Thursday, December 31, 2009

~~ Ok, so no picture today, as I'm inbetween (that's not a word, but it's MY word, so there...) getting in and out of the studio this morning..and that's why I'm not trying to take a picture of some of the new things I've made ~~

The reason being, the FULL MOON ~~ is driving me crazy ~~ No, I'm not one to go off the deep end and do things that people tell me about 10 years from, no. It's that the effect of the full moon is making little Miss Muffett act just like a 2-year old, trying out every thing known to man to drive the parents NUTZ !!! ~~

First thing that dog does, is at exactly 7 a.m. this morning, I'm sound, and I do mean SOUND asleep, and I hear this cruuunnchhing sound outside the bedroom an animal eating something that's probably not supossed to be eaten...So I bolt upright out of my good and solid sleep, hop up and look out the window just in time, to see the dog digging crud out of the trash bags...

"GET OUT OF THAT!!!" -- I scream so loudly, that it hurt my throat for about 10 minutes afterwards...The Dog goes slinking away, hiding her head the best she can, and I lay back down in bed, trying to calm myself down, and hoping for the best that I get back to sleep.

But Wait!! ~~ YET again, I'm sound asleep, dreaming something that seemed pretty good, and out of the blue, I hear this very loud, "HEY MAAAAA!!!!"

Naturally I once again, but not nearly to a standing position, just sorta kinda sitting up in bed, get to where I'm thinkin I'm aware of my surroundings, and ask very, very shakily, "WWHHAAATT>>??"

"HI!!..You sleepin?"

It's Noah doin' HIS best interpretation of being a Total Pain in The A** >> Which before now I'd considered his Father the One and Only Household Pain in The A**

I'm so irritated, semi-awake, and feeling pretty Pissed Off at this point, and it's not even 8:15 in the morning...So, with this last "Friendly Wake-Up", I finally decided to crawl out of bed, 'cause it sure as $%^#&* didn't look like I was gonna get anymore sleep this morning...

And after having some breakfast (Can't even remember what kind of cereal I ate..maybe like "Cocoa Roo-iess!!!! Loaded With Goodness for You!!" and on my 2nd cup of coffee, when after letting The Dog out yet once again, 'cause she's actin' like she's GOTTA GO RIGHT NOW..I walk back into my bedroom to get something, and wouldn't ya know it..there Little Miss Muffett is, once again, EATING SOMETHING IN THE TRASH ONCE AGAIN...

Never, ever EVAH let it be said that the full moon doesn't effect animals just as badly as it effects humans..'causele' me tell you..let me TELL YOU..IT DOES!!

I've had to yell at that #%"&$#dog 4 times this morning, an' right now it's just after 9:30 in the morning...

LAWDY ~~ If this is what the New Year is going to be like, middle son said that he saw airline tickets to the Florida Keys at their lowest price of the' ya know what? I may jus' check out a couple of those flights outta here, 'cause this ol' girl just ISN"T READY for this kinda $^%*$ to keep goin' on!! Ya know what I Mean??!!

An' I was gonna talk about all the goodies I got done yesterday, but right now I think I'm gonna go an' pour another cup of coffee instead, an' gently ask Noah jus' why the ###%^ he;s running a drill in the wall between the Studio and his bedroom....

Did I mention the Full Moon and It's Effects on Humans..???

I'm Gone..

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, December 28, 2009

One of the newer pieces from the little work table - "Untitled" - 2009 ~~ Spring Bay Studio ~~

I just love the way the papers blended together nicely with this one ~~ I tried to find some other colors at the Art Store a few weeks before, but the cost for the papers I REALLY wanted were so steep that it about made me dizzy. They were absolutely drop dead gorgeous tho, so it almost-sorta-made up for the cost.

Just that some of the household bills were due, and it's sorta hard to tell the electric company that the reason you didn't pay the bill was because you fell in love with some blenders papers, and they had you by the throat on Isle 9 in the Art & Craft Store...

