and looks quite good in your hand, trust me. I think I've got about 3 other bags that are just about ready to have their final touches andthen I'll get those on here too - it's kinda hard to keep up with all the work, and then try & remember to post on here..some days by the time it's 7:30 at night, I'm already in bed!! Let alone trying to remember to get something on here that shows that for real and for true I AM doing work, and jus' about every day too ~

'Cept for yesterday - Well, I STARTED to work, an' noah was bizzy once again cutting down one of the trees on our property..he did get the tree down, an' he even knows how to make the thing land just right where he wants it to..tha's that engineering part of him that jus' makes me sick..I do you figure out the whole space,weight, MATH stuff??.. Well anyway - he got the big ol' tree cut down, an' started to cut the trunk into sections so that he could get those cut into the right size for the woodstove...when he had something of an accident..

Fortunately it wasn't as bad as it could have been..he hit the top of his foot with the axe while he was getting ready to cut a section of the was more of a glancing blow, but it was enuf that I had to make a trip down Ocean Highway to the next little town down the the ER and wait while they stitched him up - he was very very fortunate, an' didn't do more damage than he did - he does have to go and see a foot specialist, as he partially knicked one of the tendons in his foot - I don't even know how you can do that & not have something SERIOUS, but that's what happened - We are sighing a huge sigh of' will take it from there -

I have some work that I'm trying to figure out for my, I know what I want to do, but after yesterday I'm feelin' pretty drained, so I'm jus' sorta piddlin' around the house instead - cleaning, putting oil of lemon on all my antique furniture..doin' small things while my muse decides to do whatever it is that it wants to do - jus' takin' a breather I guess ~ !! ~

So I need to go rescue my laundry 'fore noah does something with never know with that guy...

I'm Gone.............

Lady of The Tulips