Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well, would ya lookie here ~ !! ~

I've got to say, that with all of my little goodies, it has felt really good to be working on all of these sweet handbags/womens clutch bags for the last couple weeks~ !! ~

And - Tahhh - Dahh ~ !! ~

Welcome too, to my new studio - Spring Grove Handweaving ~! ~

I've been working away on these, plus I've got a number of other ones that are all fixed up - I'm getting ready to get a spot over on ETSY too - one of my son's is helping me get some business cards ready, plus we're looking into a provider for the labels to have sewn into each of these bags - it's been a busy busy couple of weeks, but the light seems to be shinning into the end of the tunnel ~ !!! ~

I got 2 pieces woven today - I'm going from these wonderful Summer colors, and transitioning into the Fall shades - In the not too distant future, there will be some fun colors that will make you think of cool Fall days, crisp apples and nighttimes where it seems like every star is visible and you don't know which way to look -

Well, at least, that's what fall seems like to me ~ !! ~

We're waiting for more news on that stuiped, and I mean STUIPED hurricane...yup - it looks like the way the storm center is predicting, we're probably gonna Eat It on thursday and friday - naturally, since we just had to fight with the mtg. company, we gave them literally our last dime, so with $13.49 to our name, we obviously can't drive anywhere to evacuate..Yee Haw ~ !! ~ We get to ride this one out, and by the sound of it, it's gonna be a doozey. I can't stand these things, and it's not looking like this one will be a waltz in the park...we went thru hurricane Hugo in '89, and it was horrible. And this one looks pretty much the same.....

So, I'm hoping there is some way we can at least get a couple more things for food, but it aint lookin' too good. And too, I have no idea of what Tom's trucking company is planning, or Not Planning for this whole thing...But, I may just say the #%^&$ with it all, an' jus' go sit out on the porch an' have a good cold beer...

But for now, I gotta get some finishing touches done on a couple of my little ladies clutch purses/handbags, and dig into some nifty embellishments that are crying out to be used ~ !! ~

I'm Gone ....................

Lady of The Tulips

Friday, August 06, 2010

Ok..OK ...OKKKEEYYY...I know it's been a few days since I've been over here, but there have been many many different and all together exciting things happening here that have kept me away from the 'puter...some good, some I shall not go into at this time.

And I hauled off and found some more grey hairs popping up on my head the other morning, so you know how good that made me feel..

But I have some sorta-kinda newz - I'm still working out some "patterns" for some handwoven handbags, and have some made up that are pretty spiffy - I found a yarn shop in the next town down Ocean Highway, so I am thrilled to pieces about that - I was going to order some yarns to use in the weaving - but the online store required all sorts of tricks and games, and believe me, there is nothing that irritates me more, than having to play/work threw some tricks and games, EXPECIALLY online...not worth the time, and most certainly not worth my money. So after talking with the yarn shop owner, I found out that she charges the Exact same price as the shop (s) I found online, and to add to the happy-dance some more, I don't have to pay shipping/handling charges to buy the exact same yarns.

And to add Even More - if there is one yarn that she doesn't have, I can give her the product code/number, and she can have the yarn in her shop in less that 5 days - all the online places said it'd take 8 - 10 days. 10 DAYS ~ !! ~ ?? ~ do they have to do something in the warehouse before they put the products into the boxes ?? - like doing 334,235 sit ups? - Push-Ups?

Well, before I go into a total rant, let's just say that to drive 10 miles to get the yarns I need to make up some handbags is just the bees knees - where I am right about now - And gettin' ready to do a happy dance at the same time -

And on the other news - I'd thot about getting another space to work in, as there has been some major hatred/evil thots and other assorted bad things thrown at me in the last couple weeks - but that didn't work out, so there seems to be something of a holding pattern for me at the moment - it all relates to that "Your not making anymoney" thing with my art - and the fact that where I've tried to sell my work hasn't made anything but headaches isn't helping either.

So I'm still mulling over ideas - locations - places where I can work on some new things in PEACE and not be tormented..I'm just too old to be messed with at this point, so I'm doin' some major thinking right about now.

And the canvas hasn't even been taken out of the antique hutch yet..it
s stilll all clean and pretty - maybe this next week I'll get inspired to do something with it, but for now it's just gonna have to wait.

And I won't even go into the humidity deal again...as I'm sitting here typing I'm feeling light headed all over again..did I mention how I fell out during our trip home from the mountains the other week?? -- well, I had a bout just about as bad yesterday right here in the house..I won't go into the details as of how the whole thing came about - le's just say it was realllllly ugly, and I am still a little off from the whole ordeal.

Dayum - no wonder there are new grey hairs on me little head ~ !! ~

But for now I gotta go - I promise I'll post the one interior of the little handbag I posted on here the other day - butright now I gotta go find some breeze to get covered in - I'm badly melting an' gotta run ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lady of The Tulips