Either the receptionist would think you've lost your mind, or she's never going to step foot in said Ar & Craft store...thinking there are horrid and frightening things going on that she'd rather not encounter.

Which is fine, 'cause then there'd be more papers for sale that I could grab when the $$ were actually in the checking account!! Ha!!

But anyway, while the project over on the table is drying with the first coat of papers and matte medium, I'm getting ready to cut out little flowers..they have a wonderful gold sheen to them, and they'll look pretty good against the darket blues and grey-greens that I've just put on the canvas. The little flowers were on some paper that I bought some years ago (helps to look in the storage boxes every now & then to see what's hiding on the bottom...sheesh...) but I couldn't ever figure out what to do with gold edged flowers. Boy, what was I thinking??!! There are so many things, but I guess my brain wasn't in the right gear at the time.

But now all things are coming together, and it's time to get them into Party Mode...No, not because it's almost New Years Eve ~~ Tho I'm sure there are some people who would take that excuse and run with it. I'm about the last person who'd be a Party~Hardy type on the eve of the new year...Look, it takes me over 2 weeks to go thru a lousy 6-pack of beer, thats how "Party" I am!! Tom & Noah and the other 2 always make fun of me, tellin' me "Boy, your the party animal..." Whoo- Raww!! Tha's right, let's go get crazy...

Fat Chance!!

But anyway...where was I ??!! ~~ OH ~~ Yeah, the paper ~~ Yup, it looks like it just wants to jump up and dance the night away, so it's put me in a pretty good mood..even tho The Husband called earlier and said he had a flat tire in the parking lot of 7-11 while getting gas....sheesh...

I'm Gone...

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Fly In Your Heart" ~~ 2009 Spring Bay Studio

Here's one of the pieces that just got finished before the bulk of the Holiday Madness descended on us -- I had fun playing with a group of pens that had been sitting around the work table -- and then I also had to mess with some papers that just cried out to be added in with the fun.

Now the "Holiday Hangover" begins -- Let me say first off, that there is no ACTUAL hangover, just the feeling of being tired, run-over and the overwhelming sense that there was something that happened, but I'm not sure what it was.

Actually it was a lot of fun - I don't think I've laughed as much or as hard as I did during Christmas Day ~~ My middle & oldest were absolutely a HOOT - the oldest kept trying to tell me that some of my very old, worn-out utensils were "GROSS!!" 'cause they've seen far better days, and there fore they need to be thrown away. Hey, look, those were FREE at a yard sale, an' who can do something like THROWING AWAY something that didn't cost one thin dime?!!

And during his rant/lecture, the middle one was feebly trying to find, in order, the bottle opener, a measuring spoon, (or spoons), looking for a potholder, trying to see if the dishes got washed in the dishwasher and several other things, all at the same time, and himself, keeping a non-stop commentary on the Whole Expedition...

I had tears in my eyes, I started to choke from laughing so hard, and once the laughter got so bad, then the oldest got even louder, saying, "IT'S NOT FUNNY"..

Which of course, made me laugh even harder...

And that was all before 1 p.m. in the afternoon...

No wonder I feel worn out!! ~~ Ha! ~~

So now, I'm going to start putting together one of the collages that I've been cutting papers into squares, triangles and other odd shapes for - I've fallen in love with the package of papers I bought from 7Gypsies...yummy colors that combine so beautifully with other packages I've bought. Not the same company, but somehow 7Gypsies seems to have a knack of making their colors blend pretty seamlessly with other companies. I'm not one to try to figure it out...all I know is that they go together realy well, and that's all that matters!!

OOP ~ TheHusband is back - lawdy mamma, I better go find out what kind of damage he's done to the checking account....yikes...

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, December 25, 2009

~~ Here's a Very Quick Post, but with a Very Full Heart!! ~~

A BIG Hug & the Very Best of Christmas Wishes for Everyone!! ~~ And a quick note to say that all of you DESERVE nothing but the BEST!! ~~

I've got to go out to the kitchen & see what the "Boys" are doing with the turkey and the veges! ~~ ACK! ~~

We aren't in the tropics, but the thot and attitude is MOST definetly there!! ~~

All of you have a jolly time, and I'll be back in touch later!!

