Tuesday, November 24, 2009

>> Just a quick post, as there are so many things around here to start getting ready for the weekend <<

I'm just finishing part of a new canvas, so that's drying over on the work table, and while that goes along, now I have to go out in the kitchen and start putting things together for tomorrow - seems like a good idea to start baking some of the goodies for Thanksgiving a tad early, that way when our oldest gets here from the city, then I'll be able to spend time chatting with him, instead of being all harried and irritated in the kitchen. And there just isn't enuf time during the day on Thursday to hear all the news from old friends that our son keeps up with, AND be baking the deserts, dressing, and that big ol' bird. ~~ Whoo - Hoo ~~ And Said Son will be bringing the bird with him...

Let's just hope he has it DEFROSTED by the time he gets here! - Yikes ~ Tom asked me if I thot that the bird would still be frozen when it gets in the cabin...uhh...lets just hope not..

Well ~ actually, if it IS frozen, then it's gonna be ok, 'cause tomorrow most of the other things will already be done! - Yay! -

Nothing like Planning Ahead! ~ Shwoo, there's something to be said for figuring things out, now, isn't there?!

Must Run -

oops...where did my notebook paper go that has my Pumpkin Pie receipe on it ~ uh-ooh...

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, November 23, 2009

"She Said, Ooh, La, La, I'm Going to Cut Loose!!"

I think I've shown this piece recently, but it seems to fit just about right at this time of year. People are starting to get stressed out over the Holidays - Family members are showing up at homes, where they haven't shown up for, le's see - a Year? -- And then there are also those children who will be tagging along with some family members - never seeming to fit the description that their parents write about during the rest of the year - "So well behaved! - All his teachers just rave about his wonderful behavior!!"

And this goes thru ones mind when they just happen to glance over, and notice Little Joey, grabbing those nice, expensive, Bought-On-A-Splurge tassles on the front-room curtains, $25.00 each, and Sweet-Adorable-Little-Joey is wonderfully pulling said tassles to absolute SMITHEREENS...

Ahhh, yes, the Holidays.

FORTUNATELY - those days haven't hit this household yet..we only have the son from up in the City coming down for the Turkey Day Festivities - And he'll be bringing nothing that would match some horrid little child/relative...he'll be bringing the Turkey (!!!) and will undoubtedly have some new CD's to sample for us - Mostly some very Up-Tempo Bluegrass that makes ya want to dance yer toes off. And that's just fine with me! - The more Cheerfull-ness, the better!! And along with all the goodies, we'll be having fresh pumpkin - pumpkin pie - Yay! - Noah did a Good Thing, and froze up all the pumpkin he cleaned up and pre-steamed for us. Again, Yay!! Now All I gotta do, is mix it with the wonderful Pumpkin Pie Spice, throw in the mild and eggs...YUM!!

So, that's what's gonna be happening in a couple days.

But, I'm sure there are some of you, who, like the mermaid at the top of the page, who would GIVE YOUR EYE TEETH to be cuttin' loose, grabbin' a good Tropical Drink, and goin' off ANYWHERE ELSE but where you are, stuck with the In-Laws, plus, the Rotten Other Relatives Children...

Ok, You have my permission to just haul off, and go ahead, and BOOK THAT FLIGHT TO FLORIDA --


And, don' forget to pack the Suntan Lotion.

I mean, after all, if your gonna hit the beaches, you BETTER take some lotion, so you come back to the Rest of The World, glowing with a Great Tan, and rub it in the In-Laws Face.

Works for Me....

I'm gone...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, November 20, 2009

"Ocean" - 2009 Spring Bay Studio

Here's one of the canvases that got finished up just at the start of last weekend. The fun thing was getting all the little fish attached to the canvas, then playing with all those paints. Tom must have thot I'd lost my marbles, 'cause I was just about jumping up and down, kinda dancin' around my little work table, doin' this and that while getting all this put together.

He just doesn't want to have fun, that's all it is.

And there is still another canvas on the work table, and it's getting dry as I sit here. I'd wanted to get a picture today of the yard outside..Noah has been raking leaves for the whole week, and about the time he gets one section done, then the wind blows, and all the other trees start flinging their leaves on the ground. Ah well, at least it's lottsa good exercise for him. Good thing he's young, 'cause other wise it'd just about make other people fall slap over.

But that's not what I wanted to say.

