Friday, July 31, 2009

Ok -- I started a post a couple minutes ago, but the whole thing went poof into the never never land of computer-something,so here we go again.

I wanted to share a picture of both our rose of sharon and the tippy-top of the crape myrtle -- they are just bloomin' their little heads offff, what with this heat, humidity and all the rain, rain, rain we've been having -- the weather people say it's going to be a couple more days of all the water, then it's supossed to be done with. Ahhmm...I'll believe it when I see it. Or until I can stop melting just while I'm sitting still. It's getting a little old at this point, and there are parts of the country that would jump up and down and kiss the old hound dog sittin' in front of the town hardware store, just to have a sprinkle of rain at this point. And we're havin' storms that have ratttledd the windows, made the dog go and hide in the bathroom, and given me fits and spits with all the water bangin' against the side of the air conditioner....

But on to other things -- it's the weekend already, and now I'm gettin' some "plans" in order to go thriftin', junkin' and doin' all things yard sale for tomorrow. Tom doesn't know it yet, but he's gonna be my driver for the day -- He'll get over it, 'specially if he finds some old tools to keep him happy -- there are usually some good yard sales in the neighborhood, what with some of the seniors moving away. The family rarely wants to keep all the old stuff."It's just old junk.." they say -- WHOA!! -- I say, bring it on!! -- What with a little coat of paint, some distressing that's already been done..Boy Howdy!! -- just what the Dr. ordered!! Yess Inddeeed!!

Gott to make this short -- this desk is just about crawling with ants all of a sudden -- Noah has this rediculous (sp) habit of eating candy, donuts and whatever else in here, and the crumbs naturallly don't get swept up..the ants love him to pieces, but MOTHER is not so impressed, what with the little teeny black ants all of a sudden EVERYWHERE..and they BITE -- OUCH!! -- and it hurts, and it makes me irritated..grrr..

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summertime!! -- here are the daylilies that are around the tomatoees..all of them, that is, the daylilies, maters, peppers and all the Rest..they are just as happy as a clam in the best of dayz. The rain, rain and more rain has made everything take off like there was no tomorrow. Actually, as far as I know there will BE a tomorrow, but you get the picture.

I just got back from my morning bike ride, and there is a breeze coming off the river, and it feels like in the next couple hours we'll have more storms. That's all it's been doing the past week -- when I think it's gonna just sprinkle, or have a nice little rain..Ho-Ho!! -- it just explodes! -- lightening like it's the 4th of July all over again...thunder that shakes the poor little cabin, and then just sheets of pouring rain. I thot I'd left my Very Fine Automobile window open after I got home from church on Sunday night..poohey--al I could see were $$$$ signs all over the place, if the electric wiring got fried from all the water coming in the windows. BUT --- Yay!! -- tom went out like a Good Doobie,and made sure the windows were Rolled Up!! Double Yay!! -- no more repairs on the car - well, for now!! HA!! --

Noah is just about dancing in the streets -- well, maybe not dancing,but he is a happy person 'cause he finally got a job that will last more than a week!! -- The packing house up in Va., has him lined up for this week at least, and maybe for the long-term. The plant is getting warmed up for some kind of big Something, and noah just happened to get to talk to his boss at just the right time for one of the shifts that needed somebody Not Afraid to come in at 4:45 a.m. -- 'Course it means that Tom & him have to leave here no later than3:25 or so to make it up to the plant by 4:45, but tha's ok -- it's a Job!! -- So we have our fingers crossed that it's gonna last.

Must go finish some gluing on the canvas over on the table...I'll get a W.I.P. on here tomorrow -- later on today I'm also gettin' a shot of our Rose of Sharon that is just blooming it's little head off -- actually there are 4 outside that are just goin' along like Zoooommm..Wow. The previous owners just loved to plant lotz of flowers! Yay!!

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, July 24, 2009

Here's one of the little projects that is nearly done -- W.I.P. -- I'm just not sure where I wanna go with it, so it's sitting in the hutch, waiting for some kind of inspiration or something...maybe a good cool soda at this point --

It's been horriblyy y humid the past couple days -- yesterday before11 a.m., it was 80 Degrees with 75% humidity..I'm sittin' here at the desk with more humidity floating all over, OVAH me -- I'm melting I think. But it's been raining for the last week -- off and on, so the tomatoes are taking off, the grass is growing like wildfire, and noah has his work cut out for him with the lawnmower. Thank heavens he likes to do that mowing, 'cause if I tried it'd just be slap ugly. Well -- what I mean is, after I had heat stroke a number of years ago, it just makes me ickiee if I try to get out in the heat & humidity and work really hard. I have this silly tendancy to just haul off and fall over..which makes it hard to get any work done at allwhen I'mlaying there all sprawled out on the grass. Besides, it irritates the ants when some big ol THANG like me just goes kaa-p-lop on the ground.