>> Lady of The Tulips <<

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Fish And Friends Having Fun" ~~ 2009

Spring Bay Studio

Here's a little something I got finished a few weeks ago, but for some reason, I never got it posted on Here ~~ Boy oh boy, I jus' don't know some days why my brain just takes a quick vacation and doesn't warn me ahead of time.

But this little piece was lots of fun to put together, and what with all the cold, cold bad weather a lot of the nation has been having, and is getting ready to have again, it seems kinda like a breather lookin' at some fish in a tropical setting, just havin' a good time an' enjoyin' playing around. Once the storm hits the middle of the country, I'm betting there will be more than enough people who would love to do exactly the same things these fish are doin' - Havin' Fun in a Warm Tropical Setting!! Yes!!

Tha's not going to happen around here, tho - and I'm not sure it will any time soon...just one of those pre-Holiday Dayz where the bulk of the house cleaning got finished, and it has made this poor little Lady about WORE OUT!!! ~~ Why I did 98% of the cleaning in all one day is beyond me, but that's what happened...Maybe I'm just a sucker for punishment! - But at least all that stuff is DONE, so now once the middle son gets here, I can sit back and not have to be thinking.."Ummmm..gotta clean that, oohh, and That...Ghads..That TOO!!" -- How many holidays are pretty well shot when those nahhsty little thots creep in, instead of just sitting around Enjoying the Day!!

So ~~ There!! ~~ All the nahhsty thots are Hereby Banished!! -- No Fretting on things not finished around the house!!! All of those Persons who would look at a window corner and see dust and grumble about it! ~~ HUSH!! ~~ No comments on Dust Bunnies!! ~~ No grumbling over carpet not vacuumed Just Right!! ~~ AND ~~ No Mentioning of Things That Don't Look Clean!! ~~

It's the Holidays, so just CHILL OUT!! ~~ Have a nice glass of Eggnog (Watch it!!) - and enjoy what the holiday means ~ Celebrating the Christ Childs Birth!! ~~ Enjoy one another -- Don't Brag about your job, just ENJOY TIME TOGETHER!!

And worry about Dust Bunnies some other day!!

Merry Holidays!! ~~ From Lady Tulips and all her Tropical Friends!!

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, December 21, 2009

~~ Ok, so now photo today ~~ Tha's cause it's just too darn cold for me to go out and get the pictures of all the little teeny birds that are now flitting all OVAH the yard this morning. Most of them will only be here for the winter, as it's just wayyyyyyy too cold where they live during the Spring & Summer seasons ~ Canada and other points north from here.

We live in a Wildlife Sanctuary, so there is no killing of any animals thruout the neighborhood. And so, that means that all the migratory birds have a Field Day, knowing they are safe and sound for the Winter. And much warmer here than where they flew in from.

That being said, yes, we did have that wonderful weekend storm, where it tried really really hard to snow - even along the shore here...but the weather did something weird, and the snow ended up landing just north of us - not all that far, but far enuf that we only saw pictures of it on the evening news. People saying "Would ya believe it!?" ~ Or, "Boy, it's a cold one, huh?"

People resort to basic speech when they walk outside and see their house under 2 feet of snow for the first time in something like 45 years...

Ok, maybe not THAT long, but when it hits like a sledgehammer the way it did over the weekend, people do DO get a little shell-shocked over the whole thing.

We just went shopping in the rain, got my old tennis shoes good & soaked, and once home, realized that where the sole has seperated from the bottom of the shoe...well, funny thing, it LEAKS - but that will give me reason to go and but something NEW this next weekend..AFTER the christmas Rush-Buy-After-Christmas-Sales is over an' done.