What I WANTED to say, is that it's been dreary here, with little sprinkles, then some rain, then some HARD rain...it's been like this for the last 2 days. But there will be a teeny moment where the sun does come out, and it looks wonderful - lots of color in all the hardwoods, and it just makes it so wonderful - Fall in All It's Glory - that kind of thing. But then, I go outside, and once on the deck or porch, I remember that the camera is INSIDE the house...and once in here, then I start to paint or something, totally forgetting to get a picture of the FALL COLORS out there...


And now here comes my interuption - every time I've tried to get something done on the computer, then noah comes in the hall, sighs LOUDLY - then I have to stop everything and go away. Leads to a feeling of having GIN or something.

Not that I would..

But the irritation is definetly there...know what I mean?

I mean, how do you get something done when about 1.23% of the work has to end..don't even get 1/4 of the way STARTED..

Starting to rant about getting thrown off the computer..

So I better just GO and Then I'll Be Back.
Ha! -

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, November 19, 2009

>> Just a quick post, and a little shot of the mermaid that has been hanging out over on the antique hutch -- she said she was going to sit and behave, so I'm going to guess that she will. Some days there are things that one has no control over..

I had a full, fun day yesterday - Got to go into Trader Joe's with a friend - Wow! - My poor brain just about went into overdrive, and it was so hard to just pick up a couple things that I knew I needed - things for christmas, mostly - but I won't tell what they are, 'cause if the people who they were purchased for, happen to read this, then it wont be ay kind of a suprise now, will it? ! So , I will say that the prices are what everybody who's told me about the store -- well, those prices are really not easy to beat. Great thing that there are soo many organic products - lots of choices of Evertything..There will be another trip up to the city to get More Stuff, thats for sure!

And I went to a very nice meeting for church first thing in the morning - had a wonderful speaker, and had some good tea, and some desert - Yum! - And got to meet some people who I'd never met before, so that was fun too - Shwoo! - Lottsa stuff for one day!!

Well, gotta run - there is a warning that's flashing for me just over there..see? == No! - Over THERE>>> Yeah, what's up with THAT?! - Guess I better get ahold of noah an' tell him this is goin' on...jeesh..

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Albemarle Sound " 2009 Spring Bay Studio

This is another piece where I incorporated texture and added some painting with some odds and ends that I scrounged up from the hardware store - it was sOO much fun! - I got good and messy, playin' with all the goodies, and when I went into the kitchen to get cleaned up, tom took one look at me, and didn't even bother to ask what I'd been doing. Good Guy, that ol' fella...there are just times where it's best not to say a word, know what I mean? He didn't say anything about the finished product, so I don't know whether or not he likes this piece, but there are a lot of my work that he flat out does not like. Somewhere around the 85% range. Oh Well. I think in the back of his mind, he'd rather I got to work at the Mart Place, so I could have a "Real" job, and quit messin' around with my paints. Our one son Definetly thinks that way - matter of fact, when I show him any of my finished canvases, he refuses to look at any of them. Thinks I'm just wasting my time. A great boost there for my self esteem. Go Team...

So, me? - I keep on workin' over on the little table, makin' lottsa messes with my paints, and yesterday I spent over an hour, cutting little shapes out of some heavy paper, not quite cardstock, but just a little lighter. 2 sided, with some wonderful watery prints on both sides, one with some graphic prints, and one side with just some simply fabu shaded colors - naturally, these are with blues, greens, pale greens, watery blues..Can't help myself, they are just too dreamy for me to pass up. And this week, I guess tomorrow, I'm ordering the papers I talked about the other day - the prices for the paks are just too good to pass up - Even The Husband said it'd be all right to order them! - So, before he changes his mind, that will Really Have to get done!!

Gotts to scoot - there are some paints and inks that should be just dry now - lined out part of a bathing suit top for my latest mermaid...shes lookin' like she's gonna go for some Beach-iee Peach and Pale Yellow color for her top..seems like a good choice to me!!

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Memories Of The Days Back Then" -- 2009

Spring Bay Studio

The piece I finished up while the storm was rolling in last week - This has a lot of texture, and I'm hoping it shows up on this photo - I tried to get a decent picture of it leaned against the antique hutch, so that's why it has a slightly loopy - look to it! It's not Operator Error!, I promise you! Just that it has a list goin' on...