They have no sense of humor.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to sand and repaint a frame I found at the local thrift store last weekend - $1.00 -- whoo hoo!, just my kind of price, and there were 2 of'em, so I had to grab 'em while I could get tom to agree to buy 'em. HA! -- jus' get him sidetracked an' it works like a charm! -- I'm also debating on entering a piece I worked out last fall...into a show at the local art league. My past experience with them was pretty bad, so that's kinda holding me back. Maybe this time things will go better...jus' kinda-sorta-gonna play it by ear.

Must go & get some other stuff done..and get the air conditioner's humid like crazy again...

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here's wilbur..well I shouldn't say that 'cause it may be a female but this little friend of ours has been in and out of the yard for it seems for-EVAH -- just when I think it's gone and county, wandered out toward the water or just vanished...noah hauls off and finds it again..just cruisin' along in the grass, havin a good time.

We also have a possum that comes and checks out our garbage every now and then..I've named him Arthur. No -- I've never known a person in my entire life with that name, but it just fit for the possum somehow. Tom just laughs when the little thing starts fumbling around under our bedroom window, rattling the bags of trash, and crashing along in the grass, daylilies and irises. I have no idea how the critter hasn't smashed the plants to smithereens, but the plants have hung on for dear life, tolerating the smashing of a VERY fat possum. When tom scared the little booger one early morning ,it waddled away so funny..he looked like he just couldn't decide if he could run/waddle/stumble or WHAT -- and that NOSE..ugh...but he does have a funny little fat body, and a tail that looks like it got washed badly in the washing machine. Our Little Friends.

I've got some more 'maters on the kitchen sink -- noah brought them in last night just after a brief sprinkle...we keep getting drips and drabs of rain, and I'm beginning to think I'm going to develop's not that I'm complaining -- we so terribly need the rain, and there are some folks that haven't seen a rain cloud in about for-EVAH -- so it is wonderful and a miracle we have these pop-up showers every now and again in the past week. The garden of noahs is all done -- he picked the last of the corn he had and now he's pulling the weeds around the edges of the plot, and getting ready to put in some collards. He doesn't like the idea of trying to plant a short crop of beans, since we don't have a frost 'till late in october, and that would give us plenty of time for a couple batches of beans for the freezer...but I cant change his mind for NOTHIN' -- so I shall not attempt at this point in time...

Meanwhile I'm thinking of ways to use the green tomatoes...FRIED!!..'course..JUST don't let my Dr. know!! He so hates anything fried...maybe if I just say it was from a wave from some Ya-Ya's that did it..!! -- Tha's the ticket!! The Ya-Ya's made me fry those 'maters!! HA!!

Gotts to go -- I'm not riding my bike this morning, as I'm in the middle of something...will discuss that later, but have to go do some things for now...wheeeee..

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thrift Store Find!!

~~ this was sitting all by its lil' ol lonesome, near a window in the local teeny thrift store, and right away I knew I had to have it!! Woody Woodpecker was always one of my favorite cartoons and when this series of lunchboxes came out about 10 years ago, it just made me laugh.

So with a little arm twisting and some sighs, I convinced tom that it had to come home with me. The funny thing is, noah had a lunchbox that was a reproduction too..'cept it was the Lone Ranger. He paid something like $9.00 for his...I feel kinda like I made out, 'cause this was only $2.00 -- !! -- Shhwwoo, Yeah!! ~~

Now it's sitting happily on my work table, with a batch of my thread spools inside. The spools had been on a big rack that I bought way back in the day, but during our move last year, the rack got broken, and the spools had no where to go..cept in a bag that took up too much room in the closet inside the studio. So this little pal of mine will take care of all my threads, and make sure the spools are safe and sound. Or at least keep them from getting dirty and have some kind of bug attack them in the middle of the night.

