Friday, October 30, 2009

"I Am What I Am" ~~ 2009 Spring Bay Studio

This is the other little girl that's been behaving herself over by the antique hutch. She's going to have a couple little stamps set along the left side of the canvas, so she's dolled up a bit more than now. The paint got dry on the background before I had a chance to get some blending done that I'd planned all much for that. But with the stamps and some messin' here and there, it should all work out.

I got a call from my Dr. office, not more than 1/2 hour after my last post. Seems that the results from my mammo were in the office after all -- some how my spaced out Dr. didn't see 'em, and his assistant caught them just before 4 p.m. -- So she called me with the news..

I've got 2 fairly large spots - "mass" -- and one that is there, but not so large as the others. I had to quick schedule some additional scans for this next week, and if the mass -ess (i'm not spellin' good today..) are what they appear to be, then the Dr. wants me to start radiation immediately. Not sure how that's going to happen, what with me bein' 70 miles from the hospital, but somehow it's gonna go. I was told that these things don't look too "worrysome", - that lots of women get these, and they don't amount to much...but if that's the case, I'm pondering on why the radiation right away?? -- Maybe I missed the train outta the station at a critical time, I don' know...but that's the news for now.

I got ahold of a woman down the street that sez she's going to get me to the hospital for tuesday - Tom threw a fit, sayin' that he's not going to be taking me to the offices, his boss threw a fit this morning telling him not to miss anymore days off, so it's looking more and more like I'm on my own for this fun little' now noah wants the computer and is breathing down my throat as we I'll go an' ponder just what the hell is going on..

Lady of the Tulips

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't remember if this little girl has been visiting here before, but she's here now, so I guess I better make her feel welcome. She's all ready to go over by the boat ramp and play for awhile, so I better make sure she gets her picnic supplies all in order...

And in the mean time - went to the Dr. this morning - got in early to get all my bloodwork done, and the Dr. was already in his office, so he just had me pop in the room so I could take care of everything early! Yay!! It's a good thing we got there before 9 in the morning, 'cause by the time we left a little after 9:30, the office was starting to fill up. My bone scan does show that my bones are trying to turn to dust - what I didn't know, is that even tho I'm taking over 1200 units (I think that's what their called) of vitamin D, it still isn't enuf - and all the factors for getting osteoporosis -- well, I fit all of them. Wouldn't ya know it -- Older - White and skinny. Some days ya just can't win! - So the doc told me to go and get some extra vitamin D - even tho too I drink about a gazillion gallons every week of the stuff...go get another dose of the stuff with one of the over the counter type, an' we'll see in 6 months if theres any improvement.

The blood work took longer for the girl in the office to fill out the forms than it did to actually take the blood! - she had some big form to git all filed and sent somewhere, then I was being shown the door! - How cool is that?! - My original appt time wasn't until 11:45, but the receptionist said I could come in early. get my blood work done, go eat (I had to fast!) then come in for the appointment. But the Dr knows I have to come up to the city from wayyy down here, so he made it easier for me. How cool is that? That's why I really like that office - the women who work there are all nice, the one assistant is an absolute hoot, and between me crackin' jokes, and the doctor at the same time, we were making so much noise laughin' and havin' a time! - Ha! That's the way a Dr. appt should be! -

The only bummer is that the mammogram still hasnt been sent from the hospital where it was done. Because that particular hosp. isn't in with the group that my dr office and his group usually do business with, there's no telling how long it's gonna be before I find out my results. Blah. So, I'm just gonna relax, and if they happen to call be before my next appointment next spring (Yay!) then I'll deal with it when the time comes.

In the meantime, me an' the mermaids are just gonna keep on playin' around, and watch for some of the boats that come screamin' across the sound from over on the Outer Banks!! - Whoo! - Some of those guys just get GOIN', let me TELL you! - You'd think there was a race or somethin' goin' on! - Yee Gadzzzz....

So me & the girls are gonna go hang out an' see what's goin' on - the water is tryin' to calm down after a couple days of wind..just right to go and play! Wheeeee.............

Lady of The Tulps

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Friends of The Reef" - 2009 Spring Bay Studio

Here is one of the new little pieces I've finished up in the last week or so. I had so much fun messin' around with the fabric that is the coral, and then found some papers that co-existed with the fabric just so. And the fish were something that I'd done awhile ago, so they all went together pretty nicely.