I'm recovering from a horrid telephone call earlier this morning - won't go into details, but it was something that hits between the eyes and leaves one feeling as if the world slid sideways into another dimension. I don't think I'm shaking as bad as I was earlier, but if there are typing mistakes on this, well, that's 'cause the fingers/hands are still shaking a little bit. Just viscious and mean. That's what it was. So, that's all for that.

There is a new mermaid over on the work table..she doesn't have a face yet, but she's coming along nicely. Got her body shaded in, and she'll have some neat "scales" on her twisty tail. I unburied some things I truly forgot I had - sequins and other beads that are pretty cool. And so much fun to add to paper, I forgot how fun they are! - And there are some little beads that will make great Christmas Items, so those will need to be fixed up.

Our oldest finally got to the Dr.! - He called late Sat. evening, asking if we could take him in yesterday morning, and we said of course. He was Really Sick, and every time he coughed it sounded just terrible. We left here before 7:30 a.m., got up to the city, and he sounded horrible on the phone! - He didn't want to go to the Dr. for a bit, but we convinced him to GO, since the H1N1 Virus is everywhere. We are so glad we got him in! - The wait was less than 2 hours, which is saying something, and he does have a flu virus, but FORTUNATELY not the H1N1 Virus! Shwoo, that was a close call. He was given some meds, and we took him to the grocery store so he could get some liquids and tissues for his poor nose! - Ouch, all that sneezing, poor guy. Tom even said, "You sounded like you weren't going to make it!" - But he got to be checked out, and meds too, so we are very grateful for that.

Got some needed supplies yesterday at the Art Store while we were up in the City - new brushes, and looked at some papers, but will order those online - $3.00 in price by not buying in the store, for the package I'm looking for. That's a savings that really adds up, and there are 2 packs that I've been drooling over for the past couple weeks. If tom gets the bonus he's been told he'll get, part of that will pay for the papers. Some wonderful Blues and pale greens, mixed with some light sky blues, uhhmmm...simply wonderful colors! Will show them once I get the order in.

Must get some more papers cut - the new canvas has the background covered, that part is over..seems to take for EVER some days..why is that? Just layering papers, you'd think it'd go like lickety-split! Well, maybe I'm just slow!! Hee!!

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Untitled" -- 2009 Spring Bay Studio

Here's one of the latest canvases I finished just the other week -- I'd tried to post it online, but the camera was doing something weird, Noah had used up the batteries on some other giz-moe, an' all I wanted to do ws get these guys on Here!! -- Sheesh..

So here it is - finally drying out, and the pictures in the paper out of Norfolk really show just how bad the flooding was - Tom stayed overnight at Danny's apt, first, because Danny has a cold, and didn't go to work, so he got tom to stop by w/some groceries. But - Tom said that the trip to get to the apt. was something of an adventure - going down streets part way, then discovering they were flooded out...going down another street...same thing. Guess he made quite the trip around the city, but finally made it. Got things for danny, and I told both of them, that if the cold develops worse, that it wasw IMPORTANT to get to the Hosp. asap - Don't want to mess around with the Swine Flu, and it scares me to pieces.

But here, it's trying to dry out a little better than up there in Va. - Noah has swept off all the pine needles on top of the roof, gotten some of the yard around the deck, porch and sides of the cabin all cleaned off. The water in the drainage ditch has finally gone down, and the dirt road is looking like a carpet, littered with tons of colorful fall leaves. Most of the trees still have their colors shining brightly, which is something of a mystery - what with the winds for the last 2 days blowing over 30 mph with gusts near 45 -- strong leaves. That's what they are!

And I've got a couple other canvases to post on here, but for now I've got to get some painting done - there are also some orders to be made for some supplies- found a couple sites with sales, so that's a really good thing. We have so little in the way of art supply places down here, and what selection there is is WAY too overpriced. A sheet of small stickers with fish was marked at $1.25...uh? - Saw it at the Mart for .99....so, I mean, people need to make a profit, but I MEAN! -- So it's off to some of the art supply sites and get some much needed papers. They are so wonderfully colorful and make one want to just dive into some of the Sea Greens...Pale Caribbean Blues...ahhh...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, November 13, 2009

~~ "Peaceful Sea" ~~

Spring Bay Studio ~

Here is one of the canvases that I finished just before the wonderful storm hit here the other day - actually I got this done, and had some thots of putting it in the master bedroom, but thot that when the weather people starting talking about the impending storm, that in case the huge oak tree and pine tree directly outside the master bedroom window decided they would want to come in and greet us during the storm, well, it wouldn't do to have this brand new piece all crumbled to smither-eens...So, it was gently tucked inside my antique hutch, along with a couple other pieces, all untouched by anything other than my little grubby paws.

