Monday, June 30, 2008

A happy hydrangea -- Snug Harbor '08

This picture was taken just when my cheerful little plant was getting the blooms going right when the temperatures started to climb up out of the 70's -- Since this picture was taken it's gone thru a lot of blooms, and seems to be quite a bit more cheerful since I soaked it last weekend after some 6 days of 90 degree temperatures. Now it's back to looking like this picture, instead of drooping and looking morose..

And no, I probably didn't spell that word right either, but that's jus' TOO BAD --

Ok -- so Anyway -- Tom & I went down Ocean Highway yesterday to a small Art Festival and had quite a good time -- there weren't too many people there, so we didn't have to battle crowds, so That was a plus...and we had a nice time chatting with some of the artists and ooh-ing and aahh-ing over different techniques that people explained they used in the making of their particular Art Form. The wind was coming off of the water, so that helped in keeping it somewhat cool, but it was still over 90. We had to leave and go get into a cool little restraunt and grab something COLD to drink..non alchoholic (I just can't spell worth a lick today...) so we wouldn't be feeling loopy with the heat. We had a quiet drive back home, and waited for the rain to hit. Got all READY for a storm that was supossed to hit...and Absolutely Nothing Happened. Got all worked up an' nothin' happened...Nothing. Blah.

Today it's been cooler Thank Heavens, and we've had rain off and on -- I'm not kidding when I say that Noah's green bean patch popped up after the rain and looks like they all grew 3 inches higher. It's a wonder what a good soaking rain can do. And of course little Miss Sara went into a Fit because there were 3 hits of lightening & thunder, so she was beside herself. I had had the front door open and letting in the light thru the storm door, but since Sara has discovered how to pop open the back storm door with her big body, I decided to Not take a chance on here doing that with the front storm door, and ran out of the studio and got the front door closed before anything happened. She really gave me this hateful glare, like she knew I'd kept her from bolting out of the house...little Brat!! Sometimes she acts more like a 2-year old than any of my sons did when they WERE 2 years' I don't know how she does it...

I've got a couple projects in the works while I'm writing this...waiting for some paint to dry and then in the morning I can put together a serene collage that I've been piecing since saturday. I took some time off of it 'cause I'd been stuck on one portion of the the absolute center of the thing, and I felt like it just didn't look right. So off to do something else, and with a little break away from the piece, I was able to come back to it this morning and take a fresh look at it -- it seemed Really obvious then!! Why that happens, I'll never know!!

Gotts to run -- checking on a couple things in the kitchen and the back yard...never do 2 things at the same time when you can do 3...sheesh...

Lady of The Tulips - listening to Noah mow the grass with a new mower his Father bought...Don't get me goin' on that, no, no...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

** What'z the line about the best laid plans or something?? **

I HAD planned to go thrift-store shopping today, and then possibly getting over to the one fabric shop over in the larger town down Ocean Highway...BUT -- naturally there is a fly in the ointment, or rather a hitch in my get-a-long. Actually what it is, IS, that tom had his trip up north in his truck changed to TODAY, so naturally all the plans I'd made have gone down the tube, or that other THANG that I shall not name. I'm glad that tom has the extra work, that's always a good thing, I mean, who's gonna look at extra hours on the paycheck as a BAD thing?? -- But it's JUST that the shops I need to get to aren't open on Sundays. so that means another week before I can get things I need. It's rather agrivating (I give up on trying to spell that DAYUM word right...) to say the least, that The Very Fine Automobile isn't running good enuf to go down the highway...but such is life, eh?

I've got another collage just lined's got all the pieces in one file folder, but I can't decide on the exact lay-out for it just yet. This piece is one that I got cut, trimmed, painted and altogether ready for a canvas board just before we put the house on the market, so in between all THAT work and getting down here, I just can't remember how I wanted to have it put together for a final glueing...I think if I sit and stare at the pieces for awhile it'll come back to least I'm hoping that's what'll happen! HE! HE!!