I've got another mermaid to show, too - but gotta make this sorta short, as tom will be home in just a little while. He had a run out of state yesterday, and once the freight was unloaded at the warehouse/factory, it was after 9 p.m. - so he got back to the truck terminal around midnight, an' then stayed up at danny's apt., then went in early to work today. Had a "rush" order to get done, so that was an extra day for him. All good, cause it's freight that hasn't been ordered for a long time, and now these certain manufacturers are getting orders restocked. Yay!! -- Good Sign for everybody!!

We're going to go shopping - I'm finally going to look for a pair of shoes - I've got new boots, but have no everyday shoes, or anything to go to church in - my one & only pair of shoes are from '02 - tennis shoes. I think I jabbered about them the other day, an when Tom saw what kind of shape they are in, he said "You! are going to get new shoes!" - Whoa!! -- for him to say Yes to shopping sez something! - Yikes. Guess the shoes are in worse shape than I thot!! gadzzz.....

Gotta get some paint on my canvas - I'll show what's in the works a little later!!

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, October 23, 2009

W.I.P. ~~ Here's one of the little girls that is sitting very politely over on the work table..Tom sez she reminds him of Dolly Parton -- I'm not sure if it's Dolly, or Rachel Zoe, what with the wild hair, but either way, this little girl will make her way onto a new canvas that is sitting directly to her right --

There are some pretty groovy papers that will go around and next to and beside her -- If I can get over to the table !!

The crises with the computer system at our huge and cold Insurance company is still ongoing -- I did, however talk with a very sweet Customer Service Rep., who is doing every thing she can to make the $500 Plus go back into our checking account, but I'm not sure how long it's going to take. The Bank hung up on me while I was waiting for them to tell me if the money would go back in -- then the Ins. company called an said it'd be reset...

So who knows..

And Now I'm going to go and cry, 'cause Tom just started running his mouth about the whole thing, got all nasty to now somehow it's all my fault....

Anybody want an old lady to house sit somewhere in the Florida Keys..say for the next 5 months or so??!!

Lady of The Tulips

"Untitled" -- here is one of the new works I've been trying like all stars and garters to get uploaded -- I'm not sure if some of the teeny little beads show up on the left of the canvas, but they are there!! -- There are also some butterfly's on the canvas, and some other things, too. I have some spots of glitter too, but it may not show up in the light. Just look, honest, it's all there!!

I'm still shaking from a nasty little incident this morning -- Tom was on the phone for the first time with the computer that pays out insurance for the cars -- he didn't know how to make the right payment, and the next thing he knows, the insurance company took $500 from our checking account!! -- I tell you, I'm still shaking!!! The thing was, he didn't know that, as is usually the case with large corporations, their computer systems aren't friends with people like us, who don't know how to use them correctly -- Thus tom saying to pay one amount, that wasn't what we wanted, but was just what the insurance company wanted - not just a monthly payment, but THE ENTIRE 6 MONTH AMOUNT!!!

Yup -- for some reason, my blood pressure is thru the roof right now, ad I'm trying to calm down, but with this little incident, it's gonna be awhile!! -- Then, too -- I've been trying to save up for a new pair of shoes -- I haven't bought some new shoes since Noah was in high school in '02, so you can imagine what kind of shape my one and only pair of shoes are in!! -- They are a nice tennis shoe, but lets just say that they have most certainly had better days. The sole is coming off, and it sorta flops when I walk, making this weird noise..not too loud, but it is something that you can hear. Embarassing to say the least when I'm in the store..sounds like I'm flopping my feet on purpose down the isle of Soups and Mixes...

So, if I can find something at the low-cost shoe warehouse tomorrow, I'm gonna be one happy girl. Probably won't get something, but I'm gonna give it the ol' college try!! Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir!! But with all these bills being paid, I'm just not sure if there's gonna be enuf left over for food and a pair of shoes. Tom pays for things, doesn't tell me and then expects me to figure out how to make it all work out.

Do not look at my grey hair, pleeze...

Well, I'm gonna go an' take my blood pressure meds -- an' try to calm down an work on some other stuff on my table...oh, an' I'll show my newest little mermaid, too!! Just wait!!

Lady of The Tulps

Thursday, October 22, 2009

OK!!! -- So here we are - another day at the work bench - table - place where I do my thang -- an' now there will finally be some pictures of my new work!! --

I guess I did something on my list of "Fix -It" dealiee things..I am so bad at all the jargon that goes on with computers..but suffice to say that I got it figured out, an' so now I'll add some of my new work -

But I wanted to show my table, when it wasn't too badly trashed on a "normal" work day. There are some fairly neat places in the shelves - the paint bottles all look very orderly, and the piles on the table aren't all sloping off to one side or another. And there are only 2 or 3 things piled up on my work chair.

So this particular afternoon wasn't too bad.