I'm also getting back into the swing of work at my little table today - the winds are Finally subsiding, and the rain, dare I say, is finally slowing down to something under 20 mph. The branches that would slam against the roof of this poor little cabin weren't all that large, but the SOUND they'd make when they hit!! -- I really expected to see some giant big limbs out on the grass, but thankfully, the limbs that did get whacked were relatively small. It's just with the 35+ mph winds whipping those poor limbs & branches from their trees, well, the combination just wasn't a pretty sound. Hope that doesn't happen again for awhile. And how WEIRD that a "tropical" storm changes itself into a Nor'easter in a matter of hours! Wow. I just feel bad for all the people who have had flood and structure damage to their homes. From the newscasts, it seems that all the people who were fortunate enuf to get evacuated, are all ok, and the work of the fire departments and others, were of great help My hats off to them!!

We also caught a glimpse of where we had rented a teeny little duplex up in Norfolk when we first moved up there..the street had, like it ALWAYS did during just a normal rain, FLOODED -- But this time it was SO BAD..that one of the local tv people was on the air, and said he & his crew - "We're Stuck!!" -- From the angle of earlier shots of the street, the house up the street from us, that usually didn't get any water in the yard, had flood water up to and just over the front door!! YIKES - Tom took one look an said, "That's our old street!!" -- One of the sad things, was the newscaster said that one woman who lived down toward the end of the street (It ends at what's called Pretty Lake) had sloshed her way up to the top of the hill where the street crosses another longer road, and she then realized that even if she kept on going, and walked down the other side, she'd be right back in flood water...DOUBLE YIKES!!

All of those things used to happen during some relatively bad storms, but this one was double worse...uugghhh..that's one of the reasons we moved from that part of the city...

SO NOW -- it's drying out..tom got home relatively unscathed from all the storm, and our oldest said, that even tho tons of the streets around him were flooded, he was able to get to his apartment, by going in a zig-zag pattern all around him, to avoid streets under water!! Poor Guy!! -- He sounded tired, and didn't want to go into work today! - Don't blame him, he's a truck driver too, taking linens to & from the resorts all along the Oceanfront. THAT area is a real mess!! -- No telling how long it's gonna take to clean up all that area!! --

But, now that all the dust has settled, I'm back to the little work table, painting a new canvas - got something a little different too, and will try to post it tomorrow. Right now I gotta check the canvas that's been drying overnight, and hope that some small little boo-boo's have gone away. Other wise, it's some quick little paint-fix-ups an' all will be right in the world!! Yay!

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, November 12, 2009

While we still have electricity I'll post this and hop away from the wall -- We are getting hammered with this Nor'easter that's sitting just offshore from us -- There has been over 12" of rain so far - the ditches that drain off from our property and along the dirt road have been full and flowing for the last 10 hours or so, and are showing no signs of letting up. We're having winds somewhere in the 30 - 35 mph range, with gusts much higher than that. There hasn't been a minute in the last 24+ hours when it's stopped raining, and it has been said by the weather people that it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

Tom made it up to work this morning -barely. The road out of our little place was under water - at least 2 feet deep, and the highway was trying to stay un-flooded, but it was losing the battle. The other part of the main North - South artery was so flooded up in Virginia that there were patrolment stopping traffice and re-routing them onto other streets. The ports had to close, and some of the tunnels around Norfolk and Portsmouth Va are closed as well. Tom worked a total of 3 hours, then very gingerly made his way back down the highway. There are so many branches and limbs from all the trees in the yard that it's useless to try and pick them up - it's raining too hard to try and get out and do anything about them. The "lawn" is under water in more places than it's Not Under Water, and the dog is very irritated when she has to go outside to do her business.

We had our electric out for 3 & 1/2 hours, but it would be safe to say that its probably going to go out again. We are holding on and waiting for this storm to GO AWAY!!! --

And that's the good news -- Bad News is that there are probably people in houses under water, and there's no way to get to them - Tom said he saw the fire department up in Chesapeake VA getting row boats out and preparing to go check on flooded streets, creeks and streams to make sure there aren't any people in very serious danger.

And now it's raining quite hard again..

Must go -

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, here I was - standing at the front room window, staring out at the woods across our little dirt road..not really LOOKING at anything, just sorta staring out at all the fall colors...

