Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now the little fairy has some more oomph to her, and she's just about ready to go to her home...I've got it just about finished, so she'll be all comfy ~ We don't want to go into a nice place to "live" and not be comfortable, now, do we?? ~!~ Tee hee...

Anyway ~ I've got some finished projects that I'll get into my shop first thing in the morning ~ They took a little longer than I thot they wouldn but they are done ~ I'm pretty happy, and they look good, well at least I think they look good ~ !! ~ And there are going to be a few more in the next 2 days too..Yes, I WILL post pics of them here, so you don't have to wonder jus' what in the tar it is that I'm doing ~

The Valentines Day stuff is all done ~ I didn' do one thing ~ Tom's up in Va., and I went to bed at something like 7:15...I worked really hard on the projects for the 2 days of the weekend, and by last night I was flat wore out ~ The thing that confuses me about Valentines day, is how much money people will spend on stuff, that by and large, gets thrown away today ~ !! ~ Our oldest had the evening to work at the old restraunt where he'd been a valet for a number of years ~ When they get short handed, they call him to come in, so that gives him a chance to make a little extra cash ~ And you better believe that he's all about havin' some extra $$ in the pocket ~ I was kinda suprised that he was goin' in, then it dawned on me>> Oh Yeahh...it's Valentines Day ~ !! DUH>

Jus' cause I haven't gone anywhere for Valentines Day in nearly 10 years, it's not a problem...

But onto a brighter thang...I've got some paint that I played with a little bit this afternoon, and the effect it's making on a current project is just amazing ~ I didn't think it would work out the way it has, but when I post the picture on here, then you'll see what I'm talkin' about ~ Gee..the product does what it sez on the label...whodda thunk?? ~ Tee hee.......

Gotta run..I hear Noah walkin' up to the back door...sheesh, wonder what it is this time...

I'm Gone.........

Lady of The Tulips

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here's a very rough shot of a painting I've been working on ~ It's drying w/the final coat of matte medium as I'm writing this ~ The final piece will go on the outside of a bag that I'm getting done at the same time..why sit around and do only one thing at a time..know what I mean??

And ~ While both of those are doing their thing, I've also got 3 other bags that will hopefully, be put in my shop today ~ I've got some other new things too..but it's been one thing after another around here ~ I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right about now, but I wanted to get back to doing some of my painting, and I figured that combining the two - weaving and a little painting, would probably go together ok ~ I'll have to wait and see how it works out ~ Hope Hoping that it will be a good thing ~

I've been really busy with things around the house ~ Tom & I went to the thrift store last weekend, and even tho I'd been thinking of buying curtains to finally put in ourroom, the cost for them just about knocked me to the ground ! So I figured out that buying some sheets, cutting and hemming them, adding this and that around them, would make for some pretty cool sheets ! So while the paint finishes on my last bag over on the table, I'm going to lay out one of the queen size sheets that we bought ($2.99 ~ !! ~) and get it ready to sew up ~ I also found some curtain rods, "wrought iron" style, very nice..$10.00 ~ !! ~ at one of the dollar stores ~ 'course they aren't really thick metal, but the look is more of what I'm after than the actual "designer" type of curtain rod @Lowes, Home Depot or where-ever ~ And the price can't be beat ~ !! ~ I finished w/4 strands of beads, that I'm re-threading, and those will go inbetween the panels of each of the curtains, hung so that they are a little shorter or longer than the one to the left or right ~ Sounds weird, but when I get them done, I' m bound and determined to take pictures ~ !!! ~ When I was in the middle of some work last week or so, thebatteries of the camera went slam dead right between picture 3 & 4...oh, my nerves...!!!

But that's it for now ~ Off to do some sewing - cutting - threading- and probably grabbing anything that's sitting on the floor of the studio for longer than 3 minutes...tee hee...........

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Whoo Hoo ~~ Check this out ~ I had the most fun EVAH making this sweet little handbag..this really was something because all those Polka Dots ~ And add to it the weave of the red & white..there were times where I had to stop working because it felt like my eyes were going crossed ~ But it is a fun little clutch purse, so thats what counts ~

There are some new projects over on the work table, and there are some new threads on the loom - I wanted to take a short break and get something on here..mainly this sweet bag ~ And to say that I'm branching out, as it were, into some other designs, and hope to show those by the first of the week..Right now I'm typing like a mad mad (or lady, as the case may be..) because noah just came in the house from outside, and I know that if I take too long, he's going to do his bit of standing in the hallway and sighing reallyreally loud and starting to stomp his foot, all because he doesn't feel that its right that I'm taking my time on this computer He feels like its just is all his HIS and I should stop everything I'm doing and go find a real job that pays...his idea is something like wal Shit, so there ya go..

Sorry so short folks, but this is it for today ~ I shall try to do better tomorrow...Wheeeeeeee

I'm Gone ~

Lady of The Tulips