I just won't show how the poor place looks this morning. Suffice to say, that if it was on a continual basis, I'd be looking for someone to come in with a large snow shovel, that would be sure to grab up all the junk that is scattered all over the floor..not to mention along the it gets this way is beyound me - An then there are those fabulous magazines that show all the Studios - Clean - Orderly - Spiffied up like there's no tomorrow.

What about the rest of us - who not only become Cleaning Challenged, but also find dead bugs in weird places..or find old papers that came in the mail announcing fabulous sales...say, back in July?? Any hope for us??!!

Gotta Run - Hold on - there will be more Stuff in a bit..

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So..while I'm waiting for my paint to dry on a little mermaid -- I'll pop on here to say that it is an absolute - leee beautiful day -- had a visitor just a little while ago, and while we stood out on the deck, I realized that here it is the middle of October, and the temps are wayyy up in the 70's. Now, for some of you digging out from snow, cold and wind, I know that those words are just not something you want to read, but I know that all this warmth is fleeting, and within a week or so, it's going to be right back in the Fall temperatures we should be having.

But it really flips me out that it's this warm.

And onto other news -- I hadn't mentioned it before, but next week I've got a Dr. appt, that I've been sort-of-kind-of dreading. I had my mammogram done last month -- first one in about forever, due to lack of $$ - Insurance, and all those other things. But, I finally got that done, and also had a Bone Scan. I got a card from my Dr., telling me that the bone scan showed that I'm in the early stages of Osteoporosis, which I'm still trying to deny -- Denial aint just the name of a' all that. So, I guess at my appt next week, that's something we'll have to discuss. I'm taking more than the recommended daily amount with the vitamins I'm swallowing every day, and the problem gets thorny, because I'm also prone to develop kidney stones. So -- how to keep one from happening, over the other? - Clever question. An' I suppose we'll come up with some kind of solution.

The other thing that wasnt included in the Dr. note, was the results from my mammogram. Usually the Dr. jots a little something in the appropriate box, but this time he didn't. This has led me to ponder, think, fret and do all kinds of What If's over this -- I called the office, and was told he'd call back...still waiting..if ya know what I mean. So -- either it's just all good, or I may be the other one in the family who will develop cancer like my father and aunt did at about the same age as I am now. The rest of my family is all clear, but I'm the only one I know who hasn't gotten a clean bill of health in that department.

So the waiting for results is on. And I thought that Tom would join me for the appointment, but he's totally against going, so I have to drive myself up to the City to find out what the deal is. I'm so not thrilled with Tom;s attitude, but he's just that way these days, so I have to face all of this by myself.


But - I'm also trying to be optimistic, and just say, well, the Doc got busy...everything is fine...there was just a suit was at the old friend came in from out of town...

But there is still a little nagging THANG that isn't going away.

But -- I'm still painting, and will do my darn-dest to get a picture on here come Hell or High Water. Then you can see some of my new fun - stuff!! Wheeeeeeee...........

Got to run for now, tho -- Keep me in your prayers, 'k? -- Certainly could use all the Good Vibes out there!!

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, October 19, 2009

Well, for real and honest, I've been trying for over 2 weeks to post some of my art on my blog, and I've gotten no where fast. I'm wondering if there is something of a THANG in my computer that doesn't want the world to see what I'm doing over on my little table, and it makes me quite sad. I've got some new work that looks pretty spiffy, even if I don't mind saying so.

But for now, you'll just have to take my word for it. There are nearly 6 new pieces in my storage hutch, and they have their own little frames, that I've gotten from all sorts of places - thrift stores, junk stores (if there's a difference with some, there's a very fine line..) and then I went out yesterday and splurged and bought some NEW frames, at the large world wide cheap store that is hated and loved by people. It was my only alternative, as I wasn't feeling well, and The Husband wasn't going to go anywhere else, so that was That!

There are also some new canvases that are all shiney and looking very blank -- Ha! - 'cause they are, so they too are waiting for some paint, paper and whatever else happens to get thrown their way (ha! again!!) -- I got some larger canvas this time around - it seems that people don't like the 8 X 10 as much as I thought, so I've gone with a larger format. We'll see what happens with those. I'm also getting excited, as the owner of the store & I will have a talk tomorrow - well, at least she's supossed to be in the store, so let's hope that there will be Good News on the Sale point of my work. Sales are Good! -- That's what I'm hoping to hear, and that will make up for an extremely bad day last week -- I was so depressed that I nearly took all my supplies and threw them in the woodstove, just to hear them all go up in flames.