When I notice this little critter strolling down the road, like it just OWNS the place..like, "Ok, all is good along this part of MY land..this is good...ahh, so is This..."

An' I think, well, that's sorta cool, it's somebody's little dog..looks like it knows where it's going..seems like it's havin'..


This is NOT somebodys dog..Holy Toledo! -

So I look REALLY hard at this little thing strolling along...and look for the tail..Oops..short/nubby/almost like no tail at all...the back legs are hefty for the overall size of the critter, looking like it could jump a fence without blinking...an' it has short stubby ears...kinda like a BIG cat..

Then it dawns on me -- It's a Bobcat...

Just walkin' down the road like it's a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, checkin' out the woods, sniffin' here and there the way cats do, like THEY know who's been down the street.

Then it came to a QUICK stop. Looked in the direction of the neighbors at the end of the dirt road, 'cause as is usual, their dog was barking..an' the cat sorta slinks itself into a sitting position.

Ah Ha! - So I REALLY take a good look at it, and for Real and Wholly Moley, it just looks so beautiful! - Wow! - I'd thot I'd heard it at night earlier this fall, screamin' in the woods the way the females do when their in heat..a sound that ever since I first heard one in 1991 - o - 1992 just made the hair on my arms stand straight up - And now I finally got the chance to see this little thing right in front of the cabin. She (I'm asuming it's the female, cause they do the most meandering.or so I've been told..) just sits in the dirt road, staring at the dog, the way cats LOOK at dogs, like, "Oh PLEEASE, you are SUCH a pain in my A**" And then she very slowly creeps off the right side of the road, makes a couple little hops and completely disapeares into the woods.

I reallized I was standing at the window with my mouth hanging open, just flabergasted at what I'd just seen - I'd wanted to see this thing for what seems like for EVAH, and I finally got a chance to see it!! I just read thru some info from both N.C. State Univ., and UNC on the bobcat in this part of the state. We're in the perfect location for them to live - lots of cover, plenty of downed trees for the female to make her little nest, and pleanty of food for them to survive on.

I'm just glad the dog was inside the cabin - we had a Redbone Coonhound way back in the day, and she was SO pigheaded, she made the mistake of going after a bobcat one night -- we'd been hearing the female making her screaming/meowing noise behind our house for a few nights...and the dog got out of the house, made a bee-line for the woods, and finally came back about 2 hours later. The next day she was whining, and moaning, and acting like it was the end of the world. She had trouble lifting her back legs, and it really scared me, so I took her to the vet. Ha! -- He just laughed!! - Took a couple looks at her, felt around her backside, then looked at me and said, "She's been messin' with the Wrong Critter!! -- Where do you live again? - Oh!, yes, out in the woods..Well (As he looks at the dog...) Young Lady, I Believe you've met your match! - "

Seems that the cat had smacked the dog along her back legs, up around her bum, but didn't break the skin - the area was swollen, sore, and you could see the outline of where the cat had made her "Point" - The Dog was Seriously in Ego Hurt, and moped around the house for the next few days. Next time she heard the bobcat screaming in heat, she started for the window, then REALLY FAST, layed down on my bed, and just stared out the window. HA!! -- Lesson Learned!! -- Don't Mess with the Bobcat!! Thank heavens the vet bill was only like $35 or so for the check-up. I think the dog's ego count went down to about -55...!!

So, that's the news from here - I' m hoping to hear the cat tonight if she is indeed in heat, and will make her Noise!! - I'll post on what happens in the next few days!!

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, November 09, 2009

>> Ok <<

So, what I decided was that being miserable just wastes my time, and doesn't accomplish anything -- And from that I learned that it is much more fun to sit at the work table and make something that I've never done before.

No, I'm not going to post some of my scribblings on here from my paint program - those are just going to sit here an' that's that.

What I DO have, tho are 3 new canvases that came outta nowhere - all full of texture, odd shapes and little things that I'd wanted to do before now, but just thot they wouldn't look right.

AND THAT"S THE POINT!! -- WHY do I need to try and make my work look just like "Everybody Else"?? My work is just that - MY WORK - So, if it isn't all polished and smooth - if it isn't all cookie cutter and ready to be picked up by Wal Mart and sent to china to get mass produced..

Then it is MINE -- And if there are things in/on it that look off shape/crooked, well, they are and that's that!

