Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So, yes, this is a photo from last year, but the azaleas look so cheery in this picture, that I wanted to share them again -

I just got some more bad news from the secretary o/HOA here..she's now decided that we owe more $$ for our assessments than she or the other board members told us - the day I was told of our ID theft, one of the board members swore up & down that that particular payment would be waived, an' that I could just go on after that...

I knew better than to believe her - after all she'd lied to me before, an' Voila!! ~ Once again we're gettin' the stab in the heart - I came home shaking - I'm so upset - I told this mean woman that Tom had finally gotten a bonus for the 1st time since 2008, but here it was going to pay for our stuiped assessment..her quote..

"I don't care about that!! ~ We have this payment to take care of!! ~And you still owe us extra money!!!"

Yup - fell apart when I got home & am still crying...these people are so out of touch with us working class people, it is just terrible - pompous, mean, arrogant and viscious -

Thats the best I can say about them - and I can't just not pay, 'cause legally they can literally take our house away from us - It's just the worse thing I've gone thru, and it won't be over for some time to come.

I was going to try & get a new project going - well, I have the base coat on a canvas, but I wanted to get part of the 2nd layer on...

Not now - I'm still shaking like a leaf - and these horrid people don't care -

Not one



I'm going to go an sit by one of the windows where there's a breeze..this one window in the studio doesn't cool the room down at all - so the 70% humidity & 84 degree heat isn't helping things either.

I just know I will lean on Him who protects me - just shudder to think what these people will reap when it comes around back on them...........

Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, June 25, 2011

> < 'k...I know that sometime's I may not feel like the sharpest marble in the bunch..well, actually I usually feel that way ~

But after I took a look at this picture today, I realized that sometimes it takes something like this to make me realize that I am just a vessel that seriously needs to be filled with something other than what I think is my smart brain..

I mean, LOOK AT THIS!! ~

I had thot that by saving a little bit of money, and waiting for a couple of days, I would "save" some cash, use something other than what the manufacturer calls for - to use in a dishwasher, an' then, oh yeah buddy, I'd be all cool and wonderful, an' be saving a "whole" lot of money..

Yee gadz....I think it's being called out on being a little bit self centered.."I" was being the smart one, instead of listening to that voice that is much wiser than I am, and the "I" said, "Oh, ho! ~ I KNOW what I'm doing..." - uhhhhmmmmm...

So here's the jist of it..in my selfishness, I "knew" what to do, and instead of just making a load of dishes nice and clean, an' then putting them away, and going back to my work in the studio, I (and that's the important thing here..) decided to get in my own blasted way, and with "my" knowledge, I went ahead and did something that IS NOT what your suposed to do...

I used regular liquid dish soap, and threw a bunch of it into the dispenser of the dishwasher, an' figured that nothing would happen, but my super-wonderful brain told me, Well! - look, these will turn out wonderful, an' look how you'll save money, an' be just the best little housewife since June Cleaver...

God has these clever ways of letting us know that we're getting in our own darn way - Instead of saving money, I had to wash (by hand) almost all of the dishes that were in the dishwasher, then dry them all by hand, and then use another cleaner to clean up the mess I made all over the kitchen floor...Uhh..where's the savings in THAT? ~ You may ask? ~

Tee hee..instead of walking to the less expensive "dollar" store that is RIGHT next door to the grocery store, I thot I'd be uber cool an' make it all work for me..

Get it ~ !~ Me? ~ Well, I kept feeling this voice saying"HEY!! What are YOU doing??" ! ~ But I was so much in my own way, I didn't take the 35 seconds to listen...

And after an absolutely horrific week, I am once again listening - and I mean, Really listening to the voice away from me, and Paying Attention to It ~

I could have saved almost $3.00 on a bottle of dishwasher liquid...but instead of humbling myself off of my high horse, and going someplace else (where some dolt told me wasn't just good enuf for her to shop, - i.e., therefore not good for me to go either...) I choose instead to be proud...

And look where it got me...

So, these days, I've been working on a whole lot of Art that is not at all like what I've been doing in the past - lots of colors that I never EVAH thot of using before..and the result is unlike anything I'd ever thot would come out -

In other words -

I've gotten MYself out of the way, and actually LISTENED to what God is telling me to do...

Uhmmm...in other words, I've gotten out of my own darn way! ~

And it feels so much better ~!~

I am happy to say that there are some pieces that I'll put on here in the upcoming days, that I think are far different than what I've done - and I really want to see what the pieces look like to you - Tell me what you think - and then I will see if they are what God has been slapping me upside the head to SAY HEY!!! ~ DO THIS! ...I think both of the answers will be purdy darn close to the same thing ~

That's all I gotta say for now - I'm getting one of my old frames refinished this weekend..well, actually I'd thot (here we go again...) that it'd just be quick-yahoo! finished in like, a day or something...But now that I'm totally into it, it's looking like it's going to be all weekend..