But, we got a couple things - well, actually, Tom got a gift card from his work, so with that I made a bee line to buy some basics (But never think to buy them with our own money, know what I mean?) - Slippers and socks ~~ on sale @ Penny's ~ Then argued with tom over what he wants for christmas ("Nooo, don't get me anything, I don't need anything, I'll be FINE without anything...) so feeling a headache the size of an island coming on, I made him drive me over to Big Lots where I went nearly into a dancing fit - lots and lots of Art and Craft supplies for Crazy prices...$1.50 for some fabric ribbon..denim with little teeny beads in the shape of flowers..some Grungeboard pieces, also for $1.50 -

I MEAN ~~ How could I NOT buy these things? ~~ An' since The Husband was in his "Oh Woe is Me" phase, and giving me no clue on Christmas Wishes..I said The He** with it, and grabbed as many craft/Art supplies that I could carry in me little hands. Heaven, that's what it is !! To be able to find those supplies you've been moping over, wishing you could afford them, an' then in nothing short of a Miracle on Isle 5, there they are..and for LESS THAN $4.00 EACH --

I love good Art Sales, don't you?

And now back to what I was talking about...uhmm..

I don' remember what I had been talking about.

So, I'm going to go and mess with some of the little supplies I found on Saturday..and try to finish the last christmas gift I've been dancing around for the last week...

But I'm secretly hoping I can find a way back to the town so I can go back to BigLots an' grab some more of those grungeboard pieces before they'll all disappear....Hee Hee!!!!!

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, December 18, 2009

~~ "Beach" ~~ 2009 Spring Bay Studio

Here's another one of the canvases I finished this week - got it done before I had to get ready for a couple events with our church ~ There are so many things in this piece, but it felt good to get them all Over it! - It makes me feel like goin' over to the Outer Banks an' just doin' nothing for the next 5 months -

I'm trying to finish some little christmas projects - I know they were supossed to get put in the mail way before today, but the thing is ~ Where is that RUSH that one gets when the DEADLINE is just looming over the head? ~ Certainly not there if you know you've got something like 10 days ~ Oh No~~ The fun thing is to wait 'till the very very Last Minute, then work like a Mad-Man, and let the full-on PANIC descend on you like a herd of cattle ~ Well, maybe not the cattle, but the rush business is definetly the part you need to get things DONE!!

I have no idea how I'm going to wrap the things I'm making, let alone get them into a box that's going to arrive at it's destination SAFELY ~ Oh, I know the Post Office sez they take every safety measure possible to make sure your christmas packages arrive safely..Look, I rode with The Husband in his tractor - trailer for a few years, and I KNOW what those distribution centers and warehouses look like say that it's a miracle more people aren't smooshed under huge boxes is an understatement, let alone say that the packages themselves are full of breakable items.

The breakable items sometimes don't stand a chance, if Bob is working the forklift, and is in a bad mood 'cause his girlfriend just left him for her old high-school Said Bob is taking his anger out on those poor defenseless boxes he's supossed to be "Careful" with..

Ok, that was a little bit of a rant on why boxes don't always get to their destination the way they should...

But that's not really what I wanted to talk about ~

I'm trying (tho badly) to say that I NEED to get my work done that is Christmas Gifts, but instead, I've gotten interupted 3 times by text messages from our oldest son...gotten a phone call from a friend, who sez I need to wait 3 more days to have the stitches taken out where the vet sewed up The also the walking back & forth down the hall to the dining room, where the wood stove is, and it's 15 degrees warmer than it is back here in the studio...

But I Shall Persevere~~ or however that word is spelled ~ You get the idea, tho, right>?

Must Paint!!

I'm Gone..........

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Free To Be Me!" ~~ 2009 ~~ Spring Bay Studio

I was sitting on the floor the other day, going thru some of my storage boxes, deciding whether or not to throw away more of the old canvases I'd discovered not too long ago. Some were just so bad, I threw them back in the box, deciding that there will be another day to go thru those.