And they are so fun to DO!! -- Weeee -- and once I stood back and looked at what I'd accomplished, well, it just suprised the very livin' tar outta me! - Whoa!! -- I did THAT?! Huh! So, now there are all sorts of little thots of making even more textures, and a quick trip to the hardware store (You just cant imagine how many goodies there are that can be used in collage!!) will make some even more altered goodies. I'm sure the manufacturers never thot that some Art could be made from Hardware Items.

Shows what they know!

And with that, I'm off to mess with some goodies on me little work table. I'll post the canvases in just a minute - right now I gotta go take my meds. I've given up wasting time calling the Dr's office - If they got news for me, I'm gonna say, Well, how nice of you to call - No More wasting time on HOLD on the phone for 15 minutes..

Nope! - Off to Paint!!

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just a little something I got done earlier today -- Not sure what it is -- But it let me cut loose and mess with the paint-brush in my computer.

Plus I got to unload some pent-up hurt and irritation that got slammed in my face earlier today.

Won't go into it here, but let's just say that I'm tired of getting kicked in the face by people, and they just smile back while their doing the kicking.

Lady of The Tulips

So, what started out as just trying to find some kind of lettering, turned out to be a search for some thing in the dictionary in my computer, which THEN turned out to be a search for some phrases, which THEN turned out the discovery of the Paint Program installed in my computer..which made me just about jump up out of my chair, then I nearly said some very worddy birds...uh..dirty words..

ANDTHEN with my right hand ( which I barely use 'cause it makes things all wonky..) I got into the paint program, messed around with some of the brush details, messed around some more, an' this is what I came up with. Not much, looks like I'm back in the 1st. grade, but I just love the rawness of the brushstrokes..it really does look like I'm back in 1st grade.

An' that's ok, 'cause maybe by the time I hit 70, I'll be able to actually print legibally (oh hush, that's spelled bbbbaaadddd..so shut up...) and people won't shake their heads and say, "oh, she does need some help on her penmanship.." Or whatever you call it...

As for other stuff - Tom & I went for the monthly Saturday Morning Breakfast at the clubhouse - biscuits with gravy, scrambled eggs, and hot coffee. They also had pancakes, sausage and something else, but I figured what I had was enuf to stall my blood veins for the next 5 hours -- biscuits & gravy, scrambled eggs & coffee. The only time I eat something like this is at the Saturday Morning Breakfast, so it's not like it's the everyday thing to do. I wouldn't be here if that WAS what I'd eat every day..besides, the Dr. would have a field day when my cholestrol screening came back..We chatted with a few people, but then Tom said he had to get back here to help noah with the yardwork and whatever else there is to do. So, that left me with trying to figure out what to do with the project over on the work table.

And I still need to get some type of printing on some tiny pieces of paper..and I'm no closer to doing that than when I started an hour ago.

But It Is fun to mess with the paint program on the computer..now I'm gonna be messin' with it for the nest 5 hours..watch me. ~~ No, there are too many things to get done around here before I set myself down an' be messin' with paint and stuff..

WAIT!! -- Isn't that what I do, but at another location in this very same room?!! WHAT THE....

Ok - I'm gonna go DO something..I'm just not gonna SAY just what it iz..hee, hee...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, November 06, 2009

Here are some of the little plants that are popping up in the yard, mostly around all the wood scraps and firewood piles noah has near the sheds >> These are some of the wild plants that I want to know the names of, but for the time being, I'll just call them sweet little wildflowers.

I'm also waiting for a word or 2 from the Dr. office, but it seems that waiting for something from them is like waiting for my ship to come in. Wait! - Maybe if my ship comes in, Tom will be able to see it at the Port, and tell 'em to hang on while I drive up there!! Ha!! That's the ticket!!

Ok, so it's been a stressful week, and all this poppycock is driving me somewhat crazy. I'm working on a new canvas, and as for now, there is absolutely not one once or smudge or blip of paint or anything else on that thing - I've got a lot of teeny papers cut for it, and some other elements but as for putting those onTO the canvas, it just seems that something else comes up, and I'm at a loss to get any more work done. It's the aftereffects of the full moon: That's my cop-out for the end of the week. Plus, I'm still wondering what to do for the weekend, since tom got paid $200 less than we'd expected, so that was a teeny bit of a suprise. Goes to show what gettin' excited about pay - day will do. Never count your chickens, or whatever that old saying is - Good thing we make a habit of saving aside some extra every week!!