I'm doing the normal, "Waiting for my paint to dry.." thang at the moment. Tom always thinks it's funny when he calls and asks me what I'm doin' -- "Waitin' for my paint to dry..." -- I can't help it, it's just one of the daily things that happens to me..if I'm working on a piece of collage, naturally I'm going to be doing some kind of painting or cutting fabric, or gluing some kind of tidbit onto the canvas..I MEAN -- what does he expect me to be doing? -- sitting at the tv? -- Well...I'dBE sitting at the tv if there was a baseball game on, but there isn't one on at the moment, so I have to check the schedule and make sure...

Anyway --

Back to the paint -- there is some matte medium on a piece of fabric, and once it gets done drying, the I'll be able to get it and my canvas board all finished up. Drives me crazy to sit and wait for something, but it's the last piece of my puzzle on this canvas, so that's pretty good for the afternoon...

Noah's watching some movie out in the front room that I can hear from here -- sounds like a fight, drunken brawl or something he's watching...yee gadz...reminds me of some baddd days wayyy back when...glad I survived THAT!! -- So while the movie goes along, I'll get some other things taken care of and see what the garden is doing..we've had rain for the past 3 or 4 days, and it's turning everything green. My skin feels like it's turning green too, but maybe it's just my imagination...

The 'maters are happy, the basil is pouting in it's flower bed, somaybe I'll have to go outside and have a lecture with said basil and let it know it's not keeping up with it's end of the Gardening GROWING. Maybe a stern LOOK will do the trick..

Must check on 4 other things while I have the chance..will yak later..

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Navigating The Fish Bowl" -- 2009
Spring Bay Studio

Here's a collage that I worked out the other day -- it was kinda fun to mess around with all my little goodies and play with my paints. The weather outside had been just this side of a melting mess, so I wasn't about to try and go do something like pull weeds, or mess with the firewood.

Besides, we have some kind of slithering thangs in the one pile of firewood..and the weeds aren't going to go away any time soon, so they can just stay around outfront in the one flower bed..

In the meantime I'll mess with my paints, glues and fibers, and see what can come around when I least expect it.

Today marks Tom & my 33 Anniversary..!!!..YIKES!! I honestly don't believe it's been that long, but since we're both still alive and kickin' it seems like we are honestly and for real still married an' still threatening to kill each other with the least little provocation. JUST KIDDING!! We always have little barbs to one another, but hey, after all these years, it seems like it's gonna be ok between us.

Least it seems so.

Onto other things -- I've got some things getting put together over on the work table, and there are some papers that I'm thinking of buying tomorrow -- I'm thinkin' too on goin over to the thrift store an' see if there are some things for this here studio -- I need some type of storage boxes, or baskets..preferably not something new..maybe a little worse for wear an been thru better days -- that kind of thing, so it won't look too far off from the wonderful antique hutch I bought last fall. Yup -- something a little rough around the edges..sorta like a bad hair day!! HA!!

Gotts to run an get some painting done -

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, July 17, 2009

Here's a picture of Bub -- Shhhhh..he's sleeping!!

Doesn't he look jus' as cute as can be, all curled up, making sure the firewood box is safe from any kind of Bad Things coming near? He's such a funny little stray kitty-cat!! He & I had a discussion just this morning, about how he has a badddd case of the shed's -- his fur seems to be everywhere, and one of the chairs on the deck is nearly covered with it. And I just cleaned that chair off the day before. I'm going to say he's shedding 'cause it's so blasted hot. Yeah. Tha's it...

We are finally in the midst of the HEAT & Humidity -- shwwooo -- I'm sitting here with the air conditioner OFF -- Noah is such a tight-wad, he doesn't like to run the air conditioning, so it's melt-ville for ME - - and it's supossed to get hotter for the next couple dayz....the humidity is going to be climbing too, so the Melt-Factor is going into overdrive...But after the cool spring we had, it's ok...the heat is here and it is after all, the middle of summer. That time of year when the old saying, Dog Days of Summer come along...not that there is anything wrong with dogs, but they seem to not do as well in this kind of heat as they do, when say, it's 80 Degrees, with a nice breeze blowing, and the humidity in a pleasant range of 40 %. Our Dog, however, just doesn't seem to like much of anything these days, so she's no gauge of what to expect for the rest of summer...

There are some things I need to take care of, an' messin' around here just aint gettin' my Stuff DONE -- I did, however, get a good soaking of the 'maters with some compost tea, and even tho they look miserable, I'm still trying to get my sickly basil plants to do SOMETHING -- they aren't doin' much..and the bugs are starting to attack them again. Blast. And I sprayed the basil with the organic insect spray, but it looks like my spraying isn't doing enuf, and the bugs may be winning the battle. Grrr...Maybe next year the basil will do better..