Details - Details make all the difference in the world ~

So, I gotta go see if the breeze is coming into the bedroom, so I can make sure all the windows are open for the nice night - the weather people say it's gonna be cooler...le's just see about that! ~

Tha's all -

I'm gone.................

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'K...so there isn't a picture today - I was trying to get one on here, but I only have a zip of a minute to post something today, an' noah's gonna come in here an' shoo me off of here..so no time to try & find the picture I have - but can't find to post here!! ~ Ahh, so irritating!

Anyway- the progress on the Busses has ground to a halt - Well, they actually are goin' along just fine, but I don't have the extra $$ for gas to get up to town, an' then add in the cost for shipping the little box out in the mail ~ How stuiped is that? ~ We're so broke I can't even afford $25 right now! ~ Tom went a little off the deep end w/$$, an' now we're at zero in the checking - I know, I know, never air dirty laundry, but shit fire, here I am, workin' on 7 different projects, an' I can't even get $$ together to send out some pieces that are DONE!! ~ I keep trying to be upbeat about my art, but there have been nothing but roadblocks each and every step of the way for me to get things in a gallery - The work I have started doing, well, honestly, some one who I am close to (our son, actually) told me, "THAT WORK IS PAGAN!!! YOUR A PAGAN!!!"....'cause I've done a series of moons, stars an' a couple sun's...So, if he's all off about my work, I have a bad feeling that the local place isn't going to go out of their way to accept it either - They were very reluctant to take some of my beach items the first time I went in, so what's to say they accept some of these new pieces? ~ Its a very very conservative area, an' I'm not quite in their "mainstream" mode of work...

ok, I'm not going to show how really depressed I am right now - I've got some new work, but I can't do a thing with it - so I just will rework some old pieces that I never finished, an' see how I can adapt them to a gallery nearby - maybe they'll take some of my things again...they didn't even talk to me once I paid the membership dues last year - never heard a thing 'till it was time to renew my $$..an' I didn't even know about 4 shows that had happened/ -

Oh shit, noahs comin' in - gotta run away ~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I totally forgot I'd made this..gee..maybe a year or more ago - all on the 'puter, but it was so much fun !~

I have a couple projects in the works right now - my most-best-EVAH news, is that I've been asked to make up some of my Busses for a fundraiser -another woman who owns a Bus is doing a cross-country trip in her own VWBus, and is raising awareness on AI - auto-immune disease - her mother passed away from one form of this illness, MG, and wants to make people aware of the problems in diagnosing the illness, and then the correct medication for it ~ I am so thrilled to be doing this for her - If I can relocate the link, I'll be sure & post it on here -

So I am finished getting the loom threaded today, and will start weaving tomorrow morning - then the cutting, painting, glueing, all those little things that go into making the little Busses - not to mention the stranding of all the beads that are used to hang the Bus from the rear view mirror - Shwoo!! ~ I have my work cut out for me this week!! ~

I also have another painting in the nearly-finished stage as well - I am debating the center of the piece - haveall 96 1/2% done so far, but haveing a dickens of a time deciding the last bit of color...urrgghhh...it truly shouldn't be THIS difficult! ~

But other news - the HOA here is finally being "somewhat" decent over the recent theft of our $$ info. - the last of the court cases are being heard tomorrow and next week for the suspects - I'm not so sure that any of them will see the amount of time the president & board of directors are thinking these slobs will spend behind bars..it's more than likely they'll be in at the most one year...a somewhat decent lawyer can get them out probably sooner than that - and since there are some flimsy "witnesses" to the thing, it doesn't look like much more than that will happen - I am STILL battling with accounts of ours - most companies have been pretty understanding - one I fought with today for over an hour...I finally got someone to listen to me, and they said, "Oh!" - but there are still others that I"m not so sure about...Lord willing it's gonna come to an end pretty soon...

I have to get flyin' on some work now - The weather the last 3 days has been so wonderful - much much cooler and a nice gentle breeze has been drifting across the studio - I am in 7th Heaven..no humidity - no high heat blowing into my face...I nearly want to bottle it up & keep it for a cold cold day in winter. But alas...that is not to be...