So, this is short, but I have to go check on the dog - she's refusing to come in from the deck this morning, and it seems kinda chilly. I'm worried about her, and she seems to be actin' kinda funny today. What with the cancer she has, and some of the breathing difficulties she has, it all comes together to make me somewhat nervous for her...poor baby..

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, November 05, 2009

>> So, I got all excited yesterday, and hoped that my Dr. office called me back, and had some NEWS for me..<<

So much for thinkin' -- I called them, le's see...4 times?? -- Nothing. Wait, I mean they TALKED to me, but the answers I'd been waiting for aren't there. As in, the Hosp. where I went this week, hasn't sent the scans, ultra-sound or anything else to my Dr's office yet. And the staff at the Hosp. said, "Oh! - We'll have those to your doctors office this evening, or at the latest, tomorrow morning.." --

Did the earth turn in some other direction and not tell me? -- Did something happen to this part of America and Hospitals are not longer in charge of telling patients what they NEED TO KNOW??

sorry for the mini-rant there, but it's so #%&&@! irritating when I want to know what the #$^%*( is going on with ME, and nobody wants to do their job...OH! -- That's it! HA!! -- How DUMB!! --

Here I am, expecting somebody to do their JOB...

ok..so that's what that is for now..just a bunch of waiting for the cows to come home..or waiting for my ship to come in, and I'll be at the airport...

BUT -- on the ART front, it's much better than waiting for other people to do something..I've got a nice little project sitting on my table, and one that got finished, but hasn't gotten it's picture taken yet..so that will happen in a flash. or maybe in a little while. I'm not feeling up to being rush-ied just yet this morning..not enuf coffee in me to do all THAT. And there are some papers that I've been eyeing since the other morning,when I got a brainstorm to do a little something that I'd seen a few months ago -- a little bit of pattern on some ad or something, and it kinda looked like it could be made/altered just enuf with just the right patterned paper, some paints and maybe a slip of glitter glue thrown in for good measure. Then THAT will all be slammed together into a spiffy little canvas. At least, that's the thot for the morning --

The dog is being good -- she's not getting any better, but she seems to still have her crazy little sense of humor about her. The cancer on her side isn't getting any smaller, but it doesn't seem to bother her..just the lesions within her lung are what bother her the most. If she gets too bouncy and starts hopping up and down like she does when she wants a biscuit, then she starts coughing and has to stop and stand still for a minute. My poor baby! It breaks my heart, and there is just nothing the vet can do about it. How do you go into the lungs of an animal and try to take something out? -- Nope -- It just doesn't work like that. So, we'll leave Little Miss Sara as she is - just another crazy member of this crazy little household, along the shore of the Albemarle Sound. Watchin' all the animals around the yard (Noah and the 3-point buck he saw the other morning...) and catching a glimpse of the leaves turning color and falling slowly to the ground for the winter.

That's what's goin' on here -- just another day in the neighborhood --

Must get some glue on some shells...I'm not goin' to tell what their for, I'll just say that their lookin ' mighty fine on their new home..

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"Smile Everyday" - 2009 Spring Bay Studio

Sorry for the washout appearance of this piece...the new light Noah put in the studio seems to make everything look like it's had better days. This is one of my newer works..she seems to be having a good time..

The conversation on this w/The Husband went totally off kilter..

"So..whaddya think of her?"

"uh..ya mean, who does she look like?"

"Yeah..you said she looked like Dolly Parton.."

"No -- Rachael Zoe.."

"Rachael Zoe?! -- You mean, like, Rachael Zoe..?"

"Yeah..Rachael Zoe.. Why?"

"Well, 'cause I didn't think you knew who she was, or what she looked like.."

"Yeah I Do! An' this looks like her.."


"Why you say that??!! I told you what I thot of this .."

"Never mind..."

>> So that was the start of Saturday...an' it just continued to get weirder as the day went along..<<

See ~~ I watched a couple of the Rachael Zoe series last month, and one time, tom walked in and stood and watched the program with me for all of about 5 minutes. I didn't think anything of it -- sorta explained who she was, and why the background shots looked so fabulous, cause after all it's all shot in L.A. -- an then tom went on his merry little way. So, it was something of a suprise that he told me that this mermaid looked like Rachael Zoe, 'cause after all, there are MONTHS where tom won't remember what happened the day before, so how wa I supossed to react when he said he thot this looked like Rachael Zoe...Suprised? - Understatement of the year, that one.