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Triangular Melody" -- 2009
Spring Bay Studio

This is one of the pieces that got finished just the other day -- Just wanted to post it this afternoon before the storm rolls in -- Tom called from the Port of Virginia, and said it's starting to rain pretty good up there, so I thot it'd be best to get something on here before the electricity goes out.

This piece just sez what was goin' on around here for a couple days...kinda off the wall, and some things just can't be explained other than that.

Lady of The Tulips

Look At Them!! -- Yay!! -- 'Maters are comin' along in the garden now, and they are gettin' me Huunngry for some fresh salsa, an' all things nummy.

We've picked a few that looked like they weren't going to make it, mainly 'cause they got bumped off the vines, so noah felt sorry for them an' brought the little paste 'maters in the house. I cooked 'em down an' made some stewed tomatoes the other night, with chili powder, pepper an' garlic. YUM!! - mixed those in the pot with the Cowboy Goulash an' we stuffed ourselves. As you can see, the 'maters are starting to get big, an' my hope is that they will get taller than this. Right now their 'bout 2 1/2 ' high..maybe I'm just impatient, but I want them BIG!! NOW!!

Patience has never been one of my stronger points...

But onto other things -- Tom sez that the ports are starting to get more freight in, so that may bode well for this Fall -- This time of year is when all the Fall and Christmas items get sent from overseas, an' then shipped to Distribution Centers, and then to company warehouses for their final trip to your local stores -- Department, Home Improvement..whatever. This may be a sign that our poor economy is slowly turning the corner from the nightmare it's been going thru for the past year. I just hope that it's a sign that's going to STAY from now on!! Too many people are too hurt from the Greed-Heads that started all this 2 years ago...I just hope THOSE people are giving themselves a good talking to!!

Not much else is goin on -- I'm not gonna tell what's over at the work'll be a suprise!! HEE!! You'll just have to Wait and See...

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm not sure what this picture is that noah took the other afternoon, but it's kinda intriguing (sp) -- I think it's some of the funny mold spores that keep popping up in the garden, and even tho I try to think it's totally harmless, it still makes me a little afraid to get near it. Fuzzy little weird STUFF growing in and around the plants...mushrooms are bad enuf, but then there is some of this stuff, an' I just don't know what to think about it.

I'm waiting for some paint to dry over on the then I'll get a shot of my recent work. The funny thing is that when I started my last project I had no idea of what direction it was going to take. So I just ran with it, and it ended up being one of my favorite things in the last 6 months. How weird is that?? So now I've got odds and ends scattered all over the studio, the cat is overtaking the deck and the deck chairs, the dog is snoring in the dining room, tom called an' is complaining about some dolt not doing his job...

An' I just wanna go fishing...

but I don't have a license. NO -- I will not take a chance an' just go plop myself over on the dock, 'cause shure as $%#^* the Game Warden would show up an' THAT'S not what I've got planned for the week...

So I'm gonna go play with my paints instead!!


Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Over the weekend noah & tom went meandering away to go and do something...said they were getting oil for the cars, check on some odds and ends at the hardware store, an' then came back home, with noah sayin' "Hey MA!! -- Check out what I got at the thrift store!!"

At first tom sez the cool antique chair cost $5, but then today, noah sez, "$4.00!! Huh?! Cool!!" I about jump up and down at the great find to begin with, an' then find out it was even less than first told -- WHOA!! -- How this kidgets these great findz beats me, but he has a knack for gettin' antique goodies for about Free. He bought a collection of antique glasses, 5 of 'em, for something like $8.00 -- WHOA!! -- An also came home a couple weeks ago with an old vase he paid 50 CENTS for...Huh. Just amazes me, I'm tellin' you.

Gotts to make this short, as The Husband is on his way home, an' I barely have anything set up for dinner...well, I got some fresh 'maters from the garden all cooked up for a stew - type thing, but thats it...some chili flavored 'maters does not a dinner make...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, July 10, 2009

Here He Is!! -- Bub in all his glory!!

Actually he doesn't have much glory, he's jus' an old barn cat that made his way to our yard. He is pretty funny, tho. He and little miss muffett have a thing with each other. Actually he has a Very Good Way of making the dog Behave herself when she gets too nosey with him -- he just hauls off and smacks her nose 4 or 5 times, then she backs away from him and all is well.

