Wednesday, September 28, 2011

>> Sorry for no picture today <<

I seem to having a day from hell with all things computer and pictures..there are days where I can't seem to figure things out that have to do with technical items, and it gives me so much stress!! ~ Adding insult to injury, if I happen to get a chance to have some techie person try to explain the situation to me, they talk way WAY above my head, making me feel as ignorant and stupid as can be! ~ Which, naturally adds to the stress level, and makes me more upset than I was originally! ~

But, I'm so very very close to presenting some of my new work ~ If all goes well tomorrow, I'll be showing some of my new items, and having them available on my site @Artfire ~!!~ I'm so excited, I can hardly wait ~ But I have to do some last minute things here before I drive up Ocean Highway to get the paintings taken care of ~ These little details seem to be adding up, but since there has been so much work done, I refuse to eliminate any details that have to be done ~ There are pieces and parts that I don't want left out, and this may be my undoing!! ~

However, the littlest details make all the difference in a painting, and if they are left out, then the entire piece becomes lacking in many ways ~ I so enjoy the creation of something that has little things that make the piece sparkle, shine and become totally different than what any other person is creating ~ That's the joy of being an artist ~ Oh, and when I'm able to step back and look at the completion..sometimes I simply can't say a thing ~ Just give praises to Him who has given me this unbelievable ability to make something ~ How astounding! it all seem to me! ~

So, that's where this little girl is this afternoon ~ Odds and ends...pieces and oh my, it doesn't seem to end! ~

But there will be more later!! ~

Lady of The Tulips

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