This is gonna be short 'cause I gotta go in the kitchen & find out what noah's doin on the phone with his father...the call soundz kinda weird, but maybe it's just cause they both mumble so bad while on the phone, I can never figure out WHAT their discussing!

Lady of The Tulips -- waiting for some paint colors to absolutely JUMP out at her so she can decide which one's to use **

Friday, June 27, 2008

"Summer" -- Spring Bay Studio 2008

I wanted to share this little piece that got finished at the start of the week -- Some of the fish were done just before I got to pack up the old house and get the #$^"&*^ outta the city. A couple of the fish were done after I got down here. This was one of those pieces that seemed to take for EVAH to get finished, and for the life of me I don't know why. I think it came out a little blurry when I look at it now, and I DO apoligize (oh hush, I know I just spelled that wrong...) for that!

I've got a couple other pieces done, too -- one is drying As We Speak..or rather as I type this blog post..there was so much matte medium blobbed on my fingers that I was afraid I'd smear the painting of the canvas while I rearranged and stuck pieces here and there. Sometimes I think I get more matte medium on ME than on the canvas..And yesterday I did the BEST mess I've done in some time -- I didn't realize that my shirt sleeve had been sopping up the matte medium every time I went to add water to my paint brush, and the sleeve brushed over my I suddenly felt something wet under my arm, and when I looked at just WHAT waz goin' on, HA!, there was a BIG blob of matte medium all stuck on the bottom of my sleeve...kinda made me wonder what/why my sleeve had felt funny while I was adding papers and goodies. DUH!! The shirt has gotten too big for me anyway, so that was something like THE FINAL STRAW on wearin' it anymore...Actually it just gives me another reason to go to the thrift store tomorrow!! And yes, Tom DID say he'd take me over there!! HHOOO_YAAAHHH...

Anyway -- I'm debating on whether or not to get a good size order sent to an online company for some papers and die-cuts I've been thinking about ordering. The company has some really quiet wonderful collage items, and since there isn't a chance for tom to get me to the nearest shop till next weekend, I just may try the shop online and see how it turns out. I found out over the phone that tom will have to go out of state on sunday, so that eliminates any more shopping for me till next weekend. My car still doesn't run safe enuf for me to use it to go anywhere, so I have to rely on tom to take me on his days off...VERY limited time period for me to get thingz, thus the idea of using the online supplier. Plus most of the locally owned stores are Not Open on Sundays, so I'm really at a loss as to getting things done that I need to do...kinda agrivates me, but there isn't really much I can do 'bout it. And No -- I will not go into the REALLY pissy thing about The Butt-Uglie car and the number of things wrong with it...let's just say that it does look very nice sitting in it's New Driveway...

Must go and get some files fixed and see what bills I need to pay tomorrow before I get out the door and down the street -- I got some bills paid last week, but the little shop that I used to get plumbing done, hasn't posted my payment, or sent the payment to our bank yet. I've got no clue what's goin' on, and to top it off, the admin. secretary of the place called me & belly-ached about my payment not getting there sooner!! GO FIGURE!!

Lady of The Tulips -- who wonderz why it is some "Customer Service" people don't think of how they sound to their customers...maybe someone should TELL THEM??!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daylilies == Snug Harbor '08

These are some of my sweet flowers in the larger flower bed in the backyard -- the previous owner of this house really went all out in planting such large beds of flowers. There are also some beds of daylilies near the dirt road, along the older wooden shed, and near the border of our property and some vacant woods "next door" -- these just keep blooming away and it doesn't seem like they have a care in the world.