Some of those that were bad, but looked like they had potential to be re-made, were put into another pile, and from these, this particular canvas got a second life. It's first was so bad, that the Warden had to be called in to review the file on the thing ~ I mean, it was a real crime how bad that thing originally looked.

But with a little bit more color, some markers and beads, fibers and fabric, I think I've brought it back to life. There wasn't much the Warden could say on this one,'cept maybe to go ahead and grant parole ~ The thing had had better days ahead, and it was all agreed that this would be the Day of Freedom. ~~ Thus the title, "Free To Be Me" ~~ Clever? ! Shhurreee.....

There is another piece sorta loose and crazy like this one, over on the table drying. And I've got one done that is somewhat less crazed, but still has that feeling of going out on a limb ~ And instead of falling off the cliff, it's gone ahead and started floating in the sky, releasing all it's pent up anger, stiffness and dullness ~~ Gone on to where it's gonna be experiencing Fun, Freedom, and lots more than sitting in a corner and being a wallflower.

That's what the holidays can do to a person...make your brain just sorta short-circuit and do what it wants to do, instead of doing all Those Things that "They" say to do ~~ Go buy THIS!! ~~ Go get THAT!! ~~ BUY THIS RIGHT THIS INSTANT OR I'M TELLING YOUR MOTHER!!!

Maybe it's just that little streak I've got that sez Ta H*** wid it ~ I'm goin' to do THIS whether you like it or not.

Kinda like wearing spats when you know you should really be wearing Sensible Shoes..

So, with all that, I'm off to get another layer of paint on the existing paint that I just spent 2 hours on...I seem to be getting my wind back, after yesterday's horrid news. A good slap on the head always does wonders for a person ~ gives ya a better outlook on Life. ~~

I'm Gone ~

Lady of The Tulips

Monday, December 14, 2009

>> "Fish in Celebration" - 2009 <<

Spring Bay Studio

Here's something I messed with in the paint-box whatever thingie in my computer ~~ I wanted to make it look sorta-kinda Christmasiee, and Sea-Underwater at the same time...don' know if I succeeded or not, but it was a lot of fun in the meantime!!

And I've also rearranged my page! - Got a Harbor View on the background instead of the one I used to have ~ Thot with all the Shoreline things I do, and the mermaids and all that, well, it seemed a little more in keeping with the work I create to make the background a little more together..know what I mean? I may not have written that all coherently, but I know what I mean...

Besides that, there is the other fact that I didn' get much sleep last night ~ Seems that our middle son has had something of a disaster while living in San Diego these last couple weeks ~ His girlfriend has had a major breakdown after arriving there, and has had to be hospitalized..Major Breakdown. So, this has created some ill-will with the roommates, and now our son doesn't even know if he can still stay in the apt. he's only been in for less than 2 months. A Very Ugly Scene, to say the least. He's dealing with the Hosp. for his girlfriend, her parents, her health care, and possibly relocating her to the East Coast..and him as well. Far too much for one person to handle with ease, so needless to say, he happened to call here this morning at 2 a.m., and proceeded to "chat" for 2 hours..

Somewhere around 4 we got off the phone, him just a little loopy, and me just wondering what's goin' on ~ Well, it's all very fluid at the moment, but it looks like he'll be moving back to the East Coast as well, possibly staying with us for awhile, then re-saving the money he's lost due to the Horror of what happened with the girlfriend and roommates...

It's all quite a Mess.......

So, I'm trying to stay somewhat focused at the The Husband is stuck up on the Maryland border, with a load of freight that should have been taken care of this morning around 11 -- it's now nearly 4 p.m., and he's Still Waiting for the warehouse to do their work..(Don't you just hate to have to THINK somebody will do their job??!! I MEAN!! ) ~~ ) Ok, so a little sarcastic, but STILL>>>>

Where was I ? ~

Oh yes..Tom's stuck at a warehouse door, doesn't know if or when he'll get back to the truck terminal tonight, and it's looking like he's not even going to be able to get home 'till tomorrow night......

