Thursday, March 31, 2011

> One of my recent sketches, that hopefully - will get placed onto one of the little cell phone bags that I have some yarn worked up for <

This was one of those afternoons, where I needed to feel like I had something accomplished for the day, but there was nothing left in the ol' Mojo inside o' me ~ I could NOT for the life of me come up with anything that seemed like it would come out the way I had it looking in my little head..

But then, this sort of grew out from another sketch that I'd made some time back ~ And even tho I love-loved that sketch and eventual painting, the DISASTER was, that when I put the final painting onto a weaving that got made up into a cell phone bag..

The bag ended up with a hole in it ~ !!! ~

I have no way - at least to my mind - of repairing the hole, and there isn't any way to fix the hole that doesn't look like something BAD has I'm stuck with a nice painting, don't get me wrong...but the Cell Ph. bag is a DISASTER~!~

And then this whole week has been one disaster after another..too many off the wall weirdness to talk about..including my handbag (that I use everyday) getting thrown out into the middle of a rainstorm, into the back part of the property..) ~ Yeah, it's BEEN that kind of week!!

But there are some nice little new goodies that have been made, and barring another disaster with the final touches of a cell phone bag here and there, on here there SHOULD be a couple of these sweet goodies all polished up an' lookin' good ~ !! ~

As long as the Universe doesn't throw another loop in my face ~ ! ~

Must go as I'm starting to hear some bADDDDD noises from the other part of the cabin ~

I'm Gone ~~~~~~~~~

LAdy of The TUlips ~

Friday, March 25, 2011 are a couple pictures of one of my little "vans" ~ They are so much fun, and they just make me smile everytime I look at them!!

I was kinda suprised when Tom told me he saw one (tho not this particular color) buzzin' along the highway not once, but Twice (!!) this last week ~ He was "racing" along in his truck, an' lo and behold, he sees a Blue Bus goin' down the road ~ He nearly went off the road when he saw it~!~ 'Course, it wasn't near here at all, but it was lookin' pretty sharp!!

And I have a couple new pieces that are in the works ~ Not "Vans", but something a little different ~ I'm really suprised how the initial piece has turned out, so I'm hoping that I can pull together the rest of what I want to do with it ~ It has a certain glimmer to it that really looks sharp! Just you wait and see !

Right now Noah is out in the kitchen rattling the pots and pans ~ I found a nifty bag of beans in the store this morning ~ It has a combination of types of beans in it ~ The bag doesn't say specifically that it's for soup, but Noah's sounding like that's what he's going to make with it ! It smells delicious!! ~ And for less than $2.00, who can beat it?? ~ A little onion, some spices, an' Boy Howdy, there ya go!! ~ I'm going to be chewing the table by the time the pot of goodies is done, but it'll be soo worth it!! ~

So The Hubs is comin' home for the weekend ~ We're havin' a rough time of it w/little work, an' some bills that we weren't expecting, so he's not spending so much $$ on gas, an' being a "Bachelor" with danny ~ They just sit and veg in front of the tv, watchin' Sports!! ~ Ugh, I hate to think of what their eating for "dinner" ~ Tom sez it's "Good Stuff", but look, he thinks a hot dog smothered in mustard counts as a "Good Meal", so Arhhhh...who knows what their eating!! Tha's ok, once he gets back in the Dr. office, I'll probably be able to hear her chewing' him out while I'm sitting out in the waiting room!! ~

Must get some work done ~ I'll post one of my newer projects here hopefully by's Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Lady of The Tulips ~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here's another of my fun little vans ~ I just love-love the color of this piece, and it turned out the way I wanted it to, so that's like getting 2 things for the price of one !

I've had the beads for some time, and I never could decide what to do with 'em, but once I started putting this piece together, everything just seemed to go together perfectly ~ My muse was in high gear, an' it seemed like a flash by the time everything was finished.