Yup. That's what some very very negative words did to me last week - Along the lines of, well, if you want to make some money, then just go and get yourself a job, maybe at Wal Mart, then you wont have to say you don't have any money.


So, that being over with, it's sort of given me an extra boost towards my Art -- There are more little mermaids waiting in the wings, and there are some more little fish waiting in the wings, and there is even a little lobster (LOBSTAAAHH!) waiting in the wings.

Should be fun!!

Got to run - Somebody else wants to use this, so there goes something else that I was going to talk about, but it's going to have to wait for later..

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, October 16, 2009

Here's hoping this post will stick -- I did a post a little while ago, but somewhere out in the land of cyber-stuff, my post went hither thither and thon..or somewhere I've got no idea.

I just wanted to ask ya'll what you think of my new background? - let me know if it is a good thing, or a bad thing -

I've got some more news, but that's it for now -- gotta run!!

Lady of the Tulips

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oooh La-La! - A quick post, as there is some work over on the table, and I spent far too much time earlier today talking on the phone..yikes! - 3 hours? - Well, there were so many things to talk about! - But there went the time I SHOULD have been spending at my work table. Well, life throws things like that at you some days, so it all works out for good! -- The time chatting on the phone was good, the work on the table didn't suffer any for the break from it, and there is still some daylight left, so it's all peachy!

Got some good news from The Husband! - Looks like freight is really and for true starting to pick up, so that is good for the poor economy, for all the people associated with the Ports, and then all us little people who move all those valuable things from point A to point B - Yay!! -- The weekend work is going to start up for the Holiday Time, in probably a week or so - 6 days a week, so that is such good news! - That means that manufacturers are making products again, so JOBS are going to start coming around again! Let's hear it for the Good Change!! Saturdays will be spent driving for Tom, but after so many months with such little work, it is such good news - And for those who didn't want to work, they went out the door, and those that said it's too much, well, they too, are looking for another job. How sad is it, that in times where jobs are scarce, there are people who just take their job for granted! - Yee Gadz!!

Well - gotts to scoot and finish this stuff!! -- We are to have temps dropping tonite, so it looks like Fall is truly on it's way! - I even had a little fire in the woodstove yesterday, it was just chilly enough for one. And tonite it's even going to be colder! - Whoo-Buddy, break out the warmies!!

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ok -- so I did all the things the little boxes in HELP section of my blog-information space told me to do - and I still can not download, upload or set in any of my pictures on my blog!!

I worked like a mad-man for over an hour yesterday, trying this that and the other thig to get something on here, but ever since Noah did Something on the computer, that's the way it's been.

So until he gets over the little snit he's been having the last couple days, then there is little else I can do -- in terms of posting some of my spiffy new work. Agrivates (and makes me spell bad, too...) me to no end, but it just makes my blood pressure get even higher if tom comes into the mix too - he just adds cute comments like, "Well, just find somebody and pay them to fix it for you.."

Uhhh..anybody out there got a quick $200 they want to hand over to me?? Tom is truly clueless some days, and when he popped up with THAT little tidbit, I just was really glad we were on the phone and he wasn't within striking distance of my left hand.

So, after all the frustration and headache, and having a good long crying jag and feeling like I should just throw in the towel as far as working on my art, I did come back in here this morning, and have a much bigger canvas 98% finished - 14 X 16 is the canvas size, I think. Anyway, it's much larger than any I've used before, so it was a challenge to start a project with a much bigger space to work with. But I painted and painted, added this and that, then painted some other pieces of paper, got some fabric cut, matte -medium-painted too, and now they are all finding their way onto the new canvas. Weeee!! It's really quite a different piece, but it's really fun, too. And if the creek don't rise, and the sun sets in the west tonight, I'm gonna try REALLLLYYY carefully to ask noah to help me out with my pictures.

Either that or I'm gonna have to go an DO SOMETHING that I shouldn't.

Just what that would be, I have no idea, but it sounds really good, donchya think??

Got to Run - Keep me in your prayers that something can be done with my pictures!!

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, October 08, 2009

~~ Ok, so I'm over the rant I ranted about the other day ~~ About how I just can not fig're out how to make certain delightful goodies pop up on my blog - and since then I've read nearly 12,345 things that tell you what to do when confronting this issue.

None of them made one lick of sense to me.

So, 'till I can get our oldest down to our little cabin in the woods here, it's just gonna be one of those things - sooner or later there will be postings of my art on here once again. But for now, I'll just tell you some of the things that are happening around the place.

Like, for instance, our little mouse on the desk is doing this odd flashing thing, and there is no telling what it means. probably that it needs new batteries. Something easy, is what I'm hoping for.