This has happened in front of me a few times, and as hard as I try Not To, I still end up laughing like crazy. That, or else when I try to let the dog out, she stops stock STILL and wont go out the door, if the cat is standing at the door waiting to try and come inside. I have to start yelling at the dog, "MAKE YOUR MIND UP!!" -- she acts like she is absolutely petrified of that cat..what with him and his little sharp claws..and here she is 5 times bigger than he is, and nearly shakes when he stands up to her.

Pretty cheap entertainment...

On another note, the 'maters are growing along, and it should be a couple more days before I can start gettin' some of those tasty goodies into the kitchen for a good batch of salsa. YUM!! -- an' then it's probably going to take off on me, and I'll be mumbling under my breath about why in the @#$&$ did I ever EVAH plant so many tomatoes...ahh well, the joys of gardening. The Basil is slowly growing out front, but I think if I give the plants another good shot of compost tea, they should start going better. Tha's what I think, but they must have a mind of their own, as I've been thinking that for a few weeks now. -- Do plants have a mind of their own?? -- Well...

Tom is working a few more hours these last couple weeks, but the owner of the truck company is trying to keep the drivers from any overtime, so it seems like he's cutting the chance for the company to make more money from the shipping companies. But whatta I know?? -- And considering it is summer, naturally a lot of the drivers want to take some time off, so that gives tom some more out of state trips, which he doesn't mind, But -- then he gets back into town so late, that he has to stay up in VA . He's had to do this a few times in the past couple weeks, but he's not complaining!! -- He usually stays at Danny's apt, which is close to the terminal, but it is after all, a Bachelor Pad...and along with that is the dirt, dishes piled up in the sink, clothes all over the front room..a Typical Bachelor Pad!! -- Noah stayed with tom one night, and the next day he tried to clean up the apartment..said he worked for 4 hours and "You still couldn't tell if I made any progress.." -- I'm Tellin'you, I DID NOT raise that child to live like a pig...but it is HIS apartment, so what can I DO??!! --

Tom did say that if he has to stay overnight again, he's going to make sure and buy a can of bug spray and some cleaning supplies -- just in case...

Not much else to say, 'cept that I have to go check on the dog..she got all fired up and irritated when I got the camera out..she doesn't like the sound it makes when I take a picture, so she now is hiding under the dining room table, in a definite funk..jjeeeessshhh..

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, July 06, 2009

~~ For the life of me, I can't figure out why this picture came out lookin all weird and yellowwieee -- maybe it's because there will be a full moon tomorrow..yeah, tha's what it is..

Actually I wanted to get a shot of this little guy that sits over on my antique hutch, 'cause the little babiee is just so darn cute -- he's made out of brass, i think, and is pretty heavy -- i looked around the entire piece trying to see if there's a brand name somewhere on the piece that sez where it was made, but so far there hasn't been anything discovered. The whole thing is actually a lamp part..on the underside is the holes for stringing in the wires, and the top of his little head is where you would put the finial..our middle son got this for me some time ago at one of the local antique/junk shops..for something like 95 cents. Whoa. I love to just sit an look at the baby, and try and think of what the manufacturer had considered when they were making this. And of course, the FISH -- !! -- Another WHOA!!

>> As for the holiday, it was very very quiet around here -- tom, being the grump A-- he is, didn't want to go and watch any firework displays,so we just sat and listened to all the fireworks going off over at the Clubhouse. 6 blocks away, an tom didn't want to go over there..naturally the dog was beside herself with all the noise, and nearly tore the door off of our bathroom, trying to get in the me why she chose that room to go and hide in, but I am not a person who sits and tries to figure our dog out on a daily basis. My brain would smoke too much from the overload with the weird things that dog does. <<

Dan, the oldest, came down and barbequed the most AWSOME dinner for us -- he had the local butcher by his apt., cut some steaks for us that were an inch thick..must be nice being a bachelor & afford that kind of cost!! But he was more than happy to get the steaks for us, and I made up a big ol batch of potatoe salad and some beans..all the trimmings with each one!! YUM!! Yup -- after eating all that you better believe I went on my bike ride!! SHWOO!!

Got some more done on the abstract I've been pieceing together (man I really butchered that spelling..) -- over on the work table -- I hope the camera will take a better picture of that for the post tomorrow. Le's HOPE SO!!

Must run and get some fibers attached, an need to get my glass of water too.