Today I WAZ gonna go work in this bed of flowers, but the heat is going to be absolutely BRUTAL today -- had plans to weed on the back of this section of lillies but when I woke up at nearly 8:30 this morning, I knew there was now WAY to get work done before it was too humid outside. I just took Sara for her morning walk (ok..more like here dragging me down the dirt road..) and I'm still melting as I sit in the's gonna be a scorcher later this afternoon. There are calls for over 96 Degrees, an' I have a Nahhhsstyyy feeling it's gonna get a LOT hotter than that. And we're just 4 blocks from the river/sound, and I've got no idea how it's going to swelter inland. We have a breeze coming off the water this morning, and it Is nice, but there is that hint of higher humidity just lingering, and it makes me want to go sit inside the refrigerator...

The table behind me has my latest project waiting Patiently to get finished. The heat yesterday got me so zapped and tired I just didn't have the energy to do anything but look at all the pieces and parts of the collage. My brain melted while I was watering the front flower beds and I think maybe once it rains at the start of next week (or so sez The Weather People..) then I'll be able to think a little more clearly. There are folders sitting on the other side of the computer that have lots of beads and some scrapbook paper that I'd filed for another couple collages, but when I put them together I didn't really put any kind of label on the file folder, so I really don't know what I was thinking...ok..Ok...OK -- so maybe I Never know what I'm thinking , but at least I TRY to do something Coherent...most days..

Tom was suppossed to go up on the Eastern Shore yesterday, but for some reason the dispatch people left the container sitting at the terminal where it still is sitting and waiting for Somewhere To Go -- it had been scheduled to be taken to one of the grain silos but Who-Knowz what happened to THAT idea...somebody dropped the ball on that one, and I'm sure by this morning when the office opened at 5:30 a.m., there were some pretty $^"&$ angry people waiting for an explaination on why the freight didn't get picked up...OOPS! -- maybe today it'll get hauled to where it's supposed to go..

Must get some work done out in the front room and apply some matte medium on the canvas board behind's trying to get my attention and I'm doing my best to ignore it...

Lady of The Tulips -- I can STILL hear the breeze outside trying to blow in the hot humid air into the cracks in the window frame...eerrgggghhh...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flower Bed - Snug Harbor - '08

This is the one bed that I've been working on in the back yard -- it's in view from the master bedroom window, the back deck and the door leading to the deck...this is just one part of the bed...the story is that the previous owner had this worked out so that his wife would be able to see it from the different windows in the house, an' she would use it for her inspiration to work out her oil paintings. Since this picture was taken 2 weeks ago, the calla lilies have gotten taller, and the purple flowered bee balm has also grown taller. I'm telling myself that the plantz are growing bigger 'cause the finally have some soil to spread out in. They were terribly crowded with far too many weeds, and there was about 4 inches of grass creeping up toward the flower bed. So the weeds got thrown in the compost heap, the creping grass is no longer around the edge of the flower bed, and just this morning I planted some lavender and Sweet William to add some fragrance. The plants were REALLY crowded in the flower pots they were sold in at the Large Department/Home Improvement store...poor dears, they were Very Unhappy. After I dug them into the ground and gave them a good watering, they Perked UP!! and now look much happier. I'll get a shot of them tomorrow when I go back out an' finish the far end of the flower bed..pulling the last of the weeds.

I've got some more projects in the workz over on my little table. I'm considering doing some more cutting on a sheet of very cool scrapbook paper I bought just before we moved. I knew it'd be awahile before I could get to the craft store, so I grabbed about 5 sheets while they were on sale last winter. Now I'm Super glad I did, 'cause the closest craft store is down Ocean Highway an' when I discovered it Tom nearly choked! We'd gone to do some banking, and Right Next Door to the bank, is the Craft/Scrapbook Store!! HA!! I didn't exactly dance in the street, but I came Real Close...naturally tom sez, "Well, I suppose I'll have to bring ya here someday, won't I?"He does come up with the most Amazing Statementz...

Got to go grab some stuff out of the freezer an' defrost SOMETHING for dinner...if I think over what there is stored in there, maybe by the time I get to the kitchen, I"ll have figured out something to make that won't be too gaggie...