I'm Gone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lady of The Tulips

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

WIP ~ Spring Bay Studio ~

This is another of the pieces that I have in the works - I got started with the lower part of the largest heart, and started cutting the fabric into pieces that I thot would look somewhat decent with the paint that I'd already applied to the canvas - I have a bit more to go with this, but at least you have an idea of what I'm working with ~

As for the "Fun & Games" we've had -

We were the victims of ID Theft ~ the culprits were caught pretty quickly, but the damage and insuing crap that we had to go thru and are still going thru is exhausting - I didnt even make it to church sunday morning - I am just so tired of battling w/banks, and especially the people who were lax in their "safety" of our checking information ~ Any idea of who it was? ~

The Homeowners Association where we live - We pay our assessments for the land & house for "Association dues for various projects.." blahblahblah...since we don't have the $$ to just hand over the full year's amount, we make monthly or weekly pytms - for us & the slow economy, it's all we can do for now-

The problem is there are 3 (!) people who "handle" the monies that get paid..and the one "gentleman" who's "In charge!",,,has repeatedly left my checks in the clubhouse (not like what you think...it's a big ugly building that looks like it got bought cheap..an' no bar/sandwich place - nothin' inside but a big empty storage thing..) office for as long as 3 weeks at a time - I'd always thot (silly me!) they'd be taken care of..well..

Long story short - the checks of ours & a few others were stolen..the guys got caught, but now it's time to clean-up our credit report, an' all that crap - the Board of Directors have treated me like CRAP ~ the man I talked about earlier actually screamed and yelled at me..(I took it for 10 seconds an' hung up..the conversation had been bad enuf before he started in on that) - then the other board members got even more rude..told me"We'll take your house!! ~ You better get that money in here!!!"

It's been horrible an' I'm nearly regretting moving here ~ Our bank has been great, tho slow to get our new # set up - but I'm getting things straight sllooooow but sure...

NOTE~ if you have one of these organizations, don't do like I've done - make sure they are a lot more organized in regards to how they handle your money - here it's just a lot of "Ho hum..don't care, we're wealthy & you arent!"...I am serious when I say, if you have to push like I did, it does all work out - just try to avoid the roller coaster like I rode on...

Now I'm trying to get back on track, an' fortunately Tom has had a couple weeks of work that are nearly 35 hours...still way way short from 3 years ago, but it's creepin' bit bybit back to where it was - My painting has been a God-send to me - let me release a lot of tension and anger- I've prayed for the people involved to just be dealt with as God sees fit - it's not for me to deal with ~

So, that's where I am this week - Keep me in prayers if you could - this has been a very rough learning experience - there's a Board of Directors meeting @Sat., so some of the people that haven't been told their checks were stolen, will undoubtedly show up & I'm thinkin', they aint gonna be happy ~!~ I haven't decided if I'm goin' or not - I just don't feel like listening to the cop-out answers any longer from these jerks...

Must go get some stuff one -

I'm Gone -

Lady of The Tulips

Sunday, June 05, 2011

~~ "Star" ~ Spring Bay Studio ~ 2011 ~
'k...K!!..I know its been something like for-evah since I've been here - but Life as we know it, comes bumbling it's way along into the face of everything we think we know - what we do, where we drive...then the next thing you know, it's wayy past time to sit and have a sweet little chat with a friend, and then you remember you left a dozen cookies baking in the oven, an' now look at the mess you've got ~

That's how it's been here for me lately - Some totally horrid things happened (when I get a chance to really breathe, I will post about all THAT...) but for now suffice to say that there have been days recently, that I stop & think, "Ya know, drinkin' like a fish way back in the day may not have been such a bad thing after all..an', whoo, ya know, those hang-overs weren't half as bad as all this $"$^"*()"$ that's hittin' my face.." ~ I will expound on all that later this week, but for now......

I'm sorry for having been gone ~ I missed chattering away about the woods...the birds who have come back to stay for their summer whoopie-time - I was not so thrilled with the 13-year cicadaes (sp) that came out of the ground, and made an all 'round mess of things...I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to show you some of the flowers that popped up in the yard, but I didn't have the brains to grab my camera at the time...

I'm really glad you didn't have to hear some horrible things that were screamed at me - Glad you didn't have to hear and see some ugly things that were flung in my direction....

But for NOW - Here's a little bit of what my work has moved in to - I'm not doing all that much weaving - it isn't doing what I'd hoped for - and I'm considering other avenues at the moment - This canvas is an example of that - I'd been playing around with some assorted paints, fabrics, and then I realized how much I'd missed just painting - the flow of the acrylics on the canvas..the scent of the paint, and the fun letting-go motion of the different shading and blending brushes - I realized that I'd let it go for other types of creativity, and that I needed to change gears into something other than what I was doing - This piece is actually part of a series that I've started- I don't know where they came from in my head - Don't know how many there will be - And the amazing thing, is that while I've been praying about each and every one of these to say something, there has been so very much more that has happened within me while I've made these - Some things that came out of me that I never would have thot would materialize - but all in a very positive and good way - Tom is pleasantly suprised with this piece, and some of the other ones that have come about -

I'll share those in the week to come -

Right now I'm just trying to get some rest - take it easy this evening - I've been doing lots of reading and trying to stay focused on the work - the work of Art - and letting all of the negative that's wholloped me slide away - I'm looking forward to what that release is going to produce...

I'll let you know -

But for now ~~~~

I'm Gone -

Lady of The Tulips