Whatta weird Monday....

But I do have some other canvases to show here -- just not right at the moment, 'cause I didn't take a picture of them yet....been trying to add some gadgets to my blog, but they aren't doing what the instructions say their going to do...

Maybe it's time to book that trip to the Florida Keys for the duration of the winter...

Ahh...just think...warm sandy beaches...

Cool Tropical Drinks....

Laying in the sand with the warm Ocean Breeze drifting all around......

And now I gotta go check the woodstove an' make sure the fire hasn't gone out..

Must think these things over...continue with the 30 Degree temps for the next few days, or blow it off an' head South?????????????

I'll let you know........

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, December 11, 2009

Untitled ~ Spring Bay Studio ~ 2009

Here's one canvas that had been partially finished not too long ago ~~ But I felt it needed something more, 'cause it just looked too darn sad. So, some more paint, papers and some other goodies, an' now it looks like it feels much better. Sorta like a nice swim in the sea with friends. Yeah. Tha's the ticket!

Not much else goin' on here, 'cept that there are some papers that need to get cut and some others that I'm having second thots about using. Sometimes the first flash of inspiration seems so perfect, then once all the elements get put side by side, ohh the disapointment! ~ What seemed really wonderful suddenly looks like a bad hangover gone wrong. If there is such a thing! ~ So, it's back to doing some rearranging and some more placement here and' then something is bound to jump up and down for me! ~~

There is also some lists to be made for the weekend ~ I told Tom that I need a long winter coat, 'cause it's been something like 10 years since I had one..and with it as cold outside as it is, and only getting colder, the last thing I need to do is stroll outside and discover that my body has suddenly come to a screaching halt. Frozen in Place, as it were....

Makes things very inconvient..or however that's supossed to be spelled...

Hey, look, it's FRIDAY - my brain wants to take off an' go cruise across the Sound..there's going to be some concerts across the water this weekend, an' they sound like FUN ~~

Jus' have to figure out how to get across Said Water....

I'm Gone.........

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Relax" ~ 2009 ~ Spring Bay Studio

This is the canvas I mentioned the other day - you would not believe how bad the original looked..I MEAN ~ it was nothing to discuss in Polite Company, if you know what I mean.

Kinda like the old episode of Seinfeld where Elaine looks at Jerry, when people were making fun of her dancing, and she very sadly asks,

"Jerry, Do I suck?!"

Well ~~ this canvas said more than that ~ It Really did suck, and it was so bad that I threw almost all of the papers away that were originally on the thing. I don't know what I was trying to do, or where the idea for the mess came from, but trust me, it was really bad.

Not to say that this is truly the bees-knees, but it's a far cry from what it had been just days ago.

And ~~ To make matters even more bizarre ~ The Husband waltzed in the cabin door the other day, all early and not even near 5 p.m. in the afternoon..Scared Me To Death. I thot immediately that something bad he hauled off and smacked the Terminal Manager across the face 14 times or something.

Ends up that the Holiday Season is here, and since all the Christmas Goodies got delivered last summer and early fall, now all the Spring Things are pretty much where they need to be, so the holiday slowdown is starting to take shape. Not so many freight moves for anybody, and the people working the Ports are taking their sweet time doing anything....So,my fear quickly went away.

But now it's a rethinking of the Christmas Presents for the rest of the family that haven't gotten purchased. Some tightening of the belt, just a little bit more, and then some creative ideas have got to start popping up. That's ok, 'cause the 2 left are Tom & Noah, an' it almost doesn't matter what I get them, they are nowhere near picky ~ Some socks, maybe a package of tshirts...

Their pretty basic guys.

No Big-Screen T.V.'s for our family.

Maybe a new rocking chair for the front porch of our little cabin.

That's about it.

But I Do feel bad for some of the other drivers families, since some of them have small children, and you just can't tell them that the Freight People are off on winter holiday an' won't be back to work till after New Years. That just doesn't cut it. Just keep them in your thots and prayers, for sure.

