Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~~ Well, here it is, another day with cool temperatures, and let me TELL you, it is so very welcome, after a late summer filled with scorching heat, and humidity that would melt your toes, if you stood on some pavement long enuf. ~~

Well, maybe not truly melt your toes, but you get my drift -- I'm also glad to say that today I went to have some x-rays taken, and the initial results are all good - the woman looking them over said everything looked just fine, so that is all I needed to hear!! -- Good news is always, well, good news!! -- So, I was also able to get a ride with one of the members of the local civic league -- the board of directors have come up with an idea to have directors help out any civic league members with travel /ride requirements to out of town locations - for anything from having a Dr. appt (Me!) to going shopping, to whatever - as long as it is within reason. So, last week I called the Clubhouse, talked with the secretary, got 2 phone numbers, called and made a request, and Tah-Dah! - Secured a ride up to The City for my x-rays. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, my oh MY what a wonderful day!! The ride was nice, conversation was pleasant, and the x-rays took less than an hour to go thru! How 'bout THAT?? I was amazed, and far too happy to get out of the diagnostic center in less than 2 hours, believe me! - Enuf of Dr offices for the week for this little girl!

So now the work has to get back into rhythym oops, thats really spelled bad - well, actually I like that spelling, so THERE --

Le's see, where waz I -- Oh! - ART STUFF -- yup, it has to get back into HAPPENING, so without any more delay, I'm off to go do some sketches -- and I'm going to try for the 3rd day in a row, to download some pictures on HERE - I keep trying, and the little computer answer is "We're working on that issue" -, WHEN?!

Sorry - teeny rant there. -

Lady of The Tulips - keeping her fingers crossed that her pictures will POST on here in the morning

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boy Howdy -- We finally have some decent weather along the shore here, and does it feel wonderful!! - No heat/humidity/dampness everywhere, just a sweet gentle breeze coming off the Sound, making the leaves in the trees sound like little whispers. And now their coloring is becoming more apparant (sp) everyday. Just Wonderful, I'm tellin' ya!!

>> And on the other front -- I'm still having trouble getting pictures to download on my blog, thus why you haven't seen our very nice little bathroom cabinet, or some of the flowers on the Rose of Sharon, that are STILL blooming. For Real!! - And too, I wanted to show off one of the frames that I bought at a thrift store the other week, but take my word for it - in the 80's, it was just the THING to have -- with the pinks and greens -- oh yeah -- but now it's slowly being transformed into a better looking frame - bits of the dark stain just barely visible, and a slight coat of white along the sides. Very Antique looking -- which is just fine.

Plus, that means that I don't have to work my poor little fingers to the BONE getting all the coats of paint JUST RIGHT and EVEN - kinda like drawing a straight line - mine always go off on a weird angle, looking like somebody had a bad hangover. NO - not me, those days are looong over, thank you very much!! But my straight lines sometimes look that way - even with the use of a ruler....go figure..

Noah's been getting the exterior of the cabin all ship shape before the onset of full-on winter - got a lot of the little cracks and nicks along the windows all filled in with putty, and now is getting primer set up along the edges of all the frames of said windows - there was only bare wood - no wonder I could feel the cold seeping in thru the walls and windows all last winter!! - There was no nothing to keep the cold out!! Ack! - So, even tho Noah bumped his head and made it bleed (Give 'er one for the Gipper!!) he's still out on the ladder, painting and sanding and making sure we don't have leakiee windows anymore. I thot some of the work hadn't been done by the previous owner, but didn't wanna say anything. Well, noah went out last week while he was doing some other work, an' lo and behold, he sees what Hadn't been done! - Whoa!! -

Never a Dull Moment here!!

I'm feeling much better today - not so tired as I've been in the last week - so that seems to mean that the meds that the Dr. gave me on my birthday are working. Thank Heavens!! - I hated to miss church on sunday, but there was no strength in this ol' girls body That Day - Whoo--iiee, it was ugggly!! So now there's no excuse to get things Done!!

And with that, I'm off to get Work Done - an' hopefully figure out how to show off my frames - Doncha just love thrift stores??!!