Lady of The Tulips - who is trying to remember where she stored some rice and a new onion...hmmm..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"M" Spring Bay Studio 2008

Just got this piece re-worked and finished just this last weekend. I'd hoped to get online sooner than this, but there have been storms off and on for the past 4 days, and every time I'd wanted to get near the computer, it would start rumbling and rattling away up in the sky, and I decided that it wouldn't do to try and test the electronics in the house, let alone try and see if I could light myself up with the computer and the lightening...

There hasn't been too much else going on, 'cept just workin' on gettin' this piece done, and I've got another one that got finished yesterday just before a small thunderstorm blew in off the Sound. I had just stood up from my work table, and had looked across the dirt road at the tree line and realized that the trees were really starting to bend in the wind. Then the bolt's started getting closer and Louder...So I figured it'd be good to shut things down, go out in the kitchen and gather things up that were near the open windows and make sure there weren't any items outside that could go blowing down the street. And after getting all that done, the storm just sorta puttered out and I decided the $^#^& with it and made dinner...may as well have somethin' to show for all the work done in the kitchen, right?

Tom's been driving up and down Interstate 95 the past couple dayz -- Saturday he got some extra work in by getting an empty refrigerated container box to a warehouse/factory that ships frozen pork products overseas. Tom had a load of pork casings..those were going to China and then yesterday he drove back down to the same place, but picked up some other form of pork product...needless to say those trips have made him a little more tired. The weekend trips on the interstate are always more tiring, because of all the traffic, and people in a Hurry to go have their vacation...doesn't seem to make sense to me...people driving like a whirling dervish, speeding at 15 mph over the limit, so they can get to their vacation destination...What The?? so they can go relax?...hmm..

Anyway -- went over to one of the neighbors house on Friday and we had a good time trying to Fix All The Wrong's in the World..well, not really, but we did discuss/question Many things that puzzle us -- like why some Supervisor Sez answer the phone calls coming into your office first, but ignore the person standing in front of you, who came to talk to you Before the phone rang..OOOhhhKKeeeyyyyy....makes sense to ME! And we had to question why our kids did all those Really Dumb things they did when they were in school...Why did they try to forge our name on the test page they Failed and think the teacher would think it was REALLY our signature??? oh my...we had a good laugh and marveled at the fact that we LIVED thru all that ^}$* and haven't gone off the deep end since.

Must go and check on some stuff out in the kitchen...fortunately there isn't a storm brewing AGAIN outside, and I can go sit on the deck while dinner is doin' it'z thing on the stove...

Lady of The Tulips -- who DOES apoligize for how blury the above photo camera was acting up but I DID want to show you this little dear who was Very Patient while I set her down on the work table & took a picture of her...she never even made a fuss!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yes...the top photo shows the state our old place was in while I was craming things into boxes, stuffing what newspaper I could find into little mooshed globs to keep glass items from breaking, and wondering what the #%"@5 to do with just EVERYTHING..

And then I walked out into the front room, and there...doing, as you can SEE...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...was tom -- in all his glory -- doing, as he sez,"My Best To Be OF HELP!"

I've overcome this nightmare that you see before you...I Even unpacked most of the boxes that got stuffed, crammed and mooshed into the them Mostly unpacked and now have thingz pretty much put away...Well -- there are some things that aren't in their exact Home yet, but they are being much more patient than one would expect, and are behaving themselves until their home is found.

I've also gotten some More of my art supplies unpacked, and it seems like a Brand New Day when I find some more goodies that are waiting to pop out of their box (es) and suprise me with their wonderful-ness...

My, MY, it just makes me feel so happy...even tho I still have mud on me from weeding another flower bed this morning..But You Get The Point!!

*** Anyway *** I'm off to see that the hot glue gun is going to behave and make some beads look wonderful on my project over on my little table...Wait an' see what I GOT!! Whhheeee...