Must go and get some papers lined up ~ Cutting squares and some circles today..I know that sounds weird, but it's all gonna work out in the end. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, December 04, 2009

>>Just so you can get an idea of the height of this plant, here's a shot of it where I sorta stood back to get at least a full shot of it.

It's really taken off ~~ Just thot you'd like to see what it's doing...

Lady of The Tulips

A few weeks ago, this houseplant in our front room started getting this little shoot, straight out of the top of the plant ~~ I didn't know what to think about it, just thot that it was going to develop some new leaves or something..

Then it started to get these wonderful flowers on it - and they kept growing and growing ~ Getting longer along the main stem, and then they just sort of sat and didn't do anything.

Until yesterday.

I had come back from another trip to the Vet Hosp. - Sara had caught one of her nails on her back right foot on some of the stitches along her belly, so that was a disaster..but she got all patched up and sent on home.

But she isn't what this is all about ~~ This is about walking into my front room, to sit down and just relax and turn on some jazz on the satellite dish. Sort of listen and zone out for all of maybe 5 minutes. That'd be enuf to get me feeling better.

Then I noticed this fragrance sort of drifting around the room.

No, The Dog didn't fart. Tho she is known to do such things, and clear out a room at the same time.

Nope ~ This is about these beautiful flowers, growing from the top of my house plant ~~ They suddenly decided to open out, with their tubular petals all open, and giving the room the most amazing fragrance I've ever smelled. I mean, FOR REAL ~~ The fragrance is something like a gardenia plant in full bloom in the middle of summer ~~ Very intoxicating, rich and full. Smelling it makes you feel like your in the tropics, with a nice cool drink in your hand, while your sitting on a soft and dreamy couch, on a long and wonderful porch.

Well, our front room isn't quite all that. But the fragrance from these flowers is. I mean, it was so suprising, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful these are. I thot the plant was a Indian Rubber Plant ~~ But noah sez it's totally something else...some name I've never heard of. I've had the plant for YEARS - it finally got growing much better after we moved down here - it has this somewhat sunny location along the wall - and it has probably grown 2 feet since last summer.

Same pot, same soil. Different location.

Go figure.

But I wanted to share this with you ~ It is just pretty amazing to me. I've never seen one of these plants bloom, and I've also never seen one get quite this tall before. But I'm not a botanist, so I'm not sure what to say ~~

'Cept it's pretty spectacular!

I'm Gone....

Lady of The Tulips

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"Let's Get Goin'!" ~~ Spring Bay Studio 2009

Here's a little mermaid that I finished not too long ago ~ Well, actually it was awhile ago, and I can't even remember when I got her done. My brain sometimes just goes somewhere else, and then I realize that it's out in Left Field, and needs to come in to the dugout...

But besides that ~ I got an email from my son who recently relocated to Calif. ~ He's got a job for now ~ Not anything to jump up and down about, but it's a JOB!! ~~ He'd transfered out there with the company he'd been working for here on the East told that he'd have the same job out there ~~ Relocated after selling most of his music equipment and car ~~ Just to find out that once he was out there, there isn't a job with the company he transfered for/with. ~~ Which begs the question, just what the $^&**(_)*#$ is Goin' On!!?? So, he's had to scramble to get something goin', and fortunately found a little job ~ For now it's good, and hopefully in the future the company he transfered with/for/to (whatever..) will get a position back/for him ~~

It's too much for my head to take, know what I mean?

And the GoodNews Here is that Sara is feeling better today - yesterday she had a couple fits where she couldn't breathe good ~ Sounded like some of the old cowboys I used to know way back in the day ~ Hackin'-Coughin-Cussin 'cause they had such bad lungs from smoking handrolled cigarettes ~ Sara DOES NOT smoke hand-rolled cigarettes, but does still have some small lesions on her right lung from the cancer. So, there are times where she has to really work hard to breathe...scares me and her about half to pieces. She gets the most horrible sad puppy face on her ~~ Just tears me apart to listen to her, then have to look at her while she's suffering thru the fits. Fortuntely they only last a couple seconds to maybe a minute or so.