So now, anyway, here she is, and she isn't too bad, all things considering..

But now the phone rings, an' it should be my Dr. -- yikes..le's see what happenes from here...

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, November 02, 2009

This time of year brings about an overabundance of things in the yard - sometimes it seems that when I walk around to see what's in the sheds, I find more things happening on the ground than I'd imagined.

This is a clump of one variety of mushroom that grows like crazy around some of the hardwoods in our yard. We seem to have these pop up not when it immediately stops raining, but some days afterwards - they seem to like the moisture that seeps into the ground, rather than the direct pouring of rain on them -- they tend to clump rather like a little plant, and I'm sure there is some fabulous botanical name for them. Me, I jus' call 'em mushrooms -- they get rather large, and this one got pushed over by noah - I'm not sure if he accidently stepped on this clump, or if one of the wild critters that visit every night, happened to do this. But these are a most interesting little plant -- if they are indeed called a plant. Something else, I think, but at the moment it totally escapes my memory.

I do have a ride to the Dr. office in the morning!! -- Yay!! -- so that's one headache avoided. I talked with the couple who are on the list in our community to give rides to people up to Va., and they were very happy to help me out. We talked after church yesterday, and even tho there may be a bit of fanagaling involved the wife is still going to make sure I get to the clinic where I need to have my tests, (or whatever their called) taken care of. SHWOO..whatta relief! - She's very optimistic for me, so that made me calm down a little bit - I told her that my family history doesn't exactly give me the most optimisim, but she said she's gone thru the same thing - Don't worry - an' that's that!! Ok then! Another friend of mine said it's probably the Dr making sure that he has a "baseline" to go on for future reference - in case something does come up in the future. That sound much better than what the assistant said to me. Sometimes people have the wording all wrong when they tell you something - making it sound so much worse than it actually is. That's what this whole thing seems to be to me.

At least that's what I'm chosing to go with for now.

And then -- Our middle son, the musician, called us last week - Thursday it was - to tell us, that on Nov. 1st., he was flying out to relocate to California.

Say WHAT??!!

What is that, like 4 days ahead of time - to say he's moving far, far away??!!

Ever feel like a sledge hammer hit's you between the eyes?

Yup - so, we then didnt hear from him till 'bout 5 p.m. Sat nite - "Can you guys come up an' see me before I take outta here in the morning?!" So, I'd just finished fixin' dinner, an we ate reeeaal fast, hopped in the car, an' drove up to the city. We made one slight mis-calculation, in that where he lives (lived) in in an old, old section of the city, with gazillions of one way streets..AND IT WAS HALLOWEEN..

So, not only did we get lost, turning on the wrong street, trying to get onto the RIGHT one-way-street, we also had to dodge little hoblins, a ton of little Pink Princesses, and some flat out scary lookin' adults walking along with the kids. Not something my eyes wanted to see at 7 p.m. --Our oldest called tom's cell phone, 'cause naturally we werent at the apt,when we said we were going to be..

"Where are you?!!"

"uhh...we're lost.."

"Well, where are you?!!!"

"Didn't you hear me, we're LOST!!!"

Not quite like, "Who's on first, what's on second", but for 5 minutes I felt like I was absolutely going to lose my mind..

Well, we did get to the right apartment, visited with our son, lottsa his friends, and hopped around lottsa boxes, stacks of unpacked things, and far too many odds and ends that still has my brain scrambled. I was very proud of myself, and didn't cry. I think maybe tomorrow it's gonna hit me, an' I'll cry like a baby...but his job allowed him to relocate, so that's good. His 2 other room-mates went too, and they all have the same jobs, so it's all worked out for that end of things. My son said he's gonna play like a good tourist, and take a gazillion pictures in the first couple weeks he's there..soaking in the fact that it IS Southern California, and yes, there will be no snow where he's living. And he'll even take a picture of one of the beaches where I used to go all the time when I was a teenager.



Uhmm..sort of -- Even Tom was feeling a little left out of things. And he even said, "Well, I gotta realize I can't be 19 anymore.."

"YA THINK??!!"

So that's the news from here - another batch of grey hairs for ME -- An' so much more goin' on right now that I can't stand it -- Gotta free pumpkin, an' Noahs jammerin about fixin' it up..Lawwdy, I better go make sure things aren't goin' to Hell in a Handbasket...

LAdy of THe TuLIps...