Thursday, July 21, 2011

>> Well, I am sorry to say that I don't have it together enuf today to post a picture <<

I have gone thru some extremely difficult things this week, and I'm hoping that by the end of today that some good news will finally come 'round ~

Noah finally had a quite terrible manic episode on tuesday ~ So much so, that I had to go across the street, and make a ph. call to the sheriffs dept. from a neighbors house ~ He'd been trying to call a girl/lady (not sure of the persons age..) that he claims he knew from some years ago - but her father showed up here monday afternoon, demanding to talk w/noah...saying no, no, mistaken identity..

Then noah tried to call her tuesday am. ~ All hell literally broke loose, the father calling and threatening me w/ harm..threatening noah...on and on...

Shaking so very very badly, I called the state mental health dept. ~ went thru all that happened, and then had to call the local magistrate's office ~ Started to explain the situation to him, but noah grabbed the ph., and began to absolutely come unglued.

Long long story short ~ I had to file a petition w/the magistrate to have noah sent to a hosp., for treatment ~ One of the sheriffs that came to our place escorted noah to the local hosp., and with some last paperwork w/a local office o/the mental health board, I got thru the initial round of paperwork.

Yesterday noah finally got sent to an inbound facility ~ I've no idea of how long he's to be in the place, but I am beginnng to feel realived that he is finally being taken care of ~ I'd been trying to get him to a facility for some months, but it never happened ~ An absolute crises had to come around in order for something to be done ~

The magistrate informed me, while he was filling the paperwork for the hospitalization, well, in his words, "And we'll take care of the _____ County business" ~ meaning, the father that repeatedly threatened me & noah w/harm...I don't want to go into more detail of it, because I haven't heard back from the magistrates office, so I don't know what or if there is anything else I can say ~

I'm not sleeping well ~ Still terribly afraid of this yokel, and his friends showing up at my door - unannounced and evil ~ "I'll bring a group of my friends down there, an' we'll make sure to take care of this business..." ~ Gee, he sounds like such a nice friendly guy! ~ Maybe I should invite him &his friends to join me in sunday school this weekend..? ...

Uhmm...probably not....

So, I am trying to finish/re-paint one of the frames I worked so hard on a couple years ago...aged it and made it look all didn't sell, so hopefully with one of my new works in it, it will move this time....

That's about it from here ~ I'm going to have another glass of ice coffee, and attack the frame over at the work table..the only comforting thing for me right now, is to continue my's just all about the work and art for me now - I can't seem to focus on much of anything else these days, so I just keep going in the direction that the Father is telling me to head toward. And listening to that brings me such comfort at this incredibly difficult time..

I must be going ~

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Deep Moon Man" ~ 2011 - C. Spring Bay Studio ~

Tom isn't thrilled with this particular piece, 'cause he sez it's too dark..I thot it has the depth that I wanted surrounding the moon, and the face looks old and craggy enuf to make you want to look at the moon this week, as it becomes full ~ There are all the nooks and crannys that I always find facinating when looking up, wondering always what it is that makes the moon such an incredibly moving force for us small people ~

I got part of those feelings on this canvas - not all, but some of those ~ I wanted to see where the texture would take me ~ See whether or not there could be an additional layer ~ There always is room for added things, this is true ~ But I couldn't feel my way into that layer, so I went into the color of the piece instead ~ It feels like it's at the place where it needs to be, so I'm leaving it for now at least ~

I had so much time spent with the layers - putting bits and pieces into the background, feeling where it all should be appled - kind of like when I have conversations with some people I know - there is always so much that you feel that needs to be added, but the layers that get in the way keep you from saying things that should be included - sometimes that becomes a problem, other times it's for the best - and that's what makes some relationships so difficult ~ I have one person that is so extreme for me - some days so light that it makes me feel positive that it's a good time for both of us - then there are other days that feel as if the weight of the world has decended on this person, and there is no way out of the darkness that surrounds them ~ I have such difficulty with communication at that point, that I nearly choke ~

Ah ...well, today is another day, and we shall see where the hours go - I have several projects in the works - tiny parts here and there of what will be some paintings - some mixed media things - all a jumble thru the studio...

But the back door has slammed once again, so I know that I need to see what kind of fresh hell is waiting in the front room..
Lady of The Tulips

Saturday, July 09, 2011

"Gazing" ~ Spring Bay Studio ~ c.2011 ~

Here's a little something that I finished not too long ago ~ It's one of the pieces that I have come to realize are in a set of "Star" or Solar pieces that I'm working on ~ At the time, it didn't seem like I was creating a series, but it seems that I am - or have - or however you'd like to say that ~

I'm disappointed that the picture is so washed out - the blue is actually a lot darker than it appears in this shot - but at least you can get an idea of what I've got going on ~

The next couple are completely different ~ Yet the "same" ~ All having to do with Stars, Moon, Sun ~ I've no idea what came into my head, or why these have suddenly materialized ~ One that I finished the other weekend, left Tom with a most astonished look on his face ~ I was afraid that he'd start telling me something horrid - not like noah yelling at me and telling me that what I was doing was evil -

Fortunately tom was very suprised, but in a good way - he really liked what I painted, and said it had a lot of movement and shape and any number of things going on with it ~ I'd never heard him say something like this about any of my work before, so that made me feel like I'm going into another direction ~ And growth is such a good thing ~So I felt far past relieved ~ Something like a cloud lifted off of me, and I began to feel that perhaps this is what I've been working toward all this time, but didn't or wasn't quite aware of it ~

And now I've got some other paintings that are in the works, and naturally these too will be posted here ~

And with all this ~ Our one son had talked to me about changing my blog - maybe making the blog and some of my art, and some of my weavings, and music into an all inclusive piece online ~ I told him I'd contemplate it ~ It's going to take some time for me to process all of it ~ To decide just how far I want to take this new work and the new outlook of mine ~ Into the next phase of my artistic self ~ It's scary and exciting at the same time - but perhaps it's what is needed to continue to grow as an artist ~

My! ~ The wrens are suddenly just making the most noise out on the front porch!! ~ Maybe they are encouraging me in this new path I seem to heading toward! ~ Wouldn't that be exciting! ~ They are, the wrens that is ~ Once again eyeing my flower that's been out on the front porch for the last couple summers...eyeing it as in they want to build their nest in it again ~ Well, there isn't much I can do about stopping them - even when I over-water the plant and soak their nest, they somehow just sit inside of it - look out at me, and not make a peep ~ I guess maybe the cool water under them must cool them off? ~ who knows - but they are so funny, and so busy ~ I'd like to have them for neighbors again ~

Must go - the dynamic duo is coming back to the cabin in a bit, so I need to get going - they don't like it if my "self" is doing something on the computer...pooh...they just rattle my nerves, that's what they do! ~

I'm Gone ~

Lady of The Tulips