Tom jus' thinks these are the best Evah ~ An' comin' from him, that's sayin' somethin' ~ Noah, on the other hand, still is grumpin' all over the place about my work ~ He's insisting that what I'm doing, "Isn't work!! ~ Working at Wall Mart, or even at the office for here is work!!" much enthusiasm over what I do...oh well, as long as I'm gettin' things done, that's what matters to me! ~ An' I'd like to see HIM try an' get all those gazillion threads done right on the loom!! ~ Ha! ~ He'd be all about throwin' a fit if one of those things got into a knot!! ~ Ohh Boy, you'd hear him loud and clear!!

I'm going to do some other designs starting tomorrow ~ I have a couple rough sketches in my book, but nothing that I'm quite ready to lay out on the final paper ~ I have some ideas of how to finish them off too, but it may have to wait a week or so before that happens..I don't quite have the $$ to get the supplies I need..story of my life!! ~ But tha's ok, 'cause in the meantime I get to mess around with my sketch book an' plot out ideas an' whatever isn't good, well by golly, that sucker can go in the trash!! ~ So There!! ~ I'm thinkin' of a lot of things to make but I have to remember that I'm limited by how the final weaving turns out, and how to make the design work out on the woven "fabric" ~ Quite the challange!

So I'm waiting for the weather to do it's thing ~ We were warm today, around 65 or so, but it's gettin' ready to storm to beat the band, so I guess it's going to haul off and drop thru the basement tomorrow ~ Highs back in the 40's, so today was jus' a tease of spring!! ~ Blast!! ~ Oh well, there's next week..IF it is warm, then I'll start dancin' in the street..oh, no, check that ~ No Dancing Allowed in THIS "neighborhood" ~ Some yokel would call the Sheriff an' I'd get hauled off to the slammer!! ~ Tee Hee...!!

Must get goin' before it all breaks loose out there! ~Yikes!~

Lady of The Tulips

Thursday, March 17, 2011's
what's been happening with the loom. the paintbrush. and the beads around the studio these dayz...

I've had so much fun making these little goodies up, I honestly started laughing out loud when I made up the first Bus..I mean, I could NOT believe that it was something that I made...I MEAN...

An' because it IS ST. PATTY'S DAY...naturally I had to post one of my GREEN busses...what Else could I do??

And there are others but those will be posted on a day this weekend..right now there are some other things that are calling my name over on the work table, but I JUST had to post these ~ !! ~

HAPPY HAPPY St. Patricks Day everyone ~ !! ~

Lady of The Tulips

Sooooooooo This is what happened to my little fairie friend ~ She got her own cell phone bag, and is much happier with her own home..tee hee.......

I have some other work, actually a number of pieces that I've finished in the last week or so, and I'll post those..maybe even put up 2 today, just so you can get an idea of why I've been gone so blasted long~~ I don't mean to go away an just disappear, but I get so wrapped up in all this stuff, that by the time it's dark outside ('specially now that it's daylight savings time..) I am sooo tired, that by 7 p.m, this little chickie is in bed and jus' about asleep ~ !! ~ I admit, I AM a lightweight ~ !! ~

But it is very time consuming to do weaving, then the painting and other things that go into one piece alone...and there are several that have been done since this sweet little girl was finished ~ So, I'm getting lotts of goodies made up, but boy-o-boy does it wear me out ~~

Tom is livin' most of the time up in VA., 'cause the price of gas down here is so thru the roof, that it wouldn't be worth it for him to try & drive back and forth everyday ~ Our prices are $3.79 now..up over .25 in less than 6 days, and probably by tomorrow it's gonna be higher ~ So Tom's stayin' at danny's condo, an' that way he only has a10 mile commute to the terminal..makes it less stressful on the driving for him, and if he has to go out of town for a trip w/the truck, he's not as tired at the end of the day, so that's a big help ~ It's sad that the economy is so screwed up, that we can't afford to live together now, but there is no end in sight with all this $#^"& so we'll just try to tuff it out and hope for the best ~ Some days it jus' makes me sick, but whattya gonna do?? ~

So I need to go over to the little work table & check on my recent painting ~ I'll post one of my other goodies in jus' a minute ~ !! ~ Weeeeeeeeeeee

Lady of The Tulips