Lady of The Tulips -- who got her new phone bill today...if I just glance at the "Total Due" then it doesn't hurt so much to see how Bad the bill really is....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One of our flower beds that are Very Happy this Summer...

I took this shot the other day just before we had a little sprinkle of rain. This particular bed of daylilies happens to be just about as tall as I am -- I went up to one of the blooms and pulled the stalk closer to me to see just how tall it was (is) -- and it comes up to just past my nose..I'm 5'4", if that tells you anything about the height of these beauties...

Iwent out and also weeded another flower bed this morning before it got too hot outside...we had the nicest breeze early this morning, so it wasn't too bad while I dug out some unBelievably long and nasty grass was so ugly, and I'm still discovering more flowers in=between all the mess. The irises are really starting to come in better now that they don't have to fight for their life with the weeds, and the other daylilies are starting to come up a little taller, too. I'll get a shot of the flower bed this evening after I get a little more of it cleaned up and it doesn't rain.

We've got some smoke around this morning...the fire that has been burning for a few weeks is still smoldering down the highway from far over 41,000 acres have burned, and it just continues to smolder..all the peat that is underground is burning and causing just incredible amounts of smoke and making things altogether ugly...all it takes is just a small shift in the wind direction, and we're suddenly nearly dark from all the smoke drifting up from the fire. We're not out of the woods yet, so sez the Forestry Dept., but it seems like it's going to be something like 3 months or more before they'll be able to put the blaze out...sometimes it Really flares up, and some of the pictures in the newspaper are unbelievable...50 foot flames just shooting toward the sky, and all the firefighters can do is try and try to get a good containment like around the mess...Tom said that yesterday morning was really dicey for him driving to work..there was a good heavy rain goin' on, and on top of it the wind changed direction, and the smoke just suddenly made the visibility nearly zero..he usually doesn't say anything if there is a rain storm, but when he mentioned the smoke on top of the thunderstorm, then I knew it had to be Pretty Bad. No telling how long this will continue...

Got my latest project nearly ready to get pictures -- it's sorta cool, but then that's Just MY opinion...I keep getting sidetracked with it, cause just out my little window I can hear the county road dept. cutting the grass alongside the dirt road and generally Making Lots of naturally I have to hop up and see what'z goin' on...then I get back to making up the little pieces and parts of my latest project, just in time to hear something ELSE goin' on outside, so I have to hop up AGAIN and see what'z goin' least I'm getting lots of good exercise...

Lady of The Tulips -- who is wondering where some of the boxes from the kitchen have gone --they were here and somehow they've gone into's making me more angry and irritated than a wet hen...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

These pictures should've been posted in opposite order, but I think you can get the idea here...the bottom photo was the "Before" shot of the West side of our little cabin. And yes, it was in some really bad condition, thus why it sat on the market for just over a year. There was a lot of work put into it by noah, and he did wonder at times if he'd ever get thru with the cleaning of this wall. There was tons of mold, mud, and glop everywhere, but he got a bucket with a combination of exterior bleach and water, grabbed my very finest $1.00 scrub brush, and got this wall cleaned, sanded and primed.

The top photo shows the nice paint job he did, not just on this wall, but the entire exterior of the cabin. He took his time and made sure all the paint was applied evenly and made doubly sure that the primer was good and set before he put on the final coat of paint. There are still drops of paint in the flower bed under the eaves and on leaves of some of the shrubs too, but the cabin looks so much much better. The first day I came here by myself to look over the place with the home inspector, I really began to wonder about my senses...I mean, it did look like we'd really taken on a monster, but once the work started, then it seemed like it wasn't as bad as we first thot. And people driving by on the paved road would shout to noah, "Nice job!", so I know that made him feel pretty good.