AND the other for instance, is that I'm supossed to have a Dr. appt next week, but after going thru hoops and ladders (or is that a childs game?) - I was able to get a ride up to The City - but there were some very odd happenings associated with that schedule, so that's looking like it's out of the question. So, I will reschedule the Dr. appt and get either Tom to take me, or figure out some other way to get up to the office. There is too much drama with the ride to the city to go into here, but suffice to say, that I got yelled at, was questioned about why I had 2 Dr. appts in less that 3 weeks, and the local "Taxi" service seemed to have far too many stipulations that are unwritten and unspoken for me to deal with. So that's that. All I need to do is get an update on my x-rays an' go home. Sheesh..

But the ART stuff is going so incredibly well - yesterday during all my drama, I kinda slowed down on painting, as I was recovering from the YELLING at that I got - but in the afternoon I got some painting done on a canvas, and there are now some fabrics, beads and papers that are blending in together quite well, even if I don't mind saying so. More Beach Theme Stuff -- and it's increasingly difficult to think of going to the beach when the temps are starting to cool down. Noah had to let me know that the overnight low was down in the upper 40's, which for here is COOL. Get that. Some places there's snow, an' he's bellyachin' 'cause it's below 50 overnight. What'z that child gonna do when it REALLY gets cold?

So - that's it for now - I've got to check on my xrays now, and make sure my fabric is ready for adhearing to the canvas -'s so much fun doin' STUFF that makes me start humming, "Unnnder the Boooardwalk...Dowwn by the Seaaaa--eeeaaahh, yeah..."

Gotta Love It!!

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I have to admit, that when it comes to adding things to my blog, I am about the most feeble individual at doing those things, that I know on this earth -- Case in point - I've been sitting here for the last half-hour, trying like all stars and get out, to add some "Gadgets" to my blog -- some great other blogs that I read at least a couple times each week, plus some other things that would certainly dress things up.

But, since I'm not up on how to click and drag things here and there, it has been something of a pain in my neck (actually it's my left shoulder that gets all stiff and sore...) to try and "simply add to Your Blog!!" --

Obviously these individuals have never thot that there are others in the world who have the least amount of experience with computers - when it comes to adding little things to their sites or blogs.

And add to it, that the dog is breathing down my back, and trying like anything to get my attention so she can get a biscuit...

Anybody want to go visit one of the local establishments that serve drinks?


Mainly because I honestly have no idea of where any such place would be..and I take a week before I even have 2 beers these days...

>> But on to other news <<

I'm steadly working on things over on the table..and I have a nice new canvas all finished, and waiting for some beads to be added later this afternoon - I'm working on a frame too, so that should all get done in just a jiffy.

And I'm going to get my bravery up and ask noah to help me with my blog, so I can add the little gadgets that I want to share with everybody else.

If you hear a lot of noise and general grumpiness, that would be noah, cause he does not like to help me with the computer. He thinks I should just go out and spent $100 and take a computer class...

As if..

Lady of The Tulips - pondering on how to be more savvy when it comes to fitting in with this modern world...

Friday, October 02, 2009

>> Ok, I don't know what it is with downloading my pictures, but for this week, it doesn't seem to be something that's going to happen <<

But it does make me sad, as I want to share some of my pieces that will be going to the shop this weekend. But suffice to say, that they are all that carefree - weekend - away - from - the - house kind of work - all Seashore, Fish, and Mermaids playing on the water. I think that it must be some kind of Water Muse who has infiltrated my brain these last few weeks, and that's just fine with me! Whatever the Muse is, it just is keeping me more focused than I think I've ever been. How great is that, to actually sit at the work table, and make things that create a feeling of fun, play and all-around Good Times! That's what we need more of these days, lots of time for relaxation, not more stress (Tho I'm tending toward being stressed getting all the work done in time for the store opening!!) So,with a calm shade of pale blue, with some Aqua thrown in for good measure, the current piece is coming along nicely.

Noah has been out in the yard, cleaning up odds and ends before the winds and storms of fall come along. He's also gotten some of the woodwork along the roof line all filled in with putty, and gotten some extra insulation stuff (it looks horrid, but seems to fill in cracks pretty well) - all set up as well. We're talking now about adding some more insulation up in the attic, so that's going to probably be an ongoing item for the next month or so. Or until the weather gets too cold to be climbing up in said attic! Noah has also gotten some fix-ups done inside the house too, little bits and pieces of paint that needed some help. Yay! Tom said "I'm workin' on it" when I asked him to do some of the work - not holding my breath!!

Well, too much time here, so must go - and it's time for my meds, so That is really necessary!

Lady of The Tulipd