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, September 28, 2009

>> Well << I have to say, that my son is at this moment, my absolute hero -- Don't know what he did, but this weekend I couledn't get into my email, my blog, or other things that I usually use. Everytime I get a system update on my computer, the same thing happens. So -- while talking on the phone this morning, my dear son overheard me complaining that I was having problems, again, with my computer. So, in about 2 minutes, he waltzes in, types about 6 things into these little teeny boxes, and Tah-Dah!! -- the whole world is nice, clean, and there aren't dirty dishes on the kitchen counter..

Well -- the world may be all nice and pink and blue, but, there are still dirty dishes on the kitchen counter...

Oh Well ~

But Good News -- is that the new shop will be close to finished this next weekend, and I was able to pick up my other work from my first shop, with no questions asked...just Have a Nice Day, and I got a check for $41.00 -- Not close to what I wanted, but it IS some pay, so I'll go with that. The other shop is really in a state of flux -- things are in 2 different locations, the new store, and the old store -- poor little crabs floating on the walls, with none of their little fishie friends...other little mermaids, all sitting on sweet shelves, with all of Their friends stuck in boxes and on their way to the other location.

It's a mess, I'm tellin' ya!! -- But it will be soo much better -- the new location is about 2 times bigger (!!) that the original Mermaid Store, so THAT'S TOO COOL!! -- Plus, I found the section where I can hang my art!! -- YAY!! -- And it's all in a very good place, lots of light, plenty of space for everything I ever EVAH wanna do, so I'm pretty jazzed!! YAY!! The owner of the new space just loves loves me little mermaids, so that helps with the down dayz lately, where I nearly gave everything up an' went to work at Wal-Mert...honest and for real. But, those blue dayz are over, OVAH and I'm on my way.

Plus, I happened to get a chance to BUY new things at the ART STORE -- Yay Again...and I'll even post a shot of my NEW CLEAN AND SHINEY PAINT PALLETTE!!!

With no paint blobs to found on it what so evah!!

Oh, I just don't know whether to &&&& or what, I'm just so excited.

But -- my birthday was not NOT what I wanted - overslept before church, by 1/2 hour, so there went getting to' then I realized I felt horrid, I MEAN HORRID -- I'd been feeling GLAKCK for the past couple dayz - figured it was all the stress of getting work ready for the new store...then realized, No - I'm comin down with something.

So I had tom drive me to the' there we sat for over 3 hours...BUT -- the good thing is I found out what I have, and got meds to make it all Disappear!! -- Icxkyy tasting meds, but they work, so I'm ready to go take another dose, and go from there. And Tom bought me a giant-or package of muffins that we made into our "Birthday Cake" - put 2 candles on 2 of the giantor things, sang happy birthday, an' that was our excitement for the night!! Whoo- Hoo!!

So - off now to work - paint and do all things like I should!!

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welll, I WAZ going to download a picture of the new bathroom cabinet we bought, but for some reason, the picture wouldn't download, so you'll have to take my word for it -- it really is a nice cabinet!! Oak - solid wood, and nearly a steal at less than $90!! I'm still looking for some type of storage unit - shelf unit for the space next to the cabinet, but so far the only things I've found look like they should be in somebody's garage. Nothing wrong with a nice storage unit in ones garage, but that type of steel Thing in the bathroom just doesn't cut in for me.

I'm still missin' my little buddy out on the deck..I'm still so used to lookin' out the door an' seein' him all curled up asleep on the deck chair, that it nearly takes my breath away when I suddenly realize that he's gone. Tom is still ripping mad over the fact that somebody was in such a hurry monday morning that they couldn't slow down long enuf to avoid hitting the cat..uurrgghhh...