Lady of TheTulps

Friday, July 03, 2009

Here's another shot of the little daylilies we have along the deck -- they look pretty happy in the sun, plus we've had tons and tonz and TONZ of rain the past week or 2. So the plants are cheerful and havin a good time.
This morning we got woke up by the local police/sheriffs department --- seems some of the local teens were bored during the night and went around and smashed mailboxes up and down the roads. Ours was one of said mailboxes that got hammered with something, then ripped off the wooden post that it WAS nailed to. The whole thing just seemed so weird, and then this morning noah went out to see what kind of damage the kids did, and the holes under the mailbox in the wood that was left, told the story.
The first thing noah said, was, "I hope they hurt themselves when they did this!!" -- he wasn't impressed by the vandalisim...I jus sorta think it's pretty sad that there is so darn little in the county for the kids to do, that they resort to smashing mailboxes up and down the roads for excitement. I mean,sure, it is a very small community, but there should be something for these kids to do. But I guess with the amount of people living day by day and holding on for dear life, there just isn't the $$ for any kind of programs for the kids to go To. There's alwas 2 sides to living in a place like this -- for some of us it's a quiet relief from the city life, and for others, it seems to be holding them in a kind of "HoldingPattern" -- not quite where they have far too many things to do, and too much money to where they actually are -- living within very thin means, and have little to show for it. Pretty strange.
So the Dynamic Duo are at the local hardware store, buying who knows what to fix the mailbox. There is the very distinct possibility that they'll come back with tons of junk that is not remotely connected to the' then of course, that will give them the excuse to go BACK to said hardware store, and buy more junk that is to "Help" put the mailbox back together. Kinda like Humpty Dumpty....
SO -- what I want to say before this big holiday weekend in the States -- is all of you out there (YES!! -- I'm talking to YOU!!) -- keep yourself safe over the crazy parties, no wild and crazy pictures appearing online of YOU an' all your rowdy friends, "just havin' a little get-together" -- BEHAVE YOURSELVES!! --
There. That's about all of That that needs to be said!!
Oh -- an' don't get yourselves hurt messin' around with firecrackers, either!
Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

-- Jusst a QUICK note here to say it is just tooo darn HOT today -- I MEAN -- when i crawled outta the bed this morning, I could hear the poor dog panting away in the hallway, just sounding like she was melting ...which scared me about to pieces. Then when i went into the front room and starting getting the curtains open..checking the front yard and sauntering into the kitchen, i stole a glance at the thermometer that reads the inside 8 a.m. (OK!! -- yea, I deal with it!!) -- it was already 83!! SAY WHAT??!! -- no wonder poor little miss sara was melting in the hallway!!

So for the first time this summer, i hauled off and cranked up the air conditioner...noah is such a TIGHTWAD that he will NOT turn it on, but once i heard the poor dog sounding like she was about to melt and drift away down into the sound, I HAD to do SOMETHING -- and it felt so much different!! I guess I've been sorta getting used to feeling melt-iee this summer, without having the air conditioner on. WELL -- this morning was about the last of THAT!! --

So with all THAT -- it quickly got up into the 90's really fast, so i decided that it would not do me a bit of good to try and go peddaling around the community on my I've already had a close call with heat stroke some years ago. Plus my little mini-stroke 2 years ago. Jus' sorta kinda seems like a good idea to try and keep myself in one piece rather than melting all over the place while riding my bicycle. Think what i'll do is try NOT TO SLEEP IN AGAIN TOMORROW n' get up earlier and get my bike riding in before the temp go up into the skkkiieeee...

Bub is begging for food out on the back porch, even tho i discovered some little bit of fluff out in the yard, that looks like he helped himself to some sort of animal somewhere along the line today..I think he's already trying to find the Soft Spot I've got for little lost and forlorn animals. Blast it all..I think he's got me pegged an' I never even saw it coming. I mean, Sara beg's all the time (oh hush, i know i spelled that word wrong..give me a break...) - I mean the dog will honestly and for REAL walk up to me if I'm ignoring her, and SLAP me with one of her front paws....And it HURTS!! -- I mean DAYUM!!! --It hurts an' then it piss---me off..then I start to laugh..then I try to lecture her, an' then all she does is start to bark at me..which makes me TRY to lecture her AGAIN.which makes her BARK LOUDER..

It's a never ending cycle...

An ' it all started today (again) with Bub meeeeooowwwwwiiing out on the deck Early this morning...

LAWDY -- can I go on a Vacation yet??!!

Lady of The Tulips -- waiting for the next cruise ship to suddenly appear over by the crab boats at our marina an tell me their waiting for me to board the ship..