But the sound is horrid. I don't want anybody else to have to hear something like it ~ EVAH!!

But she's tired today from all the excitement of going to the Vet Hosp., and riding in my friends car ~ All a Very Big Thing for her ~ Poor Baby!! ~ And she's laying down in the laundry room, watching Noah paint out the box for the firewood. She loves him to pieces, and follows him around like a sweet little 2 year old ~ Very Cute, even if I don't mind saying so myself. So, for now it's ok ~

Got another canvas in the works - it had been put up in the top part of my antique hutch who knows how long ago - never got done, and still had papers stuck on it with double stick tape from probably 3 years, mnaybe 2 years ago. So, the pieces that I didn't want got torn off ( I mean, they were really some BAD fish I painted...yuck!) ~ and now I've got some of my new papers from 7Gypsy's on it instead.

Much Better!!

So, once all the paint and goodies dry, I Will post it on here ~~ Not space out for another month or whatever, saying Oh! ~ Here's a Canvas .... an' then go off into No Man's Land...The Husband sez I need to start taking Ginko Biloba (Spelled wrong, so oh well...) for my memory ~ Maybe it's gonna help me with my spelling too.....

Gotta Run ~
I'm Gone

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Tha's all - gotta run........
~~ Just another quick post, as I am absolutely WORE OUT!! ~~

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving !! Lotz of fun and food - the oldest son did bring the turkey, DEFROSTED - and he even admitted he splurged on it! - And the results were fabulous - yummy yummy, and then after all that , we had fresh pumpkin pie..veges..all the goodies.

But -- we had a disaster just after we got thru with the dinner.

Sara had been pacing back and forth for about a half hour - we didn't think there was anything wrong with her - she'd been outside to do her business, so all that was fine. I was just about to get some pie for tom, when the dog walked into the dining room, and noah took one look at her, and said, "Uhh..Dad - We have a problem.."

Her cancer spot had started to drain badly, and it didn't look good.

I immediately got the vet hosp. on the phone, and in literally a miracle of a moment, got the vet to answer his pager. He told us to wrap the dog with a towel, and bring her in to the hosp immediately.

The vet wasn't even supossed to be in the hosp. that day..

But miracles happen when you least expect them..and we had one on Thanksgiving Night.

The dog got sedated, calmed down, and cleaned up. She was held overnight, and on friday the vet decided to go ahead and operate on the large cancer tumor Sara had on her side, plus a smaller one that had started to develop as well.

Saturday she was able to come home!! YAY !! Let me say again, YAY!! ~~

Miracles happen and we just are so grateful to Him for giving us one with our dog Sara.

I went back to the vet today, a friend drove us to the hosp. - And the Vet is just tickled to pieces with the progress sara has made - she is healing faster than the dr. had thot, and she is breathing somewhat better..(Cept when she gets all excited, but then she calms down and her breathing comes back to normal again..)

We are saying prayers of Thanks!! -- For Sure ~~ And are so glad our dog is with us for awhile more.

We are also starting to get into the swing of the Holidays - I do have some more shopping for the oldest and middle son, but for the most part, they have almost all their presents. YAY!! -- And this weekend, it looks like the rest will get picked up, and then it's the basics for The Husband & Noah.

Shwoooo!!!! ~~

>>So, that's it for now - I have to go check the dogs stitches, and make sure she's comfy out in the living room...I am wore out from holding on to her in my friends car -- The Dog had an "accident" in the car on the way to the vet hosp.~~ Yikes!! ~~ But it's all cleaned up now! - YIKES !! ~~ Did I say that yet??!

So - I think I'll go lay down on the couch with the dog...

P.S. - I think the Vet. Dr. will have a good summer vacation next year by the time all of this bill is said and done.....sheesh...

Lady of The Tulips