But life goes on, and I'v been working like a Mad Woman all this week, trying to get at least 4 if not 5 pieces all wrapped up -- GoodNews!! -- I've been selected to join in the New Shop up in the City!! Yay!! -- Went up to talk with the owner of the Beach-Themed place last weekend, but the owner was in her new store, painting and fixing things up -- Seems the original store had something of a disaster just at the start of the summer -- A drunk driver was being chased by the police, and at what was estimated to be 95 miles an hour, took the corner where the shop sits, and missed the turn, and slammed into the front of the building, completely demolishing the exterior corner (where the front door & custom painting's are --uh, were) of the building. So, once the dust all cleared, the owner took to cleaning, repainting, getting items all taken out, then put back in again. Took 2 months, and nearly lost the summer season, but they made it -- reopened, and then had the owner - manager of the building tell them that he was raising their rent by $500 a month.

Is it any wonder that Bankers are not thought of in exactly glowing terms these days?

Fortunately, the owner of the store, found another space, where ironically I'd had some art/craft items a few years ago -- that store closed, and some others had taken the space -- now they've left, and the owner of this current store has taken the lease -- SHWOO -- lottsa stuff!! -- but now the space is wide open for new art!! -- And with that, I've been asked to bring some of my mermaids, fish-iees and All Things Beach to the store. I'm going to get into the space, and see where I'm going to have my stuff hanging - tomorrow - and then we'll go from there. The store where I've been selling my art -- well, that owner is going to give me back the art that hasn't sold, and I'm supossed to finally get my check from her for the things that have sold. It isn't that I'm angry with her, it's just that for the amount of work that I pour into each piece, plus the drive up there..well, I'd like to make more than the $4.00 and $6.00 I've made on each piece currently.

Not being greedy, but...the work is worth just a teeny bit more than $4.00 each.

So, I've completed 3 new pieces, got a couple new frames all painted out, and now have to finish a 4th piece this morning, and get it all packed up for tomorrow. Tom is driving me up to the city, and he's actually pretty excited about the day!! -- Well, either that, or since it's his birthday, he just wants to spend my hard earned check on something for himself!! Ha!!

And I'm completely exhausted!! -- I've been goin' like crazy, haven't slept much, 'cause my brain keeps thinking of all kinds of ways to decorate the space I'm going to have...even tho I haven't even SEEN the space yet...gads...

So, It's all in the final turn now, and I can kind of relax today --

Oh, and did I mention, that in the middle of all this, noah decided that it was time to haul off and paint out the closet in the studio? -- And tear out all the things, storage baskets, frames, etc., that were stored in there??? -- And make lots of noise, NOISE in the mean time????

And he's at it this morning in the master bedroom tearing apart my closet in there, too...

Not that I don't appreciate the work. No, I'm really glad he's doing the work.

It's just not the time for said work to be done...

Making my nerves rattle even more than they need to...

So I'm off to have a good strong cup of Trucker Coffee -- Tom refuses to make coffee anything less than Extra Strength..good for Over The Road truck drivers..
Think that's why my nerves are a little edgy this morning??


Lady of The Tulips

Monday, September 21, 2009

>>Don't know what just to say this morning<<

Seems somebody was in a hurry early, zipping down the street in front of our house, opposite our dirt road. Little Bub was trying to make it across that street, to get to the house, and sleep on his favorite chair out on the back porch.

But like I said, somebody was in a hurry -- people always go flying around the corner in front of our cabin, like the world is on fire, or something close.

And little teeny bub couldn't make it across the street fast enough to avoid the speeding car.

Noah found him when he went outside to pick up the morning paper.

I am heartbroke and so sad. He was such a fun little cat -- Bub would do anything to chase off other off the porch to catch a lizard..explore around the shed.

But now our little friend is gone, and now I'm just going to go and sit out on the front porch, and look at the woods as they change color.

Sitting on the front porch in the turquoise chair was one of bub's favorite spots, too.

I'll sit in the turquoise chair for him.

Rest in Peace, little buddy...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, September 18, 2009

~~ Just a quick thing here, to say that all is well ~~

Got off the phone a little while ago..2 hours to schedule some routine stuff at the Dr's office..then that order gets sent to another clinic..then That order gets sent to another regional office..No wonder medical THANGS are so thru the roof..and No -- I won't get into the whole Health Care Debate...but all the phone tag stuff I went thru today is one big indicator of how the system needs to get fixed somehow...