He's got a job already, too! One of the fellows in church talked to him last week, and said that when noah got thru with the exterior work, that the guy wanted noah to come to work for him. so last night he called the guy, and started this morning. I've got no idea of what he'll be doin, but just the fact that he got a job that quick is really sayin' somethin'. He got up pretty early to walk over to the guys house and get a ride, so I'm sure by the time he gets back here tonight he'll be pretty worn out. But he likes to put in a good days work, so I can't blame him for takin' up this offer for a job.

Tomorrow I'll post another photo of the flower beds. I spent some time in one of the larger beds yesterday pullin' some really nasty weeds, that look like they've been in that poor defenseless bed for sometime. The one neighbor said it'd been a couple years since the yard has had some real work done, and by the time I got 4 feet of work done, I believed every word she said. The suprising thing is the amount of bulbs and perinnials that are buried in this flower bed! Wow, I'm finding some really fabulous flowers, that are just getting ready to bloom. Whatta great find! Irises, more daylilies, Bee Balm, and some others that I'm not sure of...but they all have really perked up since the weeds have been pulled from around them. And we had a good soaking thunderstorm early this morning, so the flowers are Really doin' good today. I'm excited to see how they'll come out after the rest of the bed is cleaned up.

Lady of The Tulips -- who thinks there are some tulips in one of the other flower beds that happen to also be buried under some rather ughhlliieeee weeds, but she's just not sure...hmmm...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This morning is very quiet -- the temps are a Lot cooler than they have been the past couple dayz. Somewhere in the low 70's or upper 60's, which feels wonderful coming in thru the open windows. The humidity yesterday made the upper 80 degree's feel like over 95, at least to me. the humidity and I have never been on speaking terms, and once it gets up in those numbers it saps the energy out of me. So waking up this morning with the coolness has been a very fine thig.

The house is coming along much faster than I thot it would. Noah has the trim left to finish tomorrow and thinks the house will be completely repainted by the end of the week. He's really worked very hard on making it look better. he's started attending the community church and even had several people congratulate him on the work he's done on the exterior of the house. last week one of the neighbors talked to him about a possible job, so that would be excellent if he could find some work soon. I think he's been wondering what to do about some income since coming down here with us, but once one door closes, another opens up. God works in wonderful ways that we'll never understand!

I've got some paint ready on my little table behind me, and am ready to finish up some lettering and painting fishes. There has been a change in some of the pieces I worked up before leaving the city, and now they look completely different. I'll start posting the changes on them this next week. I've got to get some supplies into the studio too -- and get this place organized. Noah haz some stuff that needs to go up in the attic, and larger pieces of furniture that will go out in one of the sheds. we've got 2 outside, but one has a little more space available for large furniture pieces. The Dog's couch has been relegated to the larger sat out in the rain and started taking on a life of it's own...i.e. smelling like it was growing into another Something...lawdy mama!! 'bout made me gag when I got close to the thing...ugh...

Must go and make sure sara isn't trying to sneak out the back door..she's discovered she can knock the back storm door open and run offf......sheesh..

Lady of The Tulips -- who is wondering where her little ceramic lady has gone...she's awful cute & I can't find her...hummm

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"After Walking The Dog" 2008

this is a shot of our new dining room!! Just to the left you can see the nice little wood stove and the brickwork behind it -- the work of the mantle is just right, and the white paint has been renewed since I took this picture. The pile of fabric on the one dining room chair are some curtains that I got for free!! This is so Weird! -- the curtains were in a bag in the attic of the house we just moved out of. The fabric hadn't look all that great to me, so I just ignored the bag and contents 'till just after we got the truck unpacked, and started getting things put away. The bag of curtains had been left on the driveway, gotten a little damp from some rain, and then got drug into the laundry room. THEN I decided to take a good look at them, and discovered that they were the Exact color I wanted for the front room...and that they are a pair of quite expensive curtains...the previous owner must have gotten the pair on sale, as the price tag was still on the bag -- $35 for each set...panels and valance. I could not believe my good fortune! So now tom has to hang some new curtain rods, and the fabulous curtains will cheer up the front room