My news for the day -- !! -- Is that I have another shop owner who wants to see my work -- Did I mention this yesterday? -- I can't remember..but I'm going to get up to the city on sunday to show some work...and if all goes well, sign up for a nice space in a NEW shop -- Brand New in Fact -- if the owner accepts my work, I get a 5' X 8' space, and can decorate it however I want -- hang my work and Dance For Joy!! - would have to pay rent every month, but hey, that's ok, as I can price my work accordingly, not at $75 less than I need to make!! Yay and Double Yay!!
I'm scared, excited, worried, all those things rolled into one big THANG -- Shwoo --

So am finishing a sketch & painting right as we that Write...yeah, tha's it -- and then some playing,glueing,messin' 'roun' with some papers, beads, stickers, anything else that happens to be lying 'round..Wheeee

Gotts to Run -- Noah wantz the 'puter, so me gotta go..

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So, yeah the picture is a little blurry..ok, it's pretty darn blurry, but noah ran outside the other morning while he was working on the front porch, then came in the studio, grabbed the camera, trotted back to the front porch, and took this picture. Didn't tell me word One about whyy he was taking the camera, but this is what he discovered...

I am so glad we have these wonderful Praying Mantises!! -- They are nearly one of the most perfect insects to have in and around a garden!! -- They eat all those terrible bugs, slugs and Horrid Things that ruin all the hard work you do in the garden, with a blink of an eye. We used to have a gazillion of these little critters in our garden in the city, and one evening when I was watering a pretty big marigold, out popped a praying mantis, all irritated, wet and stomping around on the leaves of the flower like it was just looking to make all the water STOP. I nearly apologized to the thing...sheesh..

So now there is a good explaination why some of the creepy bugs have been this bug should have, like, it's own house or something. Wait. I think they do have some kind of place where they live..nest? Uhmm..something like that. So we are grateful for the small things -- like these in the garden!!

And on to ART things -- talked to another shop owner this afternoon -- had talked with her some years ago, actually not too long before I had my mini-stroke, an' she had wanted me to show some of my art in her store back then. But Other Things happened, then we moved, yadda, yadda, yadda -- SO -- now she's moving into an even Bigger store, an' has asked me to bring some of my pieces to show her this weekend. YAY!! -- I am trying not to get excited/I'm excited, and am pretty scared all at the same time. The irony is -- the place where this woman is relocating - is also a place where I had tried to sell some handmade greeting cards some years ago...think I sold 3 or something...but the owner of the shop didn't want to keep cards in her space, so I had to go -- sorta like last hired, first fired kinda thing. So -- Hopefully now it's gonna be a far better story than back 4 years ago!! Keep me in your prayers!! -- I can use all the Positive out there!!

And for now, I gotta get working -- some new stuff over on the table..still have to cut some foamcore -- gotta frame that's an odd size, so the canvas I bought naturally doesnt fit the frame...cute. Advice To All Out There -- TAKE MEASUREMENTS!! whenever possible!! -- I looked at the frame w/The Husband, and didn't bother to make sure my sheet that is exactly 9 x 12 was in my purse, that I use to make sure the frame will fit my canvases...Dumb A****!! So this is My Word To The Wise!!

>>Lady ofThe Tulips <<

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Before he went out on the road for a weeks vacation (must be nice..) our oldest took this shot of the dining room/kitchen just before he went back up to the city.

He was experimenting with the camera, and wanted to know if he could borrow it for his trip - he said it didn't take pictures good enuf for what he wanted, so he left on his sourjourn anyway. I guess he got a camera for his-own self, so we shall see what he comes home with.

>> Actually he's gone on a pretty neat trip -- got it all planned out -- go to the play-off games of the East Coast Minor League Baseball teams -- then see who ends up playing in the final championship game. Not a bad idea, an' he's going to see if he can make it to about 4 games in the time he has. He'd gone on a similar trip a couple years ago with noah, and they camped the whole time, up and down the East Coast, with some stops here and there to check out baseball parks, tourist places related to baseball, and some other places, like great buffet restraunts where they could stuff their faces!! Growing Boys gotta eat!! <<

~~ So today I'm waiting for my latest canvas to dry -- just got it finished this morning, and now am twiddling my fingers -- I'm not that good at waiting, but with some pieces glued on the canvas, I'm leary of touching the piece, an' watching one of the glued thangs go flying off...ACK!! .... so I'll try to do the Waiting For Things To Dry deal...sigh ~~

We are seeing more and more geese flying due south these days -- some of the woodpeckers are flying around the Sound as well, and they seem to be all bent to get somewhere. I've also started to see some of the vultures make their comeback to the woods -- they were gone almost all summer, but now their making their presence known -- big groups of them congregate in the tallest pine trees, 5 - 6 of 'em, all making their weird noises, an' they are So Big!! Those poor pine trees, I've no idea how the things can hold up those big ol' birds!!

So the cabin is settling into Fall -- our woods are changing color ever so subtly, and the nighttime temperatures are getting cool now. Wow. And not even a month ago it was absolutely blistering hot. Goes to show ya...

Must get a sheet of foamcore cut -- and do some investigating of the tv -- should be a baseball game on this afternoon!!

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Her And Her Darn Crabby Friends"

2009 -- Spring Bay Studio

~ Thot it was time for the little girl to get herself where she felt she needed to be ~

I've got another one in the works, but for now, this is what this little girl said..Well, not actually SAID, but there was mention of making something of a debut...but not like with the Junior League - o - anything quite that fancy.

'Sides -- it's jus' a fun an' play day today, so let's not get all worked up and grouchy!!

Lady of The Tulips
Sooo -- here it is another week, and there are some new things coming along nicely over on the work table..the camera is once again giving me fits and spits, but if it goes how I think it should, there will be some pictures on here in just a little bit. A Brain Spurt came along to me in the middle of the night (When I can never find a pencil to write things down...) about some pictures, and ways of making little subtle differences, so I'm moving toward those changes too.

Ever Ever so many things to think about. Now to mention some new things that are desperately needed in the studio. One of which is replacing this poor old and very wobbly table/computer desk. The first time it was put together was by our oldest, who is admitedly not one to do anything like furniture the original holes for nails have been rather, shall we say, Beat trying to make them work right for rebuilding the desk when we got down here was really a headache for poor noah.

So now -- even with some shimmy-shimmy-cocoa-bop-kinda tricks up his sleeve, noah still couldn't get the desk to stand still if you lean against if I mistakenly bump the edge, or use the desk to push my chair away from the desktop...Yikes!! It feels and looks like it's going to greet the floor at any minute.

So, now we have 2 items to replace -- the shelf in the master bathroom -- and a new computer desk. BUT -- it's all good, as there are sales (!!) everywhere it seems, an' now we have a little bit saved up for Both Things!!Yay!!

So, it's starting off to be a pretty good week -- and there is a little girl that wants to make her debut too, so to hush her up, I'll be getting a picture of her on here too.

Shwoo -- I'm Tellin' you -- ever so many things!!

Must go and Take Care of Business!!

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, September 11, 2009 is a shot of the workday not too terribly long ago, where The Husband got himself under the the plumbing all set --shut Off, and proceeded to take off the old fixture, dismantle whatever was lurking under the sink, then let Noah have a go at tearing out the old, musty cabinet and that weird long extension-thingie.

All in all, it only took about 2 hours (!!) for all the work to get done..but I just HAD to get a picture of You-Know-Who under that little bitty sink!! He actually didn't make as much noise as I thot he would. He does have a tendancy to make Lots of Noise when dismantling things. So I'm quite pleased that he just did his job with the least amount of Quacking!!

Now I have to get a shot of the very cute little cabinet and new sink, with this existing faucet set just right on top of it. Very small, but this bathroom is small, so the dimensions fit just peachy. Now I've been on the hunt for something to set all my baskets, odds and ends and THANGS on, so they have a Very Specific Place. The clever trick is to get something that won't be affected by the moisture in the bathroom. The original builders of the cabin didn't put a window on the outer wall, so it gets pretty damp in the room. But I've looked at a couple different options, and now it's the DecisionMakingTime...And -- the best thing, is that there will be no attaching, building or any such thing...I'm on a thing for a standing shelf unit. Found one, too!! Now it's talking The Husband into buying said shelf unit.....