I've also got some new plants for the front flower bed..the previous owner had planted TONZ of daylilies...I'll post some pictures of some of the beds of flowers he'd planted tomorrow. Some of the types the owner planted are Quite expensive, and it looks like he just went crazy planting them all over the yard. There is one bed where the flowers are as tall as me -- an' I'm 5'4" -- so that gives you an idea of how the flower bed just covers one side of the yard. Very cheerfull to see first thing in the morning. I bought some lavender plants today, along with some Sweet William -- I've had those type of plants at our other house, and they are such good perinnials that I couldn't pass up the sale price at the hardware store. There is also a local nursery just down the highway, so I asked tom if we could go next saturday and see what there is. Ilike paying for plants to a local grower much more than a chain store, but today I didn't have any choice but to get plants from a warehouse store. They do look good tho, and will enhance the large flower bed and be happy with the shade from lots of hardwoods especially in the afternoon.

I've got a project underway already!! The move has gotten me feeling much Much more relaxed, and somewhat recooperated from the horrid dealings with the real estate agent we had in the's too nasty to go into here, but I'll talk about that for the project, it's just about at the lay-out stage, and some painting will get done tomorrow..after i get some pictures of the flower beds that have just started blooming...i'll stick tom out there so you can get an idea of how tall the flowers are, an' see what The Husband looks like...he Does look like Santa Claus...

Lady of The Tulips -- listening to sara bounce around out in the kitchen..i think she just came in from her walk with noah...or is it she just got thru dragging noah down the dirt road??

Friday, June 13, 2008

" Look, Look," said Lady Tulip. "There is a New Day and Today is that Day!"

"There will be Dancing in the street, and People will jump for joy!", said Lady Tulip. She waz very happy, and did Her own Happy Dance, to show others how the joy could be felt.


So there really isn't any dancing in the street, but we DO have internet here in our little cabin, and the trees are whispering to one another in the breeze outside, and there is not ONE commercial airline taking off overhead, and the sound of police sirens is no more in the neighborhood. We have successfully relocated and are EVAH so happy we have finally unpacked boxes, repainted different rooms, trims and the outside of the house is sporting a new color thanx to the Very Fine Work of Noah...he has done a fabulous job on re-doing the old wood and fixed up all the leaks and holes that had gotten ahold of the wood all around the house. We are Ever So Happy.

I forgot where my camera is (why i can't remember where it is is just beyond me...after all We just moved ...) but in the morning I'll post pictures of the cabin. It is ever so wonderful to be surrounded by the woods..and lots of neighbors have come up and welcomed us to the little neighborhood. One couple helped tom & noah unload the truck the first day we were here. Poor Tom had to go right back to work the next day -- we signed the legal papers, got the electricity hooked up an' zoom, off the poor dear had to go and drive all that freight all over the place. But the drive back here is well worth the mess he has to work in around the Big City.

We also have discovered that the dog just Loves to go for a walk -- at least twice a day, and sometimes three times a day she just has to go out and do her thing. We found here a harness get-up just before packing the truck to's kinda funky looking, but the thing works like a gem. She is REALLY strong, and tries several times a day to drag me into the woods, but I've learned to counter her near-leaps into the trees. she gets miffed, but I usually succeed. And she has walked a lot of weight off of me...I'm another size smaller now, but I'm not complaining!! It feels good to have that much exercise every day. The dirt road in front of our place is somewhat tricky, as the dog wants to drag me down that thing at a VERY fast pace. so far I haven't fallen facefirst into the gravel...hopefully I'm not going to either...

This is sorta short, but I've got to get in touch with the area art league and find out what to do with my yearly membership. the have a meeting this next week, so I gotta get stuff fixed up fast.

Lady of The Tulups -- who is doing her Happy Dance lotz and lotz now that she's not in the big city eny-more...