It's just taking a little while...

I'll tell ya about it later...

Meanwhile!! -- Tom has a Dr. appt. early..I mean EARLY in the morning, so for me to get some ART supplies, that means that I have to get up with' get out onto Ocean Highway before the farmers get to their fields. Well, maybe not THAT early, but it's gonna be before 8 a.m. -- for ME that's like, the crack of dawn. But we'll combine 2 things at once...I sit with him in the Dr. office while he waits to find out his blood pressure (it should be low still..) an' then we go to Dunkin Donuts for a lite lunch (a sandwich an' naturally some coffee) an' then on to the Art Store. I've made a list of some paint colors Needed! -- An' I'll also look at some papers that are supposed to be on sale. Who can resist all those yummy colors and patterns?! They are such eye candy!!

So for now I must go and make sure some ink is dry on me little work' get to painting Something New...

You'll see tomorrow when we get back from The Big City..

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Untitled" - 2009

Here is one of the pieces that I talked about the other day -- done earlier on, but had some added bits and pieces just last week, sorta-kinda to dress it up a bit. Now it has a touch more color, and it looks spiffy-er if I don't mind saying so!

Today there are some other papers on the work table, and a new canvas that came in the mail just last week -- so many things at one time!! My poor head is spinning with all the new-ness!! I also got my apron done yesterday, despite having an attack of some flu bug overnight. Hit me like a ton of bricks, as the saying goes. Don' know where it came from, or why it decided to hit in the first place, but there ya go. Got up feeling like the local sand and fill company just dropped a load of dirt on me, an' drove off laughing. But , I press onward!! -- And not only got some papers cut and messed with, but also finished said apron, did some work in the master bathroom, and cut some other things out for the new canvas.


So now it's time to mess with some of the papers I bought a few weeks ago, as a Place Where I Swore I'd Never Buy Anything...

But The Husband was in said store getting some other things, and pitched something of a hissy fit, saying that he wasn't going to go to any other places for the day, so if I needed to get anything,then I just better get what I needed right then and there, or Else.

Ever feel like your looking down the train tracks and even tho you know you shouldn't be there, you still just stand there watching as Number 15 train bound for Atlanta is barreling toward you??

Well, that's b'out how I felt -- not so much like a train was hitting me, but like I was looking toward something I'd rather not do..

But it all worked out for the Good -- got some papers that aren't half bad..found some little bits and pieces to add here and there...and All Together it just is Good.

So with that being said, it's time to Get To Work!!

Besides it's a beeeautiful morning, the sun is Shining, The Dog is happy out on the deck (which noah cleaned over the weekend!!) and the Cat is doing whatever he darn well feels like doing...!!

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, September 07, 2009

"She Said, Oooh, La, La! I'm going to Cut Loose!!"

Spring Bay Studio -- 2009 --

This is one of the pieces that I worked out the other day - a little different mermaid than I have done in the past, but she just sorta came to me outta the blue -- she also has some more colors since I took this picture..little bits more of blue and green..just to make her feel more at home away from her little sea home.

We are having weather that definetly feels like Fall is here -- lots of rain in the last 36 hours, and it doesn't look like it has any plans to go away any time soon. The storm itself looks like it's swirling just overhead..lots of wind that's coming straight off the Sound, then some strong rain, then the Wind again...the radar looks just horrid, and even the shot Noah looked at on the Weather Channel had him mumbling about the clouds. There just doesn't look like there will be sun for our future!! The temps are really cool too -- 73 I think it was at the last reading...not what it usually is along this area this time of year...we're supossed to be near 82 - o - 84. Not a chance of that today!!

So we are getting other things taken care of today!! -- I've been sewing up a new apron..the fabric was nearly a steal at under $6.00 for the entire amount!! Ha! -- Shipping cost more than all the fabric! -- But that's ok, 'cause it is coming along quite nicely, and this time tomorrow I'll be wearing it while I clean and bake some nummy chicken! The fun thing about the pattern, is that it also was a near steal! - $2.99!! - Let's hear it for not spending an arm and a leg!! Whoo- Hoo!! I'll post the finished apron tomorrow. Even Tom said it looked pretty good. Whoa!! That's sayin' somethin'!!

There are a couple other projects that are just getting finished on the little work table, so those too, will get posted either tomorrow or the following day -- what with today being a holiday here in the states, my brain seems that it wants to be on vacation too -- I know it's Labor Day, an' it's that means tomorrow will be tuesday. 'k. I guess I'm ok after all...jus' sorta thot I'd missed a day or 2 again. Did that last week about 4 times in one day....sheesh...

Must check some paint and see if the paper I've got my latest sketch on is doin' ok in all this damp weather. Things feel a little moist around the house. Even little miss muffett is just lazin' around today. Too dark outside to play, an' she didn't even bark at the cat this morning!! But she made enuf noise at the cat last night to last for the next 4 days anyway, so being quiet today is jus' fine!!

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Most of the daylilies are thru blooming for the season, but there are a few that are holding on for dear life, still blooming their little heads off. These are just one of the batch around the yard that are defying the odds of Fall Approaching, and are still blooming. So, Take That Fall!!

And on the other hand there are signs that the weather and calendar are against All Things Fall -- Later this week we are to have HEAT again..with those wild and wicked humidity readings that make everything in the house wilt and fall over. But not our couch, 'cause it is a rather imposing item, so it refuses to wilt.

But the things outside are holding on and trying to keep their summer identity. Some are doing just fine, not just these flowers, but on some of the bushes -- Rose of Sharon for instance, there are blooms too -- I still haven't gotten around to posting pictures of those - but I'll try to get out there in a little while. We are also watching some of the geese around the neighborhood, strutting themselves around the edge of the rivers..looking like they firmly believe they own the place (whichever place they happen to be standing on..) -- and looking too, for all the world like there will be no Fall, let alone Winter. But alas, it is creeping up on us, and there are some of the older geese that have started forming their little spiffy V's -- swooping and flying around the area as if they are in some kind of Blue Angels Demonstration. "Look Mommy!! They ca fly sideways!!" --

Well -- so on the Art Front -- I took some pieces up to the shop this last weekend, and they aren't priced too high, so I'm hoping to have those sold by the end of the month -- It is already September, so that isn't getting too rediculously greedy now, is it? -- The owner of the shop called me yesterday to say that some of the pieces aren't going to get priced as much as she had first said, so that put me in something of a funk yesterday afternoon. I sorta moped around, kicked things in the studio, made the kitchen clean and tidy with a WHOOSH of cleaning. Got out some tomatoes and made them into a decent batch of stewed tomatoes for Spanish Rice.

Then finally calmed down. There isn't much to do when the Economy is rotten, and people are afraid of spending on much of anything these days, so the fact that some of my pieces are even being sold is saying something!! -- The only bad part of yesterday, was when Noah needed me to help him put up a small cabinent..'k, not only did I spell that wrong, but holding the stuiped thing up on the wall, while noah measured, remeasured, took his time checking if the thing was even on the wall. -- ALL WHILE I'M HOLDING IT UP ON THE WALL...

And to top it off, some masking tape that was on the side of the cabinent stuck to my hand in a big ol' blob, and it didn't come there I am, holding this THING on the wall, big globsof painters masking tape all over my right hand, and my arms are starting to shake from holdingthe THING on the wall...

"Can you hold it steady so I can mark the holes for the woodscrews?


Somehow the little thing got put up - my arms have recuperated - and the laundryroom sink that was between me, the wall, and the cabinent is doing just fine...

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that Tom had some of his dirty sneakers on the floor under the laundryroom I had to keep kicking them out of my way, so I could sorta/kinda stand close to the wall and hold up Said Item? --

Oh, go ahead and stare at my grey hairs...

> I'm off to mess with some new canvases I got in the mail yesterday<<